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Looking for the best landing page builders for your next project?

Here’s a comprehensive list of free, premium, and WordPress landing page builders you can use. 

There’s no exact formula that guarantees the success of your digital marketing, but a landing page is a must! 

Landing pages are typically standalone web pages with a single focus; to drive leads for your business.

They help you offer a resource, product, or service in a compelling manner that makes visitors drop their contact information. Landing pages usually include a lead capture form where visitors will enter details like their job title, email address, and name.

You can use a landing page to promote things like eBooks, whitepapers, email newsletter subscriptions, online courses, event registration, free product trial, community membership, app downloads in exchange for contact information. 

They are handy and have been proven time and time again to boost your lead conversions.

For instance, Conversion Rate Experts used a single landing page to generate $1,000,000 for Moz. That’s a huge figure. And yet, you can have more conversions and profits than that figure with landing pages 

Why are Landing Pages Effective?

Landing pages provide avenues to focus on one sole objective and drive targeted actions. 

According to Hubspot, these targeted actions are the reasons why 48% of marketers create a new landing page for each campaign. Over 68% of B2B also businesses use landing pages. To drive home the reasons why you need landing pages, here are some more benefits for you:

  • It limits navigation

Landing pages will direct potential customers to make crucial decisions. They will be more focused on filling contacts because; other areas of your websites are blurred from view. Through this simple act, your landing pages will improve targeted boost your conversion rate.

  • It sells the right message

When you link landing pages to your ads, you do so to provide more information; they couldn’t have gotten from the ads or your website. Landing pages will reflect your brand and accurately explain what you have for them, so they don’t get confused or distracted.

  • Drives a positive first impression

Conversion XL highlighted that it takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to understand your website once they land on it. But, it takes only about 1/20th of a second to create an impression on most people. So you need to shorten that time by using landing pages. 

  • Deliver Value

When you have a valuable offer they can’t resist, the best way to bring it to their eyes is by making it more compelling. Landing pages make sure that your potential subscribers or clients understand the real value of that resource you offer. 

  • Allows Sharing

A lot of marketers add share links to their landing pages. This will encourage visitors to share their excitements on their social pages and bring more visitors to your page. This is why Companies with more than 30 landing pages receive over 7 times more leads than those with lesser landing pages.

  • Can boost your SEO

Although there are different kinds of landing pages, a user-friendly, keyword-optimized, responsive, and fast landing page can increase your SEO. You can have more impressive chances to rank on SEO if you have higher conversions through landing pages. 

How to Choose the Best Landing Page Builder or Plugin

Developing an incredibly high converting landing page depends on the landing page builder you use.

A landing page builder is a tool that smoothens your creating, publishing, and sharing of landing pages.

So no matter your needs, the following 6 elements must be considered before choosing the best landing page builder for your project:

  1. Easy to use visual builder: With a drag and drop editor, your landing pages can be created easily. Therefore a simple drag and drop interface that is intuitive is necessary. No one wants a landing page builder that requires lots of coding experience to enjoy. Even when you use HTML and CSS, it should be an added perk and not the foundation.
  2. Pre-built templates: There are times; you may want to quickly set up a landing page without paying attention to the basic style. Prebuilt templates come in handy. You can simply tweak to match your branding and publish in minutes.
  3. A/B testing: The only way to know if your templates are converting is by testing. It’s not easy to get it right the first try. So you may want to test customer behaviour and optimize accordingly. Playing a guessing game can waste your funds or hurt your business. 
  4. Email Integration: Your ideal builder should help you capture data seamlessly. Most premiums landing page builders integrate with popular email marketing and CRM software, making it easy to build your email list.
  5. Media support:  Your landing page should support most media formats, so your customers can quickly download your offers. 
  6. Analytics: Lots of landing page builders also offers analytics dashboards. But it depends on how much you pay for them. Some can offer plain old page views; others provide detailed reports or heat maps. 

Now you know how to choose the best landing page builder for your projects.

Let’s look at some landing page builders you can use, their prices, features, benefits, and drawbacks. 

Best Free Landing Page Builders 2020

Google Sites

If you want to build a landing page that includes a feedback or signup form for free, you can use Google Sites. It is one of the most hidden apps in the G Suite and very useful. You can customize the text and colours in any way. 

You can also add a large header that represents your brand, alongside a page title, background colour, or image. You can drag sections for more pictures, text, or uploaded files. You can also add a Google Docs Document, slide, or a YouTube video to the mix. 


  • Creates a landing page within a Google subdomain, so you add the links anywhere. 
  • You can also add a custom domain to the Google Sites page
  • It’s free with your Google account. Paid plans are also cheap and begin from $5 per month.
  • You can also integrate with the Zapier’s Google forms integration to ease your workflow
  • You can also add Google Analytics to keep track of users


  • It’s not a very easy tool to use
  • You can’t entirely remove the form or the core style.
  • You have lots of limitations in branding


Carrd is a one-page website builder. So you can create a landing page, profile, or portfolio with this tool. It’s perfect for photographers, designers, illustrators, and freelancers. The free plan allows you to create three one-page websites.  

But the free plan is not a standalone domain; you can only use its URLs on a website or social account. You can add forms to capture emails with the free plan and brand to your desire with responsible images and videos. 

However, you can only add ten elements on the free plan. If you want to boost your branding, you can go for the pro-plan, which is so cheap; it rivals a lot of paid landing pages. 

For $1.58 per month, you can create ten sites, add custom domains, use large images, simple forms, and unlimited elements. You can also up your game for more websites with the Pro Standard ($4.80 per month or ($8.25 per month).


  • All landing pages with Carrd are responsive and works excellently on all browsers
  • Sleek looking templates to begin your designs
  • You can also add links to a full-fledged online store
  • Carrd is inexpensive and straightforward to use
  • Each element has a lot of customization options


  • You cannot edit your website via the mobile platform
  • Can only ask for support through email
  • The free plan includes the Carrd branding
  • Can only use standard-quality images in the free plan

MailChimp Landing Page Builder

MailChimp is an email marketing platform. But they have a free plan that offers access to a host of free landing page templates. You can use them to build standalone pages to grow your list or showcase your portfolio. 

You cannot use a custom domain name with the free plan, and it’s pretty effective for converting up to 2,000 contacts into subscribers.

The free plan will also come with contact profiles, tags, and segments, audience board, Facebook & Instagram Ads alongside pop-forms. 

Paid plans will provide access to unlimited landing pages alongside a robust email marketing service. Premium plans begin from $9 per month. 


  • A simple drag and drop editor that requires no codes
  • All landing pages are mobile-friendly
  • You can integrate with lots of big tools like Zapier, Marketo or Salesforce
  • Not particularly friendly with Facebook or Google Ads campaigns, although you can use it


  • The email template editor works like the mail marketing editor
  • There are lots of content element limitations
  • Many of your landing pages will be built from scratch (without codes )
  • A limited number of landing pages
  • Publishing their landing pages on your own domain will cost over $99 per year

Landing Page Builder by Pluginops

If you need a cheap WordPress landing page template, then the Landing Page Builder plugin by Pluginops is an excellent option. These templates aren’t fancy, but they are clean, modern, and straightforward. It’s not exactly free, but the highest plan is less than 10 dollars. 

As cheap stuff, there are lots of limitations. For starters, there’s no such thing as a drag and drop editor. You can only select a template, format the text, add your pictures, and adjust accordingly. 

The free landing page plugin also integrates with email marketing services. It is excellent for tiny businesses and startups. 

There are three pricing plans for you; Advanced ($4.5 per month for one domain), Beginner ($3/month for one domain), and Business (10/month for 100 domains). You will be billed annually, but they also offer money-back guarantees, if you don’t like the tool.


  • Can build stunning landing pages from the scratch
  • Over 60 plus predesigned templates and building blocks
  • All landing pages were responsible and mobile-friendly
  • You can easily integrate with popular email marketing services
  • Enjoy built-in A/B testing and analytics
  • Add shapes to your background and improve the look of your landing pages


  • No free trial
  • It is not a drag and drop visual editor
  • It can be a bit difficult to understand when beginning from scratch. 
  • Predesigned templates are generic
  • Templates are not SEO optimized

Wix Landing Page Builder

If all you want is a landing page with more pages within, without worrying about a custom domain, the Wix free plan is great for you. Wix is gorgeous so that you won’t worry about the design. They have lots of responsible templates for you. You can add social media embeds texts and lots of elements. 

The free plan offers over 30 Wix landing pages and over 250 app integrations. However, the paid plan includes over 500 plus templates. 

Some sections are pre-made to save you lots of time and natural customization effects. You can also add live chat to your landing pages on the free plan. If you want to connect a domain or unlimited domains, you can go for the premium plan. One domain costs $4.5 while unlimited domains cost $12.5.


  • As a drag and drop visual builder, you can to create stunning landing pages easily
  • Over 30 niche specific landing pages and the promise of over 500 when you adapt the paid plan
  • Excellent tool for beginners
  • Lots of avenues to integrate with email marketing services and CRM software
  • Includes Customer support


  • If you use Wix to create your website, changing your template will be a disaster, since you will lose your efforts
  • Templates are mobile-friendly but not responsive to smaller screens
  • Not good for SEO
  • The free plan will display Wix ads on your landing page


Site123 also offers a free website builder, but you can create promo sites, landing pages, blogs, and online shops with this tool. It’s not a drag and drop editor, but the point and click tool is excellent. 

If you are a newbie to website or landing page designs, these tools are so simple that you won’t have problems putting together stunning pages.  You can get a lot of sophistication and flexibility from this tool that you won’t have with Wix landing pages. 

You can also enjoy lots of premade niche-specific templates and earn a free custom email domain for your email marketing. All templates designs are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The free plan supports Meta tags, Google analytics, and some e-commerce features. 

They also have a massive library of stock photographs and icons to enhance your landing page. If you want to upgrade your plan, you can pay $5.80 per month with a free domain for one year. 


  • Very easy to point and click and create lots of elegant landing pages
  • They also have a fantastic list of premade templates
  • All templates are responsive and mobile-friendly.


  • Even if you know HTML and CSS, you can’t use those skills to enhance your design. 
  • Lots of helpful tutorials and support for your designs
  • As a point and click editor, you can’t personalize to your heart’s content
  • The free plan will include the SITE123 branding on every landing page


LaunchRock is an amazing cheap landing page builder that’s excellent for building highly converting pages. You can quickly develop templates or websites without coding knowledge. It is also a front end visual editor, so what you see is what you get. 

All landing pages are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. You can also enjoy its massive library of templates, fonts, and stock images. However, if you want to enjoy analytics and many more, you will have to pay for your use. 

LaunchRock has only one plan which slightly changes according to your schedule. You can pay $29 per month or $20 if you choose to pay annually. If you want lifetime access, you can pay $349. All paid plans allow additions to unlimited websites. 


  • Simple drag and drop editor for building pages within minutes
  • You can also use custom HTML blocks if you want
  • A robust social network to learn from
  • Can add SEO to your landing pages


  • The free plan Lacks A/B testing
  • Limited customization
  • You can’t use a custom domain or promotion free content until you upgrade to a paid plan
  • The paid and free plan can be too amateurish for higher businesses

Best Premium and Paid Landing Page Builders 2020


Unbounce is another fantastic builder. It has a drag, and drop functionality, that is fast and easy to use. But if you have no problems with HTML, you can boost your customization options higher. Unbounce offers lots of fully designed templates with over 100 conversion templates categorized by industry. 

You can create multiple pages within minutes alongside its duplicate feature. It includes A/B testing and over 840 innovative fonts to pick from. 

You can embed widgets, videos, and gorgeous backgrounds. If you love parallax scrolling, this is the tool for you. 

If you are not happy with the templates on Unbounce, you can get more from Themeforest at $20 or less per template. If you are a digital marketer, you can also manage your clients with one account and duplicate landing pages as much as you want.

Unbounce Pricing

There are three levels of Unbounce pricing plans: Essential ($79 per month), Premium ($159 per month), and Enterprise ($399 per month). To test the tool, you can begin with the Unbounce landing page free trial. You test it free for 30 days.


  • Multiple landing pages that are responsive
  • Adding Unbounce to your website will solve your pop-ups solutions
  • You can also create sticky bars within minutes
  • A perfect tool for digital marketers.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple integration options


  • Unbounce is expensive
  • Not all landing pages load quickly
  • You may take some time to master the tools
  • The reporting and tracking is limited

HubSpot Landing Page Builder

HubSpot offers one of the most fantastic landing page builders money can buy. The most incredible aspect is that you will enjoy HubSpot free CRM tool alongside. The builder is easy to use and feature-rich. It’s suitable for all kinds of organization and allows more than one person to work at the same time. If you are a newbie, the software will walk you through the process. 

You can also use its massive list of tried and trusted pre-built templates. For more advanced users, you can enjoy lots of technological tools, advanced analytics, full personalization, and integration tools. You can optimize pages in any way. 

All your landing pages will be fully responsive on all devices. Hubspot is preferably used by the big guys because it’s so expensive. Besides, your plan only includes 20 pre-built templates. The rest you may have to buy.

Your first program begins from $800. But you can use the free trial to understand the tool before deciding whether the hefty fees are worth it


  • An exhaustive list of features to enjoy
  • Fully responsive mobile-friendly templates
  • Lots of integrations alongside
  • A fantastic CRM software for free
  • The landing page builder is a drag and drop editor
  • Lots of customization
  • Highly flexible builder for creating templates from scratch.


  • Very expensive


Landigi offers lots of features to create flawless landing pages. You can enjoy a massive variety of themes for different industries and integrate e-Commerce functionalities. 

Over 200 plus mobile templates are present in its library. There are thousands of royalty-free stock images. As a drag and drop editor, you can personalize landing pages to your desires and branding needs. You will also enjoy lots of SEO optimization tools and analytics integrations. 

You can also embed lots of content elements and widgets on your landing page. Creating a landing page from scratch with this tool is also easy if you have coding experience.

All landing pages Landigi provides 14 days trial to test the platform. Plans include Create ($29/month), Automate ($49/month) and Agency ($109/month). 


  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Integrates with lots of third-party apps
  • It features a drag and drop editor
  • It also offers A/B split testing and optimization tools


  • Might be too complicated for a newbie
  • Customer support is a depressing 
  • Not a lot of advanced options like advanced analytics


GetResponse offers an easy way to build fantastic landing pages. As an email marketing service, you will receive the landing page package as part of your plan. All the landing pages you create with this tool will be fully responsive. 

There are over 100 landing pages categorized into niches. You can also enjoy over 5,000 Shutterstock images and an image editor to create perfect pics.

You can publish the page to your domain or save and use later. You can also add a PayPal button for payments and enjoy GetResponse’s built-in analytics feature. The Landing page builder is very intuitive. Building from scratch is super easy, even if you are still a novice designer. Plans begin from $15 for the basic emailing package and unlimited landing pages. 


  • It is a drag and drop visual editor
  • You will enjoy SEO tools to boost your visibility
  • There are A/B testing and analytics functionalities
  • You can also integrate with other analytical tools


  • The drag and drop builder can be very buggy
  • No phone support for the basic plan


Instapage offers a simple and intuitive drag and drop visual editor, but you can drag elements in any way you want. This is lacking in a lot of WordPress page builders. 

You will also gain access to over 200 plus fully customizable templates and 33 million Bigstock images. But those images are not free of charge.

You can add different plugins to boost your customizations. It also includes codeless integrations for Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. You can also enjoy dynamic keyword insertions to boost your ad performance. The basic plan includes unlimited landing pages dynamic text replacements and many more at $129 annually. But you will have to contact the sales team for a tailored price if you are looking for more functionalities from $175 upwards for an agency or team plan.


  • Access to A/B split testing functionalities
  • Analytics, reports, and heat maps to understand your conversions
  • Fully responsive landing page templates
  • Lots of collaboration tools to enjoy
  • The form builder is detailed and connects to lots of integrations.
  • Can also design Google AMP landing pages. 


  • You can’t use A/B testing with the basic plan
  • It’s a bit expensive
  • The Widget list is minimal


Squarespace offers a fully functional website builder, but you can create landing pages with it. It provides a simple drag and drops visual editor to personalize templates and quickly publish. 

You can add texts, images, and widgets to your hearts contents. Squarespace also integrates with G-suite, CRM, email marketing, analytical tools, and many more. You can also enjoy the e-commerce functionality, although it’s not included in the basic plan. There are over 21 categories of templates to enjoy alongside a vast library of royalty-free images. 

On the business plan, you will receive a year’s free G-Suite account and $100 Google Adwords credit (if you are in Canada or US). Transaction fees with this tool will include 3% fees. To avoid those fees, you have to upgrade to the Business plan.


  • Over 92 plus pre-built templates
  • Can enjoy fully responsive landing pages
  • Highly flexible customization options
  • You can add video backgrounds to your design.


  • Not completely customizable 
  • The personal plan is a bit poor
  • You cannot export digital products
  • Cannot use CSS or e-commerce tools in the basic plan
  • Not newbie friendly and confusing


Lander is a landing page builder for small businesses who require simplicity without worrying about the pricing. There are over 100 pre-built templates to enjoy. The platform also includes e-commerce functionality as well as Facebook landing pages. 

You can also enjoy auto-fill forms, integrations, dynamic text replacements, and many more. Building templates from scratch is straightforward. With its front end editor, you can craft and view your final results alongside.

 It’s excellent for newbies and includes a wide range of widgets. You can also enjoy basic analytics, and A/B split testing. All Landing pages are mobile-ready and responsive. 

There are four plans to pick from. The most significant plan requires you to contact the vendor. However, the other three plans include Basic ($39/month), Professional ($79/month), and Pro Plus ($199/month). All plans are priced based on the number of visitors you have per month; the basic program allows 5,000 monthly visitors.


  • Very easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Over 100 SEO optimized templates
  • Supports A/B split testing
  • It has social widgets, PayPal buttons and lots of templates
  • You can embed Google maps, as well as a welcome email
  • There are analytical tools and HTML functionalities
  • Also includes a conversion chart 


  • Your plans are limited by the number of domains and visitors


KickOffsLabs is a potent landing page builder. There are lots of options to build conversion-focused landing pages for your campaigns. 

You will enjoy a library of over 60 landing page templates which can be personalized to your heart’s content. You can also use a viral boost system when giving away rewards to create an engaging effect that drives leads to invite friends, share, and become active ambassadors. 

KickOffLabs is also equipped with an automatic email responder, which can significantly boost your email marketing campaigns. Your leads can also download your assets from the landing page. If you want to make viral marketing campaigns like contests, product launches, giveaways, referral rewards, or sweepstakes, this is the tool to use. 

You can try the tool for 30 days risk-free. But plans include Premium ($55/month), Business ($104/month), Enterprise ($244/month)


  • Unlimited, customizable templates
  • Can create lots of giveaway programs
  • KickOffLabs also supports A/B split testing
  • You will also enjoy an affiliate program creator and advanced analytics
  • There are opportunities for creating an affiliate program. 
  • It also includes advanced fraud preventions


  • It is not a drag and drop editor
  • Can be expensive if you don’t run too many contests and promotions


Shortstack is also a marketing campaign platform like Kickofflabs for creating landing pages for quizzes, giveaways, and contests. It’s a simple and intuitive contest builder, allowing you personalize templates in any way you need. It has a drag and drop editor which enables you to add widgets to your templates quickly. There are lots of email marketing tools, including emailing integrations and built-in analytical tools. You can also use HTML and CSS to boost your templates. 

 You can use the free plan to make unlimited landing pages and campaigns for websites with over 5,000 views per month. The other plans include Starter ($29/month), Business ($99/month), Agency ($199/month) and Enterprise ($499/month).


  • Very customizable platform for creating landing pages
  • It also includes entry hosting and autoresponder
  • You can also pause your account for up to 90 days


  • Can be very expensive if you don’t run contests all the time. 
  • The advanced features are complicated for newbies
  • Might have a minimal Shortstack branding if you are using the lower plans

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins 2020

Beaver Builder

BeaverBuilder is one of the best WordPress Landing page plugins. There are lots of fantastic templates to design in any way you like. The plugin is super intuitive. And as a drag, and drop page builder, you can create to your heart’s content without using codes. 

It’s easy to replace images, change the font, text, and publish. All your custom-created pages can be saved and reused later. You can also export them to other WordPress websites, you own. 

This plugin works with all kinds of WordPress themes out there. Beaver Builder has three main plans; Agency ($399), Pro ($199) and Standard ($99). No matter the play, you can use your plugin on unlimited websites. 


  • You can edit posts and  pages to your desires
  • It has a full front-end editing, so you can see your final edits as well
  • All your landing pages will work on mobile without fuss
  • Even when you deactivate the plugin, whatever you designed will remain terrific
  • You don’t have to suffer SEO problems with this builder
  • You can also add the builder to your WooCommerce 
  • Can use your custom domain


  • Beaver Builder has no free trial, but they have a demo
  • It’s super expensive


Leadpages has lots of amazing landing pages for you. It is a drag and drop landing page builder, so you can personalize your pages in any way, without code. Leadpages has over 100 templates which are in Industry categories. 

You can also sort these templates by conversion rates. Other subscription includes hosting, A/B testing as well as integrations with Analytics. You can also create lead boxes to get more emails directly from your website. 

It’s equally comfortable to integrate Leadpages with other CMS tools, like Squarespace, WordPress, etc. There are three plans to choose from, all of which provides unlimited landing pages. Plans include Standard ($25 per month), Pro ($48 per month) and Advanced ($199 per month)


  • It’s so easy to use Leadpages
  • There are lots of templates for you including webinar gapes, checkout pages and also 404 pages
  • Can integrate with a lot of CMS platforms
  • The Lead box feature is amazing
  • All templates are responsive and optimized for mobile viewing
  • You can manage your SEO needs quickly


  • The drag and drop functionality can be too slow
  • Their standard templates have very limited personalization options
  • There’s no A?B testing for the Standard plan
  • Customer support is only available to an advanced plan

The Divi Builder

The Divi Landing page builder is a great WordPress option. Elegant themes created this tool, so if you have one of their themes, you probably have access to the Divi builder. Divi has over 20 ready to use templates. 

The plugin features a real-time editor, which means you can change anything on your page and view it as it would appear instantly. With this simple drag and drop editor, you can change fonts, sizing, colours, spacing, and so many more. Over 46 well-designed content elements exist, so you can blend, combine, mix, and match to create the kind of landing pages you want. 

The Divi plugin is super easy and intuitive. You can always use your custom-made layouts later. Besides, you can enjoy Divi as a standalone builder or an integrated builder for making a custom blog design. The Elegant themes team are also continually dishing out upgrades to sweeten your experience. Divi plans begin from $89 per year for unlimited websites. 


  • Simple, easy and intuitive WordPress builder
  • An active community of leaders and support 
  • Lots of points and click areas alongside drag and drop elements
  • 20 plus ready to use high converting landing page templates
  • Starting plan can be used on multiple websites
  • 100 plus website packs and 900 extra page layouts
  • Inbuilt AB testing.


  • Quite expensive
  • There is no custom header or footer
  • Lacks innovative features
  • Lacks theme building
  • Can be buggy if you make longer pages
  • Lots of options that can be confusing
  • No pop builder

Elementor Pro

Elementor is another intuitive WordPress landing page plugin. The editing interface is straightforward and clean to navigate. You can quickly create awesome landing pages by dragging and dropping content elements without codes. 

The core Elementor page builder is completely free and open source. The free version includes 30 basic free widgets. When you pay, what you get is the Elementor page builder and its add-ons.

Elementor Pro has over 300 beautifully designed templates categorized into different niches. All your custom made templates can be saved and published later across numerous websites. The plugin also comes with lots of handy e-commerce widgets, so you can create a shop and display your products. 

You can also create forms and enjoy lots of surprising ways to design with ease. If you would like to build pages from the scratch, there are lots of elements in the canvas template to tweak in any direction. There are three plans to choose from including Personal ($49 for 1 website), Plus ($99 for 3 sites), Unlimited ($199 for Unlimited)


  • Very easy to use and learn
  • You can use the Elementor free to design all pages on your website
  • Lots of professionally designed templates and modules 
  • Lots of Widgets for foe sliders, forms, social share button, etc.
  • Over 300  beautifully designed templates
  • Can create multiple pages


  • There are no white-label options, but this is not a problem If you are not a developer
  • Some of the widget styles don’t look too good
  • Not too many Custom solutions 
  • The templates and block library are weak


OptimizePress is a powerful WordPress Landing page plugin. There are lots of ready to use templates you can customize to receive higher conversions. It comes with pre-made layouts, intuitive opt-in forms, and email marketing integration to ease the way of making sales and generating leads.

 60 templates are included in the plugin, but you can find over 30 templates in the OptimizePress marketplace. Whatever you like in the market, you must purchase separately. There are also over 40 custom elements to personalize and create elegant pages. 

If you want to build blogs, sales pages, and membership websites without using extra plugins, this tool is the right choice. OptimizePress operates on a one-off fee structure. This means you will only pay additional fees when you need more features. The plan costs $97 for three websites, $197 for 1 site and $297 for 30 websites. 


  • WordPress membership plugin included in your plans
  • It includes Split testing functionalities
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly templates
  • Ability to customize in all directions
  • Onetime payment per year
  • 100 plus pre-designed templates
  • Lots of email and sales integrations
  • A massive library of squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar pages, etc.


  • Personalization with codes can be difficult
  • OptimizePress is a theme-based content builder which can be a problem for single landing pages

Thrive Architect

Most recently, Thrive Architect has become a famous landing page plugin for WordPress. It integrates with lots of email marketing services.

There is equally an amazing list of elements to choose from including; countdown timers, contact forms, testimonials, call to action buttons, etc. 

You can also optimize headlines; create Quiz pages and lots more. You can build email templates from scratch or enjoy over 270 premade landing pages. If you focus on conversion optimization, this template is right for you. 

You can also customize as far as adding effects to elements, text overlays column layouts, and many more. There are three plans to choose from if you are a small business. Enterprise will have to contact them to receive a quote. All plans require only a one-time payment. The SMB plans include Single license pack ($67), 5 License packs ($97) and 5 license pack ($147)


  • Email marketing integrations 
  • A massive library of webinar registration pages, sales pages, lead capture pages, etc.
  • You can create conversion-focused landing pages
  • Landing pages are fully optimized and responsive
  • It includes A/B split testing


  • No free trial but the tool is affordable
  • You have only limited theme editing
  • There is no text or forum support
  • No way to add a shopping cart

Coming Soon Pro

You can also enjoy the Coming Soon Pro by Seed pro option. This template plugin is also optimized for conversions. There are over 50 beautifully designed templates. You can also integrate with email marketing services and social media platforms. It’s a real-time builder so you can see how your designs will look like while editing. There are lots of customization options.

 Coming Soon Pro also provides over 750 Google fonts and 500,000 free background images. However, Coming Soon Pro is only limited to creating maintenance pages, product launch landing pages, or coming soon page. 

You can also allow visitors to define the language they want to view your coming soon page in. Coming Soon Pro offers three plans which include; Personal ($29/month), Business ($49/month) and Developer ($79/month)


  • A newbie friendly landing page editor
  • Lots of theme templates to get started
  • Unique widgets lie prize levels, countdown, and referral tracking
  • Allows social sharing, which can create a chain reaction for your website. 
  • Can customize backgrounds and even add videos to it


  • The tool can be expensive
  • Some features such as multiple landing pages and language functionalities are only available in higher plans
  • You can only use the platform to create maintenance, 404 and coming soon pages


The WpOnepager is one of the most intuitive landing page builders ever. It has no drag and drop editor, but comes with readymade blocks and minimalistic settings. So any beginner creator can easily craft a sharp landing page in only a matter of minutes. 

You can also add HTML and CSS if you have design skills. There are offer 50 premium blocks, 10 plus premium templates, 900 plus Google fonts, and many more. You can also add a background video option.

There’s an extensive collection of blocks and templates to personalize in any direction. There are three plans for the WPOnepager including $39 for 1 site, $99 for 5 sites and $199 for unlimited websites per year. All landing pages you create with this tool are responsive and fast. You can also integrate with WooCommerce and sell your stuff


  • It is an effortless tool to create landing pages
  • There are lots of free landing page builder templates and blocks
  • You can enjoy easy integrations with WordPress CMS
  • There are dedicated forum supports 


  • The blocks of templates offer little customization
  • There is no premium support
  • Does not include A/B split testing


InstaBuilder offers over 70 quality landing page templates categorized into different niches and industries. It is a front end editor with lots of combinations for its content modules, so you can see the final look of your customizations immediately. 

However, it’s not a drag and drop editor, but adding your graphics is very easy. You can also embed lots of media files and setup time-delayed content with a buy button. 

There’s also a viral download lock, and the email marketing system is excellent. You can also add social media comment sections and share buttons in any way you like. There are three license options. You can pay a onetime fee of $77 for three domains, $97 for unlimited domains or $197 for unlimited domains you don’t own. After one year, you will pay $37 every year for updates and support. 


  • All Instabuilder landing pages are mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Can use with many WordPress themes
  • It is a simple drag and drop editor and requires no coding experience
  • It supports split testing
  • All templates are mobile-friendly
  • You will also get a built-in image editor and page scarcity generator


  • Can be expensive for a startup
  • Analytics needs a little work.

Concluding Thoughts

Landing pages can boost your conversions and create the right first impressions. They engage your visitors and drive them to take actions towards sales, or lead generations. 

You must choose your best landing page builder carefully. All landing page builders have perks and drawbacks. So you need to test with your business before settling for the right choice. 

It’s essential to check whether that drawback might hurt your business. Each of the landing pages on this list can help you depending on how far you want to go with your conversions. 

Research properly, check their individual features and test accordingly. When you get the perfect landing page, you can rest easy and watch your conversions rise tremendously.