Freelance Companies for outsourcing projects

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

Here are some of the best freelance companies you can consider when thinking about outsourcing some of your projects for your online business.

Online labor platforms otherwise known as freelance companies are fast growing.

It is now so easy to outsource even your wardrobe planning online without any fuss and at your comfort.

Organizations are beginning to take advantage of these solutions not only because they are cost-effective but also because they can get the best experts at cheaper rates than dealing with hiring them.

Its no wonder, a majority of the U.S Workforce is expected to be dominated by freelancers.

A study even showed that companies had an increase in annual profits after letting their employers work in their own comfort zone.

Alternatively, Freelancers enjoy the benefits of flexibility and high potentials to make more money.

This is why 63% of freelancers in the US pick their work-at-home jobs over traditional careers and over 41% plan on freelancing forever.

In this article, we will look at some of the best freelance companies where you can find the right talent for your project.

Even when you don’t have the money or a big budget, there’s always something for you on these online marketplaces.

But first, let’s establish a clear picture of how to use these platforms.

How does online freelancing work?

Different online freelance companies have their specific procedures but they are all basically the same.

Naturally, clients can simply filter and select any freelancer they like but according to Upwork, many companies preferably use this method below:

  1. A platform is created to connect freelancers and clients together
  2. Client posts a project on the marketplace where interested freelancers will see them and bid on the project. The proposal usually contains the price they are willing to pay for the job.
  3. Client evaluates proposals and selects the proposal that fits perfectly.
  4. Client and Freelancer connect to establish and initiate a job. If not, the client may also continue the search
  5. After the freelancer has accepted the work, he/she may begin and will be evaluated through the platform
  6. Upon completion, evaluation, and approval by the client, payment will be made to the freelancer.

Although using freelancers might seem a bit difficult, many of these online market places has made it so easy for you to get the best job at an affordable price and within a reasonable deadline.

From simple errands to complex app development jobs, there’s always something for you in these companies.

And so, we bring to you 10 best freelance companies in 2020.

10 Best Freelance Companies Outsource Your Online Projects in 2023.


Fiverr is a marketplace designed for sole entrepreneurs.

Many startup online business owners appreciate this platform because they can get access to quality jobs at next to nothing.

For freelancers, the market is ever brewing with millions of people, however, the fees can be discouraging as many projects can be carried out for as little as $5 earning the platform its name.

Signing up as a client on Fiverr is free.


  1. Transparency: To ensure that clients have an overview of the freelancers, they can easily see the freelancer’s portfolio and feedback from previous employers. This will make it easy for the client to decide on whether to use the freelancer or not.
  2. Secure Communication channels: Freelancers and their clients communicate through state-of-the-art anti-fraud and data security tools. These channels will protect the transfer of personal information and allow users to exchange files safely.
  3. Seller level system: You can easily evaluate the performance of freelancers by its seller level system to be able to pick the freelancer that best suits your project by their set of skills and rates.
  4. Protected Buyer payments: You should be assured that your financial data will stay private why using this platform. There are also varieties of payment channels made available for clients.

#2. Upwork

Upwork is another freelancing market place and quite efficient for businesses of all sizes.

You can easily sieve through freelancers through the available listings.

Upwork also has measures in place to protect both freelancers and their clients as it is possible to detect fake users.

Upwork also includes consolidated invoicing, customized reporting, pre-funding and hiring assistance tools.

Sign up is also free on Upwork.


  1. In-app communication channels: Upwork provides both text and video channels of communication. It is equally possible to share files and receive them from freelancers.
  2. Simplified billing process: It is easy to track the billable time of freelancers with Upwork as you can verify the work hours of each freelancer, set-up pre-funded accounts and schedule billings every hour.
  3. Easy Search: Using a simple form and reliable algorithms, you can easily narrow down the list of potential freelancers. Once you have placed your proposal, you will begin receiving proposals in as short as 24 hours.
  4. Hassle-Free Screening features: Upwork provides an easy way to assess your potential freelancer through its chat scheduling and profile browsing features.

#3.Envato Studio

Envato Studio is strictly used by creatives, developers and designers.

Beginning from app development, animation, website design, and branding creation, you can get just about anything you want here.

Freelancers are hand-picked on this platform so be rest assured they are the best.

You can either subscribe by using their quote-based subscriptions or one-time payment pricing plans.


  1. Easy Search: Envato prides on its community of experts whose portfolio are easily accessible. Clients can also compare community recommendations, portfolios and prices with ease. Clients are also free to send inquiries directly to freelancers they would like to employ on a long term plan.
  2. Ability to manage a project with ease: Envato comes with built-in messaging tools for real-time communications on on-going projects.
  3. User-friendly platform: Envato is so easy to use. You can post projects, collaborate and scan talents quickly and efficiently on this platform. It also includes high-quality project management tools to ensure that clients remain aware of the true states of their projects at all times.


PeoplePerhour is a unique platform which is focused on its freelancers earning while loving their work.

There are numerous communication tools on this network for invoicing, proposal reviewing and account management.

PeoplePerHour also provides access to a wide range of pricing plans.

You can opt for quote based payments, monthly payments or one-time payments.


  1. Account management: With PeoplePerHour, you can receive active feedback on your active projects especially if you have more than one going on at the same time.
  2. Escrow Protection: PeoplePerHour uses Escrow protection feature because freelancers must be given down payment before starting the project.
  3. No-Cost Job posting: You can post jobs for free and will start receiving bids from sellers within limits on the platform.


DesignCrowd is meant for organizations who wish to bring their ideas to life through crowdsourcing.

The platform boasts of the over 600,000 top freelancers all over the world.

All you have to do is post a design contest (up to $79) and you will receive over 50 designs from workers.

You can expect your project to be finished within 3 to 10 days according to the complexity.

It’s also possible to shortlist designs and provide constructive feedback so that the winning design can be polished further to their satisfaction.

After selecting the winning design, you earn full copyright ownership of the work.


  1. Multiple submissions: With over 50 designs to choose from, you are sure to receive only the best quality and interpretation of your idea.
  2. Ability to receive more designs or refund: If you do not like the designs you got within your deadline, you can always request for more submissions or get your money back within 60-days after your posting.
  3. Fastest platform for the best work: Deadlines can be set for 3 to 10 days which indeed is one of the fastest. And since you have numerous works to pick from, you will be sure to achieve your goals on time.


99Designs is best known for its global reach and talented staff.

This online marketplace is mostly used by graphic designers.

However, you can find all levels of graphic designers including those who are just entering into the field.

In addition, 99Designs has four different locations on four different continents so you should expect a wide range of skill sets (almost 90)


  1. Charitable Creativity: If you are a nonprofit organization, 99nonprofits is a feature you can use satisfactorily. Here, clients will be given a free design contest in any category of their choosing and will have 60 days to launch their new design after using the platform. Through these contests, they can pick the design they like and pay nothing while designers will still get paid like in other 99Design contests
  2. A wide range of Affiliate and Partner Services: Many Industry leaders have at one time benefited from 99Designs. This is why all users will enjoy astonishing discounts on website coding, promotional products, education, and finance from reputable service providers.
  3. Expansive Resource centers: As a newbie designer, 99Designs provides a wealth of graphic design ebooks, toolkits, tips, tricks and everything else to enhance not just your skill as an artist but also as a freelancer


If you are simply looking for app developers, them Gigster is your freelance marketplace. You will find a wide variety of freelancers who have worked for reputable tech companies and have experience in building custom apps.

Many freelancers on this platform have won many recognitions and since the platform is venture-backed, you will get affordable prices on your projects.

However, complexity, timeframe, and type of project can affect the pricing of your job.


  1. Very specific: This platform is strictly for app development so you won’t spend a lot of time scouring over an unlimited list of options
  2. Full ownership: Once done, you will receive full ownership and licensing rights of the app through Gigster
  3. Progress monitoring: Through its in-app communication and milestone features, you can receive real-time progress and make adjustments to your satisfaction.
  4. Highest talents: Only qualified and experienced app developers are allowed here. Many of them come from reputable schools and reputable companies.
  5. Affordable pricing: Venture-backed, based on the type and complexity of the project.


TaskRabbit is strictly available in the United States.

It is a freelance network but most likely open to businesses and individuals looking for people who can help them with small errands.

Services are finished within a day and range from housekeeping, yard work, grocery delivery to furniture installation.

Once you describe your service, accept a tasker on-duty, you can set the time and date and you are all set.


  1. Hassle free Background check: You can quickly check the background of workers because TaskRabbit takes it upon themselves to get this information for you. So you don’t have to worry about falling prey to a scam or fraudulent activity.
  2. Secure payments: To make sure your data stays safe; payments will be handled on the Task Rabbit platform and you can only pay after the job is complete.
  3. Property Damage Coverage: To give you peace of mind, TaskRabbit makes sure to screen taskers but there is also a $1million property coverage to get you covered on all areas.


Guru.com connects clients to a wide range of freelancers all over the world.

All you need do is post your job, and you will receive numerous proposals within minutes.

You can, however, narrow down the proposals you will want to see by adding specialization categories, specific countries, and cities entirely free from the homepage.


  1. Optional featured job post: With only $29.95, you can boost the visibility of your project and increase the chances of being spotted by top-performing freelancers
  2. Comprehensive dashboard: Apart from being user-friendly, Guru.com gives you a wide range of tools to track projects and communicate with your freelancer.
  3. Setup with numerous workers: You can easily set up a project with single or a group of freelances through a unified platform. Discussions can be carried out on this platform and it is also easy to privately chat with one of your workers as well.
  4. Automatic and Secure payment: Whether your agreement was an hourly rate, recurring payment or fixed-price method, you can automate payment through its secure, risk-free Safepay channel. If you don’t like the job, you can always dispute or send a refund request


Freelancer.com is open to a million of people across 247 countries.

You can also access custom plans on the platform depending on your project and methods of operations.

This network is most appreciated by a wide range of professional, technical and creative fields.

You place projects on data entry, marketing, accounting, engineering, software development, writing and many more. You will be obliged to subscribe either for a basic or advanced plan either monthly or annually.


  1. Safe and secure payment: Payment is based on a milestone system to protect all users on the site. In addition, clients can only pay after they are 100% satisfied with the system.
  2. Easy progress monitoring: You can communicate and receive feedback on your project at any time using its live chat feature. The platform also comes with a time tracker and mobile app for easy monitoring.
  3. Hassle-free filtering solutions: You can easily browse through registered talents based on skill and competency levels. In addition, once you place your post your jobs, you will be flooded with proposals within minutes.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing your project through this freelancing companies might be an excellent idea but you should pay attention to some notable pitfalls.

According to econsultancy, consider these 5 mistakes and avoid them:

  1. Initiating project without signing an agreement
  2. Failing to secure rights to your work product after it is completed.
  3. Giving only vague ideas about your projects. Freelancers can’t read your mind, so you should spell it out correctly.
  4. Failing to pay your freelancer on time. Well, they have the same cash flow problems as you and might likely have to put your job on hold to get bills paid.
  5. Freelancers think and work differently and may struggle with some management problems. You can’t expect them to be at their top form at all times.

Bearing all of this in mind, hiring freelancers may be the best thing that ever happened to your company.

You shouldn’t ever try to think that only small-time business owners use freelancers.

Even top companies like Toggl, Zapier, Trello, Toptal, Groove, Ghost all use freelancers.

As a Small business owner, getting the service of a freelancer means you will have the best job at the best time and with the quality intact.

Use freelancers today and get everything you desire for your project in a cost-effective solution.