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12 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs for 2023

How would you love to join a lucrative fitness affiliate program?

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the best fitness affiliate programs in the world. 

Fitness is a part of life.

Staying fit helps enhance metabolism, stamina, longevity of life, and the overall health of most humans. 

Without making a conscious effort to remain fit, we become prey to respiratory, and cardiovascular problems. Therefore, staying fit is one of the best gifts you can give to our body. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people find it difficult to visit the gym and their best bet would be to buy fitness kits that they can use at home. Some prefer collective programs just the same. Others might need a fitness kit or two from time to time.

As a fitness affiliate marketer, you can bring all of those solutions to them. There are hundreds of lucrative fitness affiliate programs

Did you know that this sector brings in over $3.7 trillion and may grow by 29% between now and 2026?

Home fitness equipment alone brings in a whopping $15 billion yearly – that’s a lot of money and it’s your turn to earn a piece of that.

So, let’s check out some cool ways of making money from helping people improve and achieve fitness goals through terrific fitness affiliate programs.

Life Fitness Affiliate Programs

Life Fitness, have been selling fitness equipment for both commercial use and home use for almost fifty years. Their online store offers strength training equipment, cardio equipment, and accessories. 

You can shop by your exercise type or brands you love. Many of their products cost up to $9,000 for packages, so there’s a lot of income potential here for you. 

Life fitness runs its affiliate program via AvantLink. They will also provide real-time analytical tools, incentives, and a dedicated affiliate manager.

As your income potentials increase, they will create performance-based promotions just for you and your audience. 

Bowflex Fitness Affiliate Program

Bowflex is well known for its Treadclimber cardio machines. According to the company, these machines can burn over 25 times more calories than ordinary treadmills alone.

They utilize a patented Max Trainer software, which acts as a personal trainer. Therefore, this is the perfect home equipment as users will receive personalized information on how to train according to their capabilities.

They also have other machines such as Ellipticals, Select Tech, Home gym packs, stationary bikes, ordinary treadmills, and other fitness accessories. Many of their products are priced between $1,800 and $2,600. 

Bowflex runs its affiliate program via Impact Radius. They will provide analytics tools and dedicated affiliate managers to help smoothen your transition.

TRX Training Fitness Affiliate Program

TRX Training provides access to effective full-body workouts, coaches and fitness gear for all classes of fitness enthusiasts. 

They are also known for their suspension conditioning systems such as the TRX Tactical (for military usage), TRX Rip Trainer, TRX Pro4, and their major product TRX Home 2. 

Many of their products come with a 5-year warranty and 1-year premium access to their TRX application. As an affiliate officer, you will earn recurring commissions with access to high-value performance contests every quarter for a chance to increase your earnings. You can join their program on Rakuten, Pepperjam and Commission Junction.

Total Gym Fitness Affiliate Program

Total Gym provides heavy-duty fitness equipment that can be used by people at home. This equipment has been recommended by celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. 

They also offer shipping for orders above $175 and a month free trial for customers to test their purchase. This is a sweet deal that is bound to attract your audience. Clients are even allowed to pay interest-free monthly instalments as well. 

Affiliate marketers can get a 7.5% commission on full units, 5% commission for core trainer and 3% commission for DVDs, but it depends on the product. They will also provide a dedicated affiliate management team for you.

BodyBuilding.com Fitness Affiliate Program

Bodybuilding is a platform for everyone. They provide access to superior quality nutritional supplements, weight management programs, performance-oriented programs, clothes and fitness accessories. 

Joining their affiliate program offers access to beautifully designed banners, articles, text links, and social media posts. You can either earn by promoting the products on their platform to your audience or earn when your audience signs up for their premium BodyFit fitness plans.

Ace Fitness Affiliate Program

Ace Fitness is geared towards the professional fitness scene and has been around for over 30 years. That means they have courses and certification programs for all levels of fitness coaches, specialists, and enthusiasts. Ace Fitness provides both online classes as well as workshops and boot camps.

As their affiliate marketer, you can use your social media, blog or other websites to promote and earn from their affiliate program. They provide hundreds of banners and analytics tools. 

Fitbit Fitness Affiliate Program

Fitbit is famous for its fitness smartwatches, smart scales, apparel, trackers and other accessories. Simply, but they are all about wearable fitness devices that can help you track how you move, eat or sleep. They are currently dominating the market which means huge earning potentials for you. 

They run their affiliate program via CJ. As an affiliate, you will receive creatives and dedicated support.

However, they work only with affiliate marketers from only the United States and Canada.

REP Fitness Affiliate Program

REP Fitness sells regular fitness equipment such as elliptical treadmills, rowers, and weight benches. They also offer a wide range of strength training and conditioning equipment like kettlebells, battle ropes, squat racks, and balance trainers. Many of their equipment range from $240 to $3680 which means there’s a lot of money for you here. 

 REP Fitness runs its affiliate program through Post Affiliate Pro.  You can join from anywhere in the world. However, they use a tiered commissions structure. This means you will earn $5 for the first $10,000 worth of sales. Next, is 7% until you hit $50,000 and it stays at 8% once you reach $50,000. 

Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program

Horizon and Vision Fitness platform is known for its high-end treadmills, indoor cycles, rowing machines and elliptical. Some pieces of their fitness equipment can be connected to Bluetooth and on their product page, they list monthly financing options. They have an average order value of over 800 dollars and sometimes give free shipping.

The possibility of free shipping and the monthly financing option, and a 30 days money-refund guarantee on all their products, can enable the grab of more clients. Affiliate marketers can earn good commission from sales they make. 

Workout Warehouse Fitness Affiliate Program

Workout Warehouse is known for its fitness equipment such as treadmills, strength training equipment, elliptical, skiers, rowers, cycling machines and yoga equipment.

Many of there treadmills are accompanied by fitness classes and apps for the most effective home workouts. 

Workout Warehouse runs its affiliate program via Commission Junction. So, you must have a decent audience and a well-designed website to sign up. However, they will provide banners, product catalogs and text links for your affiliate promotions. 

Workout Warehouse has a tiered commission system. This means you can earn 8% for the first $10,000 worth sales, after which you will begin earning 9%, and subsequently 11% commission.

Garage Fit Fitness Affiliate Program

Garage Fit deals mainly on fitness equipment for practising bodyweight resistance such as training vest, stretch bands, and pulling-bars. 

They also have equipment that boosts speed and agility such as high-speed jump ladders, thunder balls, dots and rings, plyometric boxes, and steel maces. Most of their fitness equipment is kind of small and portable and could be used at homes, parks, or vacation trips. Besides, they offer free shipping for orders above $25 which your customers would love so much.

GarageFit runs its affiliate program through Go Affiliate Pro, which provides access to banner ads and text links for your promotions. 

GeneFood Fitness Affiliate Program

Because fitness isn’t all about physical activity, GeneFood is geared towards providing healthy choices according to genetic makeup. They believe that food works differently for everyone. 

Therefore, their goal is to help you find the most suitable meal plan according to your genes and basic diet types. Today, thousands of case studies are backing such a personalized nutrition plan, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it out. 

As an affiliate, you can join via the ShareASale affiliate network. They will provide tracking links and promotional materials. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can promote through your social media or email list.


Make sure you know your audience and the kind of fitness programs they would love. For example, if you’ve got the fifties on your list, they probably won’t like strenuous workout plans or programs. 

However, if you have business executives, they would love brilliant workouts and programs that do not demand a lot of their time. Nevertheless, you should focus on top trends in fitness such as wearable technology, bodyweight training, and high-intensity.

Regardless of your plans for your fitness affiliate website, there are tons of products out there you can promote. Some cannot promise a lot of commission per sale, but the huge tons of people beginning to seek fitness programs is enormous. Carve out a space for yourself and spread the word as the expert fitness reviewer. In no time you will receive rewards for your efforts.