Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

14 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs In 2022.

How would you like to learn about the best gaming affiliate programs guaranteed to bring you impeccable results?

The truth is that the gaming affiliate niche is one sweet deal.

And the gaming industry is growing.


With the current Covid-19 pandemic and widespread lockdowns around the world, the world of gaming has experienced an upsurge in numbers and people stay at home and spend more time online.

Let’s look at the stats to see how big is the niche gaming market:

The world of gaming is incredibly huge, and getting more prominent as the years go by.

Sure, you might wonder what a field that once was seen as a hobby for those with no “jobs’ has become mainstream.

Even more, statistics show that gamers are likely to make all sorts of purchases to revamp, boost, and expand on the games they love.

Many have been known to spend not just on features or accessories for the games, but other kinds of stuff like clothes, shoes, and many other things to show their love for the game.

Now you know just how big the market is, let’s dive right into the best gaming affiliate programs you can promote and earn substantial commissions. 

Leprestore Affiliate Program

Have you ever heard of a boosting service for games?

Well, they exist and are focused on boosting a gaming character for players in exchange for a small fee.

How does this work?

MMORPG-style games usually give two choices: either spend hours trying to level up your character, or you can get someone to do that for you.

Leprestore is the very best out there. They level up characters on your behalf, especially in WoW, Destiny, Apex Legends, and Tarkov.

Leprestore has been around since 2013. However, when you consider the 10% fee, it can look pretty small, but their fees begin from $1 to $2,000, with most orders costing an average of $500.

They will also provide a $25 bonus if you exceed $1,000 plus videos, text ads, banners, and coupons to help you make better promotions. 

Razer Affiliate Program

Want a brand that manufactures various gaming accessories for both hardcore and casual gamers?

Then, Razer is right there with the top contenders.

They presently have a  range of gaming laptops, pads, consoles, mice, and gears.

Another amazing stuff about them is that they develop software and mobile apps that ensure a better gaming experience. 

They also have Respawn, an energy drink made especially for game lovers and enthusiasts.

So, there are so many gaming products you can promote under this affiliate program.

Even so, since Razer is a famous brand, you stand a high chance of acquiring massive traffic and building high income.

Razer will also provide creatives and banners to improve your promotions, so there is a lot to gain. 

Alienware Affiliate Program

Alienware is also a trendy gaming brand founded in 1996 and formerly known as Sakai. 

With powerful gaming PCs and as one of the first companies that produced gaming laptops that made gaming portable, they are quite popular.

Alienware was later acquired by another famous computer manufacturing company, Dell, in 2006.

Hence, to promote Alienware PC’s, you need to join Dell’s affiliate program.

Although 3% of commissions look like chump change, the average on orders is over $1,000, so you have the potentials to make loads of money for yourself. 

Zygor Guides Affiliate Program

You would probably love to purchase Zygor Guides for a better gaming experience because they offer in-game guides for this popular game that would help you gain experience, earn gold quickly and level up.

While making sure the game isn’t violated, they also guide you to play the game with high performance.

This gaming affiliate program offers an impressive 50% commission to their publishers.

As they provide an essential service for This famous game, your audiences are surely going to love them, and that means more fabulous sales for you.

Nvidia Affiliate Program

Graphics make excellent gaming, but quality graphics make it even super exciting.

This is why Nvidia is here for you.

Nvidia is widely known for its high-quality Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs), specifically designed for gaming PCs. 

This company is also popularly known for Al development workstations, streaming media, and future robots and self-driving cars.

So, as an affiliate, you have chances of making good sales. Even more, NVIDIA provides promotional materials and real-time tracking tools to help you learn how to get more from their affiliate program. 

Final Mouse Affiliate Program

The importance of the right gaming mouse can not be overemphasized.

This sole reason has made Final Mouse take it upon themselves to manufacture only high-quality gaming mouse.

So, regardless of the type of gaming niche you venture into, this affiliate program should be one of your earning avenues.

Their affiliate program is headed and managed by Refersion. As an affiliate, you will earn a 25% commission on each sale you refer. You will also receive loads of discounts and offers to make sales to your audience, depending on how big your audience is anyway. 

Modded Zone Affiliate Program

In need of a suitable gaming controller?

Modded Zone is your sure deal, as they are a leading gaming controller modification company with thousands of designs available. They also modify controllers by changing the enabling features like ‘fast reload’ or motors.

Modded Zone modified custom controllers are adjustable and are available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and others.

They also have a nice collection of Rapid Fire Installations, Exclusive add-ons, and lots more to give you the amazing gaming experience.

As an affiliate, you are going to earn a 10% commission for every sale. They offer free shipping for domestic orders, and also provide their products to the globe. On average, orders scale across $150, so it’s a sweet deal for you. 

GameFly Affiliate Program

  • Website: GameFly Affiliate Program  
  • Commissions: $20 – $30 per referrals sign up and 5% for sales on new console games
  • Cookie life: 30 days

Gamefly offers an enormous library of game consoles and handhelds for game titles like Xbox, Xbox One, PS4, and lots more.

You can find both new and hard-to-find back catalogue games on this platform. They have over 8,000 video game titles of every prominent name out there dating as far as Game Boy Advance.

However, it’s a subscription-based platform, so gamers can choose whatever they like, receive them through First-Class Mail, and return quickly. 

Gamers can also choose to purchase the game entirely, by using the “Keep” feature, which brings you about 5% on new console sales. However, if gamers buy used console games, then there’s nothing coming to you.

However, the chance of selling new console games is a sweet option. Since GameFly offers console-quality game streaming services in over 55 countries, it expands your great revenue possibilities.

Beyond video games, you can equally make about 5% on Blu-ray and DVD movie sales on new and old releases, so there’s there for you.

To join their affiliate program, you can apply through the CJ affiliate. 

Digimartz Gaming Affiliate Program

Digimartz was founded in 2001 in Canada. They are one of the largest official resellers of console and handheld gaming accessories online.

They offer various selection of gaming systems,  feature upgrades, accessories, and pass. They also provide products like tablets and smartphones.

With their 30- day cookie duration, an 8% commission rate, and a wide range of products across many gaming platforms, Digimartz is one of the best gaming affiliate programs you should probably join.

Bose Affiliate Program

All game lovers hate getting disturbed in their games by background noises. Indeed, getting a headphone can heighten awareness of their gaming, helping them stay in sync.

Bose knows this and has built a reputation for high-quality headphones and speakers.

These fantastic headphones cancel all noises and provide gamers with a better experience.

This affiliate program is run by one of the leading Affiliate networks, CJ Affiliate.

Bose’s products are in high demand, so with their commission rate of 2- 3%, you will make a good sale through your site.

Into The AM Affiliate Program

Into the AM is a famous brand of comfortable clothing made, especially for late-night gamers.

All love Their designs; gamers and non-gamers alike.

So, there are guaranteed sales for you regardless of the level of gamers you have on your page. 

You can join their affiliate program and promote their beautiful t-shirts to your audiences. This will earn you a 10% commission rate whenever someone buys their products using your referral link.

Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft gaming is good at making PCs and gaming accessories available for all, rather than just gaming nerds.

Those who have been into gaming for long should probably know that they are the Xbox manufacturers.

Since playing video games has become more accessible for those who couldn’t afford high-end computers, there’s a lot of guaranteed sales for you. 

Your audiences can purchase required accessories and consoles using your website through their affiliate program.

Although 2% may seem low for a commission rate, you should not worry since selling Xbox or console to your audiences would guarantee conversions. 

Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech is a favourite to some gamers as they deal with different range of keyboards and mouse.

They have a vast collection of headsets, speakers, pads, gaming mouse, webcams, etc.

Joining their affiliate program will get you about a 4-10% commission rate based on the volumes purchased at once.

However, on average, people order about $125 worth of goods, which means decent commissions for you.

You will also receive promotional materials that can help boost your efforts. 

WarGaming.Net Affiliate Program

You would have probably seen the ad for World of Warships or World of Tanks on T.v at least once, except you don’t watch TV at all.

This indicates that you certainly don’t have to be a gamer to know more about WarGaming.net.You might also know about those popular free MMO games played by thousands or even millions worldwide

Most of their games are played for free. However, people can also sign up for a better experience. 

This is where you, as an affiliate marketer, can benefit, because each time your readers sign for their premium account, you get up to $10 per sale referred, though the commission rate varies based on your location.

Commissions are not as generous as other gaming affiliate programs on our list. However, their global reach means you are looking forward to guaranteed sales. 

Building a Successful Gaming Affiliate Marketing Website

I see many people jumping in to build a video games website without knowing what it is all about.

Sure, they can advertise a few gaming monitors here or other assortments of gaming gear. However, without knowing the buttons to push, you are in highly complicated waters.

So, to get you started on the right foot, let’s look at five vital strategies to build a thriving affiliate marketing website in the gaming niche.

Be somewhat specific

The gaming niche might look specific enough, but it truly isn’t. First, you must realize that gaming appeals to boys and girls, young and old. So, the demographics are pretty huge, and you can’t target them all. However, you can classify gaming into three sub-niches; educational, casual, and serious games. 

But that’s not the end of it. You see, gaming is broader than you think, so you cannot have a ‘gaming website’; you should be laser-focused on one or two aspects. When you consider the numerous gaming platforms, you will find that gaming further breaks into about eight categories:

  • PC
  • Home Console
  • Web Browser
  • Arcade
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile
  • Blockchain
  • Video games.

Even so, there are categories, further split into diverse genres.

For example, the video gaming niche has visual novels,  4X games, walking simulators, retros, MOBA, roguelike to tower defence games.

Therefore, you cannot focus on everything out there; you need to be strategic about what you share.


Real gamers can spot fakies from afar, and when I mean true gamers, I mean gamers in every single category.

So, by focusing on a select few, you can build enriching gaming content and fuel your knowledge.

When you can easily show just how knowledgeable you are in gaming, you can create a strong community of raving fans, ready to take your every word as gold. 

Know Your Statistics

Consider this:

 Over 38% of gamers around the world are females. About 66% of console gamers use physical discs over digital downloads. Even yet, YouTube positively influences gaming purchase decisions

These are all the current stats about the gaming market, and they can fuel your strategies.

For instance, you already know that if you are focused on console gaming, then you know that physical products will earn you more if that is your chosen niche.

Again, the stats we just listed show that your video posts will influence buying decisions and reap many affiliate marketing rewards.

Therefore, you need to keep track of the statistics to remain at the forefront. Keeping an eye on the sentiment around your chosen market is key to helping you drive and grow your gaming blog to greater heights. 

Be Strategic about your keywords

The most popular game consoles are Xbox One and PlayStation 4; however, you need to aim at few, as we said earlier.

For instance, if you are going for console games, target PS4 and Xbox one games most of the time, or you can equally dig deeper for shooters for Xbox or PS4 baseball games.

This will help you know how to focus your keyword strategies. That way,  you can focus on high traffic keywords with low competition.

To get you started, here are a few gaming sub-niches you can equally consider (many are focused on video gaming though):

  • Console repairs
  • Biofeedback controller
  • Console and handheld skins
  • Virtual Reality
  • Cosplay costumes
  • Video games inspired action figures
  • 80’s video games nostalgia
  • Christian video games
  • Indie games
  • Family-friendly games
  • Games for Kids under specific ages
  • Game developments
  • Memory flash drives
  • Money making games 
  • Online casino games
  • Racing games

Your Contents Should Take Many forms

While you should focus on building a video-centric blog, you should not always share game news and reviews. You have to earn the respect of your community.

That is only possible by the things you share that aren’t directly connected to the money you want to earn.

Focus on developing instructional videos, news around competitive gaming championships, and walkthrough videos, helping gamers learn how to improve their pace and skills and maximize their winning potentials.

Competitive gaming championships, also called eSports, are among the fastest-growing aspects of gaming garnering media attention and revenue.

Creating content around these aspects can also help you begin reaping fast rewards.  You can also provide entertaining content by taking your viewers through hilarious gaming styles and allowing them to witness their own failures and lots more.

However, one more thing you should equally do, is that you shouldn’t focus on video content alone; words are still one of the best and cost-effective ways to rank your affiliate marketing website. So you must focus on both sides of the board. 

Build A Strong Reputation

To recommend the right gear for gaming, you have to show your audience that you have what it takes.

Gamers aren’t like any other niche out there; they demand more from you.

For instance, if you are writing “how-to” guides on particular games, then you must have that knowledge to give.

A strong reputation sets the pace for great earnings on your gaming affiliate website. That said, you don’t have to go into hardcore areas if that isn’t your thing.

There are a significant number of niches; you can build that is pretty straightforward and still a great deal more rewarding.

For instance, you can create your gaming blog around repairs (if you are already great at it). You can also focus on Christian video games, Indie games, kid and family-friendly games, or even games where people can make money. 

Make money beyond affiliate marketing – your audience won’t be all gamers.

A Google Consumer Survey in 2014 found that about 37% of people who follow gaming websites or watch gaming YouTube videos aren’t gamers. There is no reason to believe that that statistics have changed.

In reality, they are there for fun and humour. Some even compare gaming to stand-up comedy. Now, you may wonder, what’s in it for me, if I am creating content focused on entertainment.

The truth is that if your audience is big enough, you can gather the attention of brands looking to partner with you.

Today, Brands are focusing on growing gaming blogs and channels, with not just a passionate fan base but popularity. 

Concluding Thoughts

Of, course my list of the best gaming affiliate programs isn’t just the ones out there.

I have only created a great place to start. However, you must always choose your products wisely. 

Look out for profitable gaming affiliate programs you can promote that are equally good.

The excellent way to sieve out crappy programs is by looking out for games that can earn you money on the long term, either by long-term sales or the fact that when your audience purchase them, they will come back for new ones in the future because they know you always refer the best.