Best Health And Wellness Affiliate Programs for 2023

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

Would you love to boost your earnings through the best health and wellness affiliate programs?

Let’s look at some of the very best with the biggest payouts.

Currently, there is a global awareness of the benefits of health and wellness programs. 

This awareness extends beyond personal sign-ups to company-curated programs, presenting a huge opportunity for affiliates like you. 

From lunch & health snacks programs to massage, weight loss, stress management, smoking cessation, employee assistance, wellness challenges to On-Site Fitness Centers, there are thousands of personal and workplace wellness programs today. 

Lots of people are ready to spend large sums of money to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Companies, today are also formulating wellness programs. This is because these programs not only improve the lives of everyone but improves performance, productivity, retention and reduce sick time.

It’s no wonder, the industry, saw over $4.5 trillion in 2019 and is expected to by an additional $12.99 billion in 2024.

So where do you come in as an affiliate?

If you are a health influencer or maybe you own a blog that shares insightful health tips, diet plans, wellness tourism, workout guides, or even meditation guides, you can use any of these affiliate programs on our list. 

There’s a huge market in the health and wellness industry. You only have to find the right niche and get started. Now, let’s highlight those 10 best health and wellness affiliate programs for you. 


Leadbit is a major affiliate network and the platform boasts of global traffic across over 30 countries. They are not solely dedicated to the health scene but provide all kinds of products across Dating, gambling and finance niches. 

Which health and wellness products are offered by Leadbit?

However, their NUTRA line offers a wide range of health products ranging from hair loss prevention products to weight loss products. They also have a wide range of beauty products such as supplements for breast enlargement and hair loss prevention.

What kind of affiliate program offers are available?

They also offer diverse kinds of affiliate partnerships ranging from Cost Per Sale (CPS) paying systems to Cost-Per-Action (CPA) systems. 


Fitbit is a fantastic program aimed towards helping people move some more and remain active. In reality, Fitbit is a wearable device, that tracks how you sleep, eat and move. Although there is a wide range of wearable health products, Fitbit continues to dominate the market.

What health and wellness products are offered on Fitbit?

Fitbit offers a wide range of smartwatches, smart scales, trackers, apparels, and accessories for exercising, activity tracking as well as general health goals.  

What kind of affiliate offers are available on Fitbit?

Fitbit pays affiliates 3% commissions on each sale. You will also receive support, and creatives to help boost your earnings. Nevertheless, you must join the program through the CJ Affiliate program which means you must have a decent website first.


MaxWeb is among the fastest-growing affiliate networks in the world. Founded in Anna Gita, their programs are open to affiliates from across the globe. They have thousands of products on the website, although their affiliate support team is a little above average. 

What health and wellness products offered by MaxWeb?

However, they focus mainly on nutritional supplements and beauty products from diverse industries.  Some of their products include probiotics, workout supplements, detox products and so much more. 

What kind of affiliate offers are available on MaxWeb?

Their Nutra products can provide between $35 -$90 per every referral. They will also provide promotional materials and occasionally, release dedicated skype groups and exclusive offers to help personalize your reach.

  • Commission: $10 – 90 per sale
  • Cookie: 15 days


Adcombo has thousands of offers in the health and beauty vertical in areas where competition is low. Adcombo is also open to almost all countries across the globe. However, they are focused on products that are guaranteed to make huge earnings within minimum effort from their affiliates.

What health and wellness products offered by Adcombo?

As a huge network, Adcombo has products across finance, gaming, health, and many more product categories. 

What offers are available on Adcombo?

Adcombo offers already prepared landing and sales pages in more than 40 languages which can be customized quickly to meet the needs of your audience. Adcombo also provides access to a personal affiliate manager and support tutorials to set you on the right foot.

Just Thrive

Just Thrive is focused on health and wellness with a special focus on gut health. Therefore, their entire product line is centered around balancing the pH of your stomach. Just Thrive was created on the belief that health challenges or diseases can begin from the unbalanced levels of bacteria in our stomachs.

What health and wellness products are offered by Just Thrive?

Just Thrive features a wide range of vegan, paleo and keto-friendly prebiotic and probiotic supplements. 

What offers are available on Just Thrive?

Affiliates will receive up to 20% commissions with over 1 year of cookies to ensure that your affiliate efforts are justly rewarded. Just Thrive also provides emails, banners and social media mentions to help affiliates boost the engagement of their campaigns.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora is focused on providing solutions to sleep problems. They recognize that bad sleeping habits or challenges can cause a lot of health problems including eyesight issues, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, and depression.

What health and wellness products are offered by Smart Nora?

In reality, the product is focused on helping people stop snoring. Snoring has been shown to inhibits the ability to sleep properly. Smart Nora is an inflatable pad that causes gentle movement after being placed under the pillow. This movement activates when you snore and subsequently interrupts you from snoring until you can sleep deeply. 

What offers are available on Smart Nora?

Smart Nora Affiliate program will pay a 6% commission which is about $16 for each referral sales. They also offer 30 days free trial and promotional materials to help boost your marketing efforts. 


ADeer was initially known as NutraLights and was founded in 2018. Although they are fairly new, they are focused on creating long term relationships with merchants and their affiliate network. Therefore, you should expect to be treated fairly.

What health and wellness products are on the ADeer network?

However, ADeer is mainly focused on promoting hundreds of major brands for nutritional supplements in Asia. They use a CPA and CPS method of payments, which means you can be paid commissions per sale.

What kind of offers is available on ADeer?

ADeer is quite known for its weekly payouts. They will also provide creatives and landing pages, alongside an affiliate account manager to boot your efforts. If you have a decent audience from the Asian region, then this is the right affiliate program for you.

Physicians Choice

Physicians Choice is focused on providing natural and dietary health supplements for those who want to reduce their dependence on prescription medications. All their supplements have adequate scientific-backings and are made from sustainable sources. If your audience is focused on the general health, losing weight, or looking younger, then this is the affiliate network for you.

What health and wellness products are on Physicians Choice?

Their products include probiotics, pre-workout and post-workout supplements, sleep and mood products, and many more. All products are created by them, so it’s right to say the quality of products will be the same all around. 

What kind of offers is available on Physicians Choice?

Physicians Choice advertise through the Refersion affiliate network, they are one of the top-performing there, so you are in good hands. They will provide creatives and a dedicated support team to guide your promotions. Besides your base commission, you will receive about 2 free products every month of your choosing. 


Touchpoint is focused on helping people with stress, sleeping problems or anxiety. Their products use gentle haptic micro-vibrations to induce stress relief. Their products are equally backed by celebrities, reviews, awards and hundreds of challenges. Touchpoint also includes a 30-day trial for their new customers to ensure that they are having a great deal.

What health products are available on Touchpoint?

Touchpoint has intuitive wearable products, fondly called buzzies. They have products for kids and adults shaped as wristbands, zipped sweatbands, and clothing clips.

What offers are on Touchpoint?

As an affiliate, you will receive creatives and a free set of buzzes for your efforts. Their commissions are placed at 8% which doesn’t look like much except you factor in that buzzes go for about $239. However, you can only join their affiliate program through Pepperjam, VigLink, Flexoffers.

Cannabidiol(CBD) Products

Cannabidiol is fast becoming one of the biggest health trends ever.

In truth, the global legal cannabis market is worth $14.9 billion with the U.S market sitting right in front.  This is because cannabidiol, one of over 300 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant is extremely helpful as an alternative treatment to many ailments.

It has been proven to help soothe chronic pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, and even addictive behaviours. Nevertheless, using Cannabidiol will not get anyone high, especially if you are using high-end products with limited THC components

What are the best Cannabidiol affiliate programs?

However, you should never advertise cheap CBD products. The market is not entirely regulated and only 30 per cent of merchants label their products correctly. However, some of the very best with attractive affiliate programs include Enliven Essentials, Just CBD, Namaste Vapes, AirVape, and  Green Wellness Life CBD

  • Commissions: 8 – 50%
  • Payouts: unknown
  • Cookie duration: Average 90 days


Although health and wellness affiliate programs are highly profitable, you should be careful about which products you promote.

There are thousands of scam products professing what they cannot do. It is usually better to use your health affiliate products on your own before promotions so you have hands-on experience about them. However, look out for products along these lines as they sell better than others:

  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Wellness boosters
  • Water filtration systems
  • CBD products
  • Reproductive health
  • Digestive health
  • Skincare
  • Fatigue
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Detox products
  • Stress products
  • Healthy food affiliate products such as Guilt-free pizza and beans & lentil pasta

We recommend starting with a few products you can trust while building your affiliate audience. Also, ensure that the products you are promoting are not banned by the geographical locations you are targeting. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions, including offers and all intricacies before promoting on your website. 

Finally, the health and wellness industry is truly evergreen, so you won’t have to worry about your content becoming worthless over time. Always ensure that everything you promote is credible and relevant and in the long run, you will receive just the rewards you wanted.