Read these Email Marketing Books to take your Business to the next level

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

I have been up and down the internet, searching and reading till I put together this explosive list of best email marketing books you need.  

Whether you own a digital marketing firm or run a small business that has nothing to do with email, you can begin crafting effective email marketing strategies from these best email marketing books.

All you need is knowledge. 

Knowledge empowers you to make better decisions. It ensures that whatever goals you have in mind comes to pass. 

You may have enrolled in one email or digital marketing course or the other, but you still need an email marketing book to boost your knowledge. 

I love reading books because they provide in-depth knowledge of everything. Even concise books can be referenced at any time.

This list of the best email marketing books here in this guide can change the way you see email marketing.

You will learn everything from rules you shouldn’t break to asking the right questions.

You will discover how to market to all kinds of people, especially millennials, who are pretty hard to persuade.

Ready to get started? Step right in!

#1. Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White

I have met a lot of small businesses who seem to undermine the importance of email marketing.

After all, they have an emailing service and are sending periodic emails but aren’t converting. So what again can someone tell them about an email that they don’t know already?

Email marketing may look simple and straightforward, but there are lots of pitfalls you don’t know about.

Therefore, there are rules you need, and when you adhere to these rules, you will begin to see the real power of email marketing. 

This book features;

  • 150 best email marketing practices
  • Factors that cause inbox providers to block your emails
  • How to understand email marketing analytics and use it to your advantage
  • Craft effective email designs, tactical subject lines, and target high-quality potential clients
  • Automate the real moments that matter
  • Avoid all kinds of email marketing processes. 

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#2. Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel

I won’t call this an email marketing book because it’s so much more.

It’s about learning how to predict events, people, environment, and even potential customers, so you know what works for you.

Predictive analysis is also called machine learning, but you won’t be bored by any technical details. This book can help you market any kind of product because it’s more than digital.

It’s pretty much about who buys, lies or even dies – I’m, quoting the author here, anyway. But you need to get this guide. 

This book features

  • How predictive analysis works
  • How companies can tell the most private information about you
  • Real life scenarios that can help you use predictive analysis in your business
  • Discover a whole new way to view and interpret analytics.

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#3. Ask by Ryan Levesque

Your marketing goes beyond your products and services.

There are freebies, discounts and other promotional offers you must give your clients.

Sadly, you need to know what kind of freebies will appeal to your clients.

For instance, if you sell puppies, you can’t give your customers’ productivity hacks except it’s a book about productively caring for puppies.

In this book, you will learn to figure all of these things. 

This book features; 

  • The art and science of understanding your client’s needs
  • Why most business surveys out there are all wrong
  • How to boost your income asking the right questions
  • Understand your strengths and what you can offer your customers’

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#4. Email Marketing for Dummies by John Arnold

Are you a newbie to email marketing?

Or you can’t seem to understand anything about your current emailing service.

You need to read this book.

I call it an email marketing bible since it includes information about everything.

Whether you own a small business or an email marketing company, you will enjoy the information in this guide. 

This book features;

  • How to narrow your email marketing objectives and strategies
  • Understand your legal obligations in email marketing
  • Understand the process of building your lists, crafting emails, and tracking results.
  • Top ten things you should never add to your emails.

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#5. The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

Random marketing strategies don’t work.

You need to plan from the onset.

We can’t seem to figure out the marketing strategies we should use and those that won’t work for us.

In this book, Allan Dib helps you figure out what will work for your business.

I can’t call this a book because it’s a single page divided into nine squares. So you can start right here on your next break. 

This book features;

  • What practices you have right now that are killing your business
  • How to close sales without being aggressive or too persuasive
  • How to quickly create a tailored marketing plan
  • How to overshadow your competitors
  • Charge high prices for your products and services and win your customer’s loyalty.

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#6. Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

This book isn’t your typical marketing book.

In fact, it is mainly for marketers who have to deal with authors, musicians, and all of those platforms that are awfully competitive.

Growth Hacker Marketing presents testable tools that can be used on all sizes of businesses.

It’s also a quick read, so click and buy it right now and enjoy.

This book features

  • Learn about conventional and unconventional marketing strategies that work
  • Identify companies using the growth hack and learn from their strategies
  • Measure your marketing based on “who” and “where” instead of your marketing budget.

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#7. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

In a nutshell, everyone loves a good story, and many potential customers want to know the story behind your brand, even if it’s boring. Most successful businesses today got to that level by humanizing their brand. No one wants a big company with faceless shareholders anymore. There must be someone behind the company. Whether you are an experienced marketer or a small-time business owner, you will love this book. 

This book features;

  • Learn how to create practical contents for brochures, social media, and websites
  • You will discover many ways to engage your customers 
  • How to connect with your customers on an intimate level
  • How to build brand loyalty and gain the ultimate competitive advantage

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#8. Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

This is another book on understanding how your clients think and what they need from you.

Knowing the right way to persuade your clients by email without sounding aggressive or too persuasive determines a great deal of learning and practice.

With this book, you can quickly master the art of effective email marketing. 

This book features

  • Subject line modes that will get your emails opened swiftly
  • Advanced emailing techniques that will transform subscribers into paying clients
  • Step by step techniques that can guide you towards improving engagement with clients
  • How to make sure that the right people subscribe to your emails.

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#9. Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson

Beyond sending emails and increasing engagement, how do you build your email lists to an enormous amount of high-quality mailing lists?

I have seen businesses slow down their marketing because they can’t figure out something new to bring to action.

With this guide, you can build new techniques and strategies that will generate large mailing lists and millions in revenue.

This book features

  • How to write compelling copies outside the email sphere that will drive your audience to join your mailing list
  • Grow a hungry fan base of quality viewers who want to read and know more from you.
  • Enhance your email marketing funnel for higher sales
  • Create a bigger mailing list with over 15 proven email building methods.

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#10. The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

Are you having a hard time with your email marketing strategies?

Would you love a new angle to the entire thing?

This book is about analyzing your old tactics, thereby realigning your objectives, techniques, and goals.

In this book, Anik Singal explains some of the mistakes we make in our email marketing plans.

When we realize those mistakes, we can use those weaknesses to your advantage and build emails that are more efficient and profitable. 

This book features

  • Many ways to write emails specifically meant to drive the “buy” button
  • How to build your email list dramatically
  • How to get the right traffic
  • How to select the right products that promote.

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#11. Email Marketing Analytics by Himanshu Sharma

Many of us use email marketing strategies, but we can’t figure out what those charts and graphs at the end of the day mean.

When you can’t figure them beyond whose’s buying and whose’s not, how do you make them work for you?

This book focuses on helping you understand everything about that area. It was meant to be a technical, boring read.

But, the simple writing system Himanshu used, wowed me.

This book features

  • Proven methods to avoid blacklists and spam filters
  • How to monitor subscriber engagement and email deliverability
  • How to make better inbox placement decisions
  • How to analyze email marketing metrics, KPIs and email conversions

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#12. Marketing to Gen Z by Jeff Fromm & Angie Read

Marketing works differently for all kinds of demographics.

Millennials require more specific strategies.

Millennials today, no longer wait until 30 to make money.

So you have to know what attracts them and how to get them engaged in your brand.

Would you need influencers? What kind of influencers should your business get? In this guide, you will get all of these answers.

This is not a typical email marketing book, but you will be able to figure out what works for millennials, especially if they are potential customers for your brand. 

This book features

  • How to make sure that your brand message reflects the values of millennials
  • How to use social media for conversations and convert to your mailing platform.
  • How to focus on building better user experience
  • Avoid all kinds of blatant advertising

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Concluding thoughts

I have read through a bunch of crappy books on the internet. There are lots of hilarious books singing the same song about email marketing. But not all books out there are really worth your time.

This list of 12 email marketing books is what you need. However, you should pick the book that best suits your needs at the moment.

I mean, it’s not really about how fancy looking but what plagues you the most. As a business owner, you may not afford to start learning from scratch ( except you are new anyway).

Check through your current emailing strategy and figure out your weak points.

Are you lagging in growth?

Are your email contents horrible?

Or should you rebrand your business?

Be honest with yourself, and my list of email marketing books will help you reach your dreams pretty soon. 

According to Digital Vidya, a book is your most loyal friend.

So which book do you believe will take a permanent space on your work desk while you rebuild your email marketing campaign?

Did I miss a favourite email marketing book you already have? Please let me know.

I love hearing from you.