Best Freelancing Books Every Freelancer must Read to SucceedBest Freelancing Books Every Freelancer must Read to Succeed

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Want to become a successful freelancer? You are in the right place!

Today I’m going to share with you 16 best freelancing books you need to read to grow your freelance business effectively.  

You Have to Read the Best Freelancing Books

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I know how hard you struggle every day – trying to find clients and dealing with unreliable clients who can’t even communicate their needs.

I know the stress of waiting so long for your payment or getting over the client’s that even poof out of existence. 

The struggle in freelancing is real.

You are so responsible for your decisions that even those weird little upsets can unhinge your beautifully laid out plans. Hackernoon also has a funny life story that’s got all our struggles in one simple, comical blog post.

But the most fantastic thing is that You CAN change all of these things. 

You can even control your expectations and make the right decisions. 

I’m not saying all those problems won’t come from time to time. But you will be able to manage them. 

I have come to realize that challenges are simply a part of life. But even with these challenges, there’s always a way to minimize its influence on your business.

According to businessknowhow.com,  there are many things you can do, but you need to KNOW how to apply them.    

If all of these challenges are so familiar, then you need these 16 best freelancing books, I am going to outline here. 

They contain a massive wealth of information.

I have checked them out and can veto that you need every one of them.

You don’t have to purchase all of these books at once, but you can make it a game plan to read one every month.

Are you ready to transform your freelancing career?

Dive right in. 

The 16 Best Freelancing Books Every Freelancer Should Read in 2020

#1. Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer-The Evolution of a $1m Web Designer by Liam Veitch

 As freelancers, we usually get too carried away by the lures of “free lifestyle.”

Many of us don’t even have an idea of what we want in this path.

We fail to think of it as a business and so get frustrated in only a few months or even weeks.

This book is a fantastic wealth of information.

You will discover;

  • How to reach the appropriate number of clients and make the right income. 
  • Fantastic ways to identify and repel bad clients
  • Tread through uncharted freelance marketplaces. 
  • How to build your income predictability… and many more. 

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#2. Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Having problems marketing yourself to the right clients? Or do you hate marketing yourself?

I also hate marketing or talking about the price of my services.

At one time, I would simply quote a figure out of the air only to become miserable when I saw that my fee was too small for the job.

If you can relate to these events, then you need this book and fast.

In this guide, you will learn;

  • Smooth and swift ways to sell your services to potential clients. 
  • How to gain the trust of your clients
  • Quickly understand what clients need from you
  • Network with other businesses like yours. 
  • The powers of referrals and cold emailing. 

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#3. Work for Money, Design for Love by David Airey

The freelance graphic design field is more competitive today.

There are too many wannabe graphic designers who don’t know their salt but can steal your work and retouch it as theirs.

In this fantastic guide, you will learn how to overcome all of these problems.

This guide is prepared specially for the graphic design world.

David Airey is a renowned graphic designer, so this book answers questions he received from over 600,000 designers on his three blogs.

You will discover;

  • How to find new clients
  • Handle difficult clients
  • Create impressively tight contracts that leave no room for arguments.
  • Sketch a picture of your client’s needs, so there are no confusions at the end.

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#4. Getting things done by David Allen

Have you ever tried working only to remain frozen in place for minutes?

I have had those moments too. But those jitters or crushing fear may affect your overall productivity.

As a freelancer, your time and pay interlinks. So, the time spent wallowing in fear or self-pity only shortens the time you have to meet that deadline.

There’s almost no excuse for you.

In this book, Allen uncovers how different the work sphere looks today, and the right approach you need.

You will learn;

  • how to master your workflow and not have it master your life
  • Stay calm in all kinds of situations. 
  • Use tools effectively in your business

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#.5. The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder

Social media is a powerful platform for your marketing.

Whether you are a freelance marketer or not, you need to make good use of Social media.

For instance, LinkedIn is a vital forum for freelancers.

So is, Facebook, if you know your salt and how to use the platform effectively.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to generate credibility and trust. 
  • Proper ways to leverage the different Social media platform on 
  • How to attract fans and followers and convert them to loyal customers. 
  • Essential strategies on how to drive traffic to your website and fan page 
  • Essential tips on mobile design, SEO, and email marketing

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#6. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Your elaborate business plan might be effective at the beginning of your business, but soon, your theories will be distorted by reality.

It is because most companies are not prepared to face the reality that they fail.

In this guide, Eric Ries addresses the many ways you can test your vision – no matter the size of your freelance business.

You will learn:

  • How to validate, experiment, and shift the direction of your business where necessary. 
  • Develop better product development cycles
  • Improve on your service models
  • Alter your plans (no matter how rigid), inch by inch, minute by minute until it meets reality. 

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#7. Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

Indeed, we aren’t all after quitting our day jobs for the freelance world. But a good number of us would love having both. Chris Guillebeau has created lots of side hustles while holding on to a day job. So, you will receive realistic experiences on how you can pull it through as well. This book is designed in days, so if you follow accordingly, you can kick start that business in just 27 days.

You will learn;

  • How to build a business that has almost nothing to do with your day job. 
  • How to apply for the right loans.
  • How to use discounts and special offers to gain new customers. 
  • How to brainstorm and get the right ideas that won’t alter the time you need for your day job

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#8. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber

There are just too many myths surrounding the online business world.

In this book, Michael E. Gerber trashes all of these myths, helping you sieve out the truth so you can build a successful business.

Michael E. Gerber has been called “the World #1 Small Business Guru” by Inc. Magazine many years ago.

So you should know that this book is a meaningful help.

In this guide, he will help you;

  • Apply the lessons of franchising a business even when your business is not a franchise.
  • Build a successful brand by leveraging things you got from the big guys.
  • How to work on your business 
  • How to work in your business.   

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#9.Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff they don’t teach you in design school, but should by Michael Janda

As we begin the fantastic journey of freelancing, we all know that the portfolio is the single most potent “document” that can win more jobs for us. But Michael Janda will teach you that the portfolio alone won’t get you success in your given career field. This book is made especially for freelance copywriters, programmers, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and architects. You will receive;

  • Practical tips on how to bid for new work
  • Produce tasks in lesser time
  • Open impressive communication channels with clients
  • Build lasting relationships with clients regardless of the kind of freelance platform you are using. 

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#10. Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, and Do Work That Matters by Jon Acuff.

We all know that the freelance world is pretty competitive and that clients are always willing to work with experts than novices or jack of all “traders. ” This book is about developing yourself as a freelancer and working as well. In this, Jon Acuff will help unravel the mysteries surrounding why you stay frozen for minutes before starting each task and how to overcome such fears. You will also learn;

  • How to learn new things and complete the process of learning that thing.
  • How to filter through your desires in search of what you need
  • How to make the best decisions for your freelance career
  • How to narrow your focus and become an expert in your chosen field. 
  • Teach you how to mentor, coach, or train others on their path to success.

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#11. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

The compelling stories behind their brands govern the best freelance companies on the planet.

So clients will love to know the people behind your new business. You don’t have to bring the spotlight on everyone, but it’s crucial someone stays in the spotlight.

By humanizing your freelance business, you can build more trust and credibility. You can equally keep your clients engaged and loyal to your service.

In this fantastic guide, you will discover;

  • Proven solutions used by multibillion-dollar companies to create an explosive brand that brought them success. 
  • How to build your unique voice and brand and help customers get to know you better.
  • How to connect deeply with your customers
  • How to build lasting impressions and gain those customers for life.

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#12. Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

In this guide, Chip and Dan Heath expose the intricacies of your mind and how it affects your work.

According to this book and proven by science, your mind is ruled by two systems – the emotional mind and the rational mind. Your rational mind wants to take on challenges, but your emotional mind is responsible for keeping you in your comfort zone.

This book will explore:

  • How to master your rational and emotional mind
  • How to achieve balance and move out of your comfort zone
  • How to make explosive changes in your personal and business life with ease. 

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#13.The Freelancer’s Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams―On Your Terms by Sara Horowitz

If you are just starting out in the freelancing field, then you need this book.

This book can also be an invaluable reference book for veteran freelancers.

There’re so many little strategies on all facets of freelancing in this beautiful book.

Whether you want to create a full-time freelance business or side hustle, you will find this book useful.

This book contains:

  • Step by step information on how you can build your freelance business. 
  • How to set up your office
  • How to market your business.
  • Find the right health care and insurance plan
  • How to remain organized.
  • Build different portfolios according to the perceived needs of your potential clients 
  • To prepare fool-proof contracts. 

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#14.Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant

This is not your generic freelancing book, but you will equally enjoy the book.

It’s about brainstorming new ideas no one has ever thought about.

Grant uses academic studies, stories, and starts to help you discover the true depths of your talents.

Web developers, app developers, and cloud experts will genuinely enjoy this fascinating book. You will learn:

  • Insights on procrastinating and using your intuitions. 
  • How to create new ideas and when to trust your guts. 
  • Risk-taking and how to decipher which risks are worthwhile. 
  • Tap into your creative mindset and build products that help change humanity. 

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#15.The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection by Michael A. Singer.

Our egos and drive for perfection can bring us down to our knees rather than uplift us. I have seen too many perfectionist freelancers fail to push for success because they are busy trying to refine their skills. Also, some freelancers are so driven by how good they think they are that they crash before their business becomes successful. In this guide, you will discover;

  • How to surrender to your dreams. 
  • Fantastic ways to trust life, develop yourself, and dive into your goals. 
  • How to accept who you are right now, so you can place yourself on better avenues for success. 
  • How to channel your to-do tasks, so it aligns with your goals. 

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One of the Great best freelancing books to start with

#16.Everything I Know by Paul Jarvis

If you get carried away by your drive to know everything before kickstarting your freelancing career, you might never take that leap.

In this guide, Paul Jarvis takes on the anti-guru stance.

He’s not out to tell you how to become rich like him but simply out to make sure you get your business off the ground and fast.

You will also discover;

  • How and why you need to make sacrifices right now to build a successful business. 
  • How to filter through negative information. 
  • How to channel your vulnerability. 

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One of the best freelancing books freelancers must read

The Bottom Line-The best freelancing books for your business.

Before you go, which book are you going to read first?

All of these books are pretty amazing.

But we all have different starting points.

For me, I dive right into a book when the ideas for the new tasks are not forthcoming.

When I feel so low and frustrated about some client or jobs, I spend that time refining my skills by soaking in some new information. You can try my strategy but remember to drop in and share how it worked for you. 

One more thing, you can’t learn everything at once, because the world of freelancing is a continual learning process.

So space out your learning process and discover new things from successful people who have been in those shoes before you. Make the most of your free time and read these inspiring books one at a time.

You will marvel at the wealth of information you uncover and the surprising ways it would transform your business.