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Build your perfect professional resume and matching cover letter with these online resume makers. They are easy, fun affordable and all online.

9 Online Resume Makers (that will definitely) Make Your Job Search Easier

The Application for a job or the need to fully express your career choices demands two documents, the cover letter, and resume.

These documents are critical to fully show your willingness to work in a potential job or career choice.

The resume is a bulleted summary which gives an overview of your qualifications, while the cover letter highlights and expands on the traits that would be unique or ideal to the job or interest.

The resume may be a critical document to your job search, but a lot of experts say it comes a distant second to the cover letter which is your most powerful tool.

What is the Cover letter?

The cover letter can be called ‘minutes of fame,’ therefore, you have to appeal to your audience with it.

Think of it as the summary on a book which compels customers to either buy the book or skip to the next one.

With an excellently written cover letter, you can effectively attract the employer in a precise manner while leaving your resume to lay out your skills, experience, and qualities.

Writing a persuasive cover letter is therefore not an easy task, it demands an excellent knowledge about your potential employer and what you can strategically layout to attract his/her attention.

A lot of employers will read your cover letter first. This will determine their next course of action about your application.

Some may not even look at your resume if your cover letter conveys the objectives appropriately.

Therefore, when creating your cover letter, you should evaluate your employer and the job in question. This means extensive research must be carried out to increase your awareness about their business, its weaknesses, position, and strength.

You must write in an engaging style and use optimum keywords that apply to the job. Your letter must show that you have taken the effort to learn about the company before applying.

What elements should be conveyed in your cover letter?

Your cover letter, should be clear, concise and written in a formal, engaging tone.

You must display a strong command of your grammar as well. Apart from these attributes, there are more critical information that should be conveyed to your employer.

According to careerone, your cover letter should covey:

  • I have done extensive research about your firm, and I understand your business
  • I believe I have the right personality that blends with the requirements of your organizational culture.
  • You are my employer of choice
  • I would love to work with your organization because its values are in sync with my personal values.

The resume?

As said earlier, the resume is a concise, bullet summary of your work experiences, skills, achievements and many more. It is also a critical document and must be written with utmost caution.

What elements should be conveyed in your resume?

The resume can be thought off as a list of highlights. However, there are many aspects of your resume that must be expanded. These aspects convey the message to your potential employer that you have gained the experiences, skills and other miscellaneous information that makes you right for the position.

It conveys:

  • I have the experiences you need (not minding the approach, whether voluntary, intern, community experience, course grad-work, etc.)
  • I have made a lot of achievements in these places. (ensure it matches the interests of your potential employer)

When your cover letter and resume, expertly conveys this message, it creates a connection with your employer and gives you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

However, in today’s society, your font size, layout, and font type are equally important.

Therefore, you should take advantage of resume/cover letter builders online to help you create a modern cover letter and resume that beats your competition.

And so, here are some of the best cover letter builders to help improve your chances of getting your desired job.


Resume Builder Cover Letter Templates CV Maker Resumonk

The premium version of the Resumonk gives you an excellent cover letter builder.

This requires a yearly fee of $19, and so is one of the cheapest Resumes and cover letter builders in the world. Once you have built your cover letter, you can download it in PDF or DOCX format. As a premium user, you have 17 templates for your cover letter (and CV) which includes three photo CV templates.

Also, you can customize your CV’s URL for sharing and track all who view your resume.


  • Free version (4 CV branded templates)
  • Premium version: $19
  • Lifetime version: A one-time payment of $59 for lifetime access to the features.


  • The layout is quite easy to use. Also, you will have access to a lot of tips, resume keywords and other resources to build an excellent CV and cover letter.


  • The free version does not get you a cover letter. Also, all four CV templates are branded and can only be downloaded as PDF files. So you cannot edit them.


ResumUP com Go Visual Get Visible

The ResumUp also has an excellent cover letter, however, like the former, it is available within the premium version alone. Yet apart from the standard direct resume templates, you will have access to infographic resumes as well.

One unique thing about this Cover letter/CV builder is that you can create attractive resumes that are concise and beautiful.

On the website, you can also gain access to effective career plan schemes that would help you set your goals and achieve them effectively


  • Free Version: 2 templates (for Facebook ads and Notepad version). Therefore no regular documents are free.
  • $15: 1 Template access for a month.
  • $6: 1 Template access for a month ($72 per year)
  • $8: Any template, access is a month ($96 per year)
  • $20: Any Template of your choice for a 1 Month
  • $149: Access to any template for a lifetime.


  • This website helps you create mobile-friendly Cover letters and CVs, and there are a lot of pretty infographic templates as well.


  • Many of its resumes are quite heavy with the design. If you are not quite good at manipulating graphics, you might find it a bit hard to use the templates. This is because, many of them are not fill-in-the-blank spaces templates, but rather want you to build a unique CV using your natural creativity.


3. ResumeGenius

Free Resume Builder Resume Builder Resume Genius

This resume and cover letter builder also allows you to build excellent cover letters, but again, the cover letter tool is available as a premium feature.

In addition to creating your documents, you can track who views your resumes and cover letters.

However, there is no free version, only 14-day trial access at $1.95. After 14 days, it will automatically renew, and you will be charged the full price. So, you have to be careful, if you do not like the builder, ensure you close the account before the fourteenth day, else the full fee will be deducted from your account.


  • Free: $1.95 for 14 days which will auto-renew to the full version ( no cover letter support)
  • Premium: $39.95 per month or annual payment of $95.40 a year.


  • Why using this resume builder, you will receive tips on how to use each space provided on the templates. Also, you will gain access to job keywords.


  • You cannot move from section to section on your own; It is automated to guide you. Therefore you cannot jump a section.

4. ResumeCompanion

Resume Builder Free Resume Builder Resume Companion

The ResumeCompanion is similar to ResumeGenius regarding its administration.

However, their templates are entirely different.

Your documents can be downloaded in the form of PDF or Docx files.

Also, you can use the “Ask the Experts section” to talk to their Resume Experts on the best way to make your resume accurate and readable. You will also receive personal recommendations on how you can enhance your write-up.


  • Free: $1.95 for 14 days which will auto-renew to the full version ( no cover letter support)
  • Premium: $39.95 per month or annual payment of $95.40 a year.


  • With this resume builder, you receive access to one-on-one coaching on the various ways to improve your resume and cover letter ( Ask the Experts).
  • There are also automated tips that will help you fill in the blanks with better keywords.


  • You cannot move from section to section on your own; It is automated to guide you. Therefore you cannot jump a section.

5. ResumeBuilder

Free Resume Builder Online Create a professional resume today

Again the premium version of this resume builder will give you access to one of the best cover letter builders.  It also gives you access to integrate your Google+ or Facebook account to the builder. Also, you can download your finished resume and cover letter in five different formats; WEB, DOC, PDF, RTF and Text formats. It also includes ATS software like the other resume builders mentioned above to provide keywords and optimize your resume to meet the standards set by your potential employer.


  • No free version
  • $9.85 per month fees
  • $6.95 per month for three months at once payment
  • $3.95 per month for six months at once payment


  • You will also gain access to tips as you go to help you prepare an effective cover letter and resume


  • No free version.
  • You must be an excellent writer when using this template because you will need to provide many of the information.
  • Also, you cannot jump over a section.

6. Kickresume

Kickresume Perfect resume and cover letter are just a click away

With this CV and cover letter builder, you can go right ahead and begin creating your resume. It requires registration, but this can be done after you have gotten a firsthand experience of the website. Also, you can chat with assistants in real time, receiving instructions on how to create sections of your CV and cover letter.


  • The free version gives you two templates only
  • Premium version: At $4 a month ($48 per year)
  • $19, If you want a little extra proofreading


  • Have a free version.
  • A proofreading service is indeed a unique option. However, it is always more careful to have a real person proofread your document.


  • You will only have five cover letter templates. Therefore some resume builder templates do not come with a matching cover letter.

7. Resume.com

Easy Resume Builder Free Résumés to Create Download

This lovely website gives you the option to create a new resume or cover letter directly from the dashboard. Also, the cover letter template is more comprehensive than most which means you will only have to fill in blank spaces, no need writing on your own. Also, everything you do on this website is absolutely free of charge. I mean, you have access to 24 professional resume templates for free.


  • Absolutely free


  • Quite comfortable and straightforward to use.
  • Also, you can download your resume in DOCX or PDF formats.


  • Although they have a wide selection of templates, there are all pretty basic. There is no unique or fancy looking template.

8. Resume Baking

Free Resume Builder Great Sample Resume

Resume Baking is another lovely free resume and cover letter builder. It is so easy to navigate the website and import information from another website such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also share your finished resume and cover letter across many social media platforms as well as track how many views you have on these sites.


  • Free


  • Access to about 12 cover letter and resume templates for free. It also lets you download your resume, and conduct a job search.


  • The resume builder templates (i.e the colors, fonts and layout) are quite outdated. Therefore you will have to compare to modern templates before you use them. Try to use the templates on this site for traditional jobs applications.

9. Zety Resume Builder 

Resume Builder Online Your Resume Ready in 5 Minutes

The Zety Resume Builder, lets you have a wide range of beautiful templates. However, there is no free or trial version. But you can directly view some of their templates before registering with the network.

There is also a wide range of tips and resources for you. You will also have access to a flexible editor to help you with errors and sentence structures.  Also, once your paid session ends, you have the choice of renewing from your end. Therefore, when you have no use for the resumes, you can simply not pay for that month.


  • Starter Version: $4.99 for a month
  • Premium Version $14.99 for a month
  • 3-Month Premium Version $29.99 for a month


  • Gives you access to a wide range of tips and resources to create top-notch resumes
  • A flexible editing pathway, so you can go back to a previous section and adjust those sections.


  • No free version.

Concluding thoughts

Check out the websites above and pick the online resume builder format that is comfortable for you. You should remember that not all CV templates can be useful for all jobs.

Choosing the wrong CV template might hurt your chances of landing the interview.

Therefore do your research and ensure that the template you have selected matched your job nicely.

With a CV and cover letter builder, you can create your resume at a quicker pace.  Also, many of them will help you select the best industry related keywords that would set your application far above other applications.

Therefore, take advantage of an online resume builder and create your resume seamlessly.