Best recurring affiliate programs to make lifetime commissions

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

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80 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Make  Passive Income for Life in 2023

How would you like to sign up for affiliate programs that will pay for your hard work and efforts forever?

In this article, we will discuss the best recurring affiliate programs right now on the web.

Take a look at this scenario:

What if you signed up on an affiliate program today, carried out some reviews, comparisons and promotions of that affiliate program.

After these steps, someone takes an interest in that product and decides to make a purchase or sign up through your link.

Soon, you receive your commission from that sale.

And it keeps coming in for that single account, over and over again, even ten years down the road.

Wouldn’t you love to have that? 

If you are like me and would want all your efforts and referrals to continue bringing in profits long after the first click, you need to sign up on recurring affiliate programs.

You can join thousands of publishers enjoying the perks of recurring cash flow by partnering with the right affiliate programs. 

Why use Recurring Affiliate Programs?

Recurring programs allow you to earn commissions for a long time. This means that when a client’s click on your affiliate links to purchase products you are an affiliate, you will continue receiving commissions long after the first purchase. 

With recurring affiliate programs, you won’t need more efforts to make more money. Your evergreen content on that affiliate program will continue to make sales for you long after the first click.

Bear in mind that there are two kinds of recurring affiliate programs out there. You may earn recurring commissions for a limited time or forever. 

Some programs allow you to earn repeated commissions for one or two years. Others allow you to earn from a single customer for a lifetime. 

Whichever you choose, you stand a chance of repeated earnings on each purchase made through your affiliate website or social account. 

In this article, I will share some of the best recurring affiliate programs to earn repeated commissions on your referrals. 

#1. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Email Marketing

  • Aweber

Aweber is a very popular autoresponder. It is an excellent tool for creating email drip campaigns and newsletters. Over 1 million small businesses currently use Aweber, most of which have been using the tools for 20 years. 

Aweber’s email marketing plans range from $20 to $250 per month. But, users will receive a 30-days free trial before they pick the plan that suits their business.

There are two affiliate programs for you with Aweber. You can use their in-house affiliate program that earns 30% recurring commissions or their affiliate program through CJ, which makes a $300 flat rate per account. You can also join both affiliate programs, but the CJ program has only a 40-day cookie life.


  • 1 Year cookie life
  • 30% lifetime commissions
  • Monthly payment
  • Promotional contents
  • Real-time sales and visitors statistics


  • ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers forms, webinar features, landing pages, and email drip campaigns. They also have opt-in forms and a useful WordPress plugin that enables additions of landing pages to your own domain. Product plans range from $29 to $2,000. 

They are relatively new to the scene, but their affiliate program is free to all. You will receive 30% recurring commissions for each referral. But, they don’t have special discounts or promotional coupons for affiliates. 

You will also receive promotional materials and ideas to boost promotions alongside an exclusive affiliate marketing training with Pat Flynn


  • 60 days cookie window
  • 30% lifetime commissions
  • Intuitive platform
  • 14-days free trial
  • PayPal payment options


  • GetResponse

GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing solution. Some of their unique tools include webinar hosting tools, opt-in forms, landing pages, CRM, and marketing automation tools.  

GetResponse has been around since 1999, so they are a reputable platform. You can have them customise a pricing plan to suit your needs. But programs begin from $15 for unlimited email sends to 1,000 subscribers. However, you can start with their 30-days free trial to assess the platform 

They have two affiliate programs to choose from or join both. Their self-hosted program offers 33% recurring commissions with 120 days cookie duration. 

But you can earn $135 for every sale through CJ Affiliate where their cookie life is only 30 days. You will also receive affiliate marketing materials and a dedicated account manager to ease the day.


  • 33% recurring commission
  • 120 days cookie window
  • PayPal, Check, ACH or Bank transfers
  • Real-time tracking and statistics
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Promotion materials


  • ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers a comprehensive email marketing platform, automation, and CRM solutions. Plans begin from $9 per month for 500 contacts.  There are also free tools and training available to affiliates. Over 75,000 businesses currently use ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign has three levels of affiliate marketers. As a newbie on their system, you will earn 20% commission which will rise to 25% if you bring in $100 business within three months or have $500 worth of active accounts. 

You earn the highest commissions of 30% when you bring in $500 worth of new business in 3 months or have 2,000 monthly active accounts. 


  • Up to 30% lifetime commission
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • 30-days monthly payouts
  • Real-time statistics


  • Benchmark

Benchmark also offers simple but powerful email marketing software. You can design emails three kinds of emails, including drag and drop emails, live editing, or responsive emails. 

You can also carry out photo editing, create HTML emails alongside many email automation features. Benchmark has a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers. But, Programs begin from $22 for unlimited email sends to 1,000 subscribers. 

When you join Benchmark affiliate program, you will receive 25% recurring commissions for the initial sales, which can climb up when your referrals upgrade their account. You will receive creative and advertising materials. 


  • 25% lifetime commissions
  • Free trials and commissions statistics
  • Banners and videos for promotions
  • $30 minimum payout


  • MailerLite

MailerLite offers affordable email marketing software for entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners, and bloggers. MailerLite came into existence back in 2010 and currently has over 50, 000 marketers and businesses as clients.

MailerLite has a free plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers forever. However, plans begin from $10 for unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers plus the full Mailerlite features. 

As an affiliate, you will receive 30% recurring commissions. You will also receive promotional banners, links and text links for your marketing. 


  • 30% recurring commissions
  • Real-time statistics
  • $120 minimum payout whenever you need it
  • PayPal payment options


  • Moonmail

Moonmail is not only an email marketing platform, but it equally works for SMS, Voice, Messenger, WhatsApp, Bots, and all kinds of conversations. 

It is, therefore, an omnichannel software, offering everything from A/B testing, customer surveys, image library, subscriber management to reporting and analytics.

They have a free forever plan for 300 emails per month for free, but the starter paid plan begins from 23.99 per month. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 25% recurring commissions per referral. You can also make $500 if you find a client that sends two campaigns a month with over 500,000 emails. 


  • 25% recurring commission
  • PayPal payment options 
  • 45 cookie life days
  • Minimum payout is $25


  • Ontraport

Ontraport provides a wide range of email marketing tools, including email segmentation, forms, landing pages, and a very active Facebook community. Ontraport also offers a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system, which provides a visual map of your interactions with customers. The basic plan at $79 per month, allows unlimited email sends to 1,000 subscribers. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 25% lifetime commissions. You will also receive resources, promotional tools to boost your promotions. There is also a dedicated Partners Team to offer guidance and maximize your earnings. 


  • 25% lifetime commissions
  • $100 minimum payout
  • Weekly payment schedule
  • Payments are made via PayPal


  • Sendlane 

Sendlane allows e-commerce brands to build robust email marketing campaigns, complete with drip, newsletters, automation, segmentation, and SMS marketing. 

Sendlane also integrates with a wide range of tools including Stripe, Zapier, Converkit, Deadline Funnel and Shopify. 

Over 5,000 eCommerce brands use Sendlane. New customers will enjoy 14-days free trial before selecting a plan which begins from $45 per month for 2,500 email contacts. 

Sendlane offers three partnership programs. You can either join as an Integration partner, affiliate partner, or agency partner. Whichever you choose, you will earn 30% recurring commission.  


  • 30% lifetime commissions
  • 30 cookie duration
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Dedicated affiliate dashboard for tracking


  • Moosend

Moosend offers a powerful email marketing and automation platform to help you create and engage clients. It is perfect for all businesses sizes. Moosend has a simple platform for running all kinds of campaigns with ease. 

Moosend also integrates with API, Wrappers, SMTPs, and tools like Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, WordPress and Zapier. 

They also have a free forever plan unlimited email sends to 1,000 subscribers. Plans begin from $10 for 2,000 email subscribers.

Joining the Moosend affiliate program will give make you  30% lifetime commissions. You will also enjoy a reliable tracking system and dedicated support. 


  • 60 days cookie duration
  • 30% lifetime commission
  • Secure tracking system
  • Monthly payments through PayPal
  • $20 minimum payout
  • Dedicated support

#2. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Ecommerce

  • Beeketing

Beeketing provides powerful e-commerce apps and solutions which you can use in managing and growing your online store. You can track the behaviour of customers, boost your checkouts, and send personalized product recommendations and many other app solutions. New customers will receive 15 days of free trials for paid apps. After which, they will have to select from their paid plans. Apps cost between $27 to $30 per app.

When you join their affiliate program, you will earn 10% recurring commission per each referral, which can accelerate to 20%. With that percentage, you can earn as much as  $14,000 per year. 


  • 10 – 20% lifetime  commissions
  • Seven days cookie window
  • Payments through PayPal
  • Access to Promotional creatives


  • SaleHoo

SaleHoo provides an exclusive research tool, online community and supplier directory for wholesalers, e-commerce store owners, and dropshippers. They also provide time-saving online tools to track data from Amazon and eBay so you can suggest the right products to your audience. 

Currently, over 8,000 suppliers use SaleHoo. So you promoting this tool is a great idea.

As an affiliate, you will earn 50% recurring commissions on monthly membership plans and additional commissions from SaleHoo stores. 

You will also receive promo graphics, banners, and email swipes. SaleHoo also provides affiliate training and a dedicated account manager


  • 50% lifetime commission
  • 60-day cookie window
  • Unlimited training content
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Access to marketing materials


  • Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b helps wholesalers, drop shippers, and e-commerce businesses handle returns, order fulfilment, listing tools, product sourcing, and many more. 

Wholesale2B also works perfectly with third app integrations like Shopify, ECWID, Bigcommerce, Weebly, and Woocommerce. 

Currently, over 1 million dropshipping products exist on Wholesale2b. So, you can earn lots of commission from this too. 

 Joining Wholesale2b affiliate program will give you 30% of commissions per sale. Your commission will also grow as you refer more clients.  You will also receive banners and affiliate promotion materials


  • 30% recurring commission
  • Valuable training for promotions
  • Real-time tracking tools
  • Monthly payment via PayPal


  • EasyStore 

EasyStore offers an intuitive platform which allows users to create online stores and sell your products. 

They also have tools for building stores within a larger e-commerce outfit like Amazon Users can also enjoy their SEO and social media tools to boost engagement and ranking. 

New users will receive a 14-days free trial. After which, they have to pick a plan. The basic plan costs $17 per month. EasyStore currently has over 1 million active users and 40,000 businesses. 

You can also partner with EasyStore as a blog marketer, app developer and theme designer. Whichever, you choose will earn 100% commissions the first month and 20% recurring later.  You can also receive promotional materials to boost sales. 


  • 100% first month, 20% recurring lifetime commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Banners, text links and other promotional materials
  • PayPal payments 


  • Ecwid 

Ecwid offers a secure way to build a robust online store. Ecwid also provides a wide range of mobile apps and supports over 45 different languages. 

There are lots of unique shopping cart solutions, including smart shipping calculator and intuitive shopping perks.  Ecwid provides a free forever plan but paid plans begin from $15 per month. 

You can also join their referral program and build websites for your clients.  However, affiliating for Ecwid will earn you 20% recurring commissions. You will receive new releases, beta products, and gain the opportunity to author guest posts.  


  • 20% lifetime commission
  • Over 40 payment providers including PayPal and Stripe
  • Ability to embed your Ecwid store on partner websites
  • Banners and creative for promotions
  • Works with 3rd party affiliate systems

#3. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for E-commerce Digital Products 

  • Payhip

Payhip allows businesses or sellers to create and sell digital products and memberships. Digital downloads include software, music, tutorials, ebooks, and games. 

You can create these products using their digital solutions and sell directly to your followers and fans. Currently, over 13,000 sellers swear by Payhip’s unique features.

As an affiliate, you can receive 50% commissions per each sale transaction fee. This means that you will not earn directly from purchases but 50% of the fees charged by Payhip. You will also receive marketing resources like links, creative banners, and social media materials.


  • 50% lifetime commission
  • Payout is via PayPal
  • Real-time tracking
  • 30-day cookie life


  • Sellfy

Sellfy allows users creators of comics, design assets, music, video, ebooks, and all kinds of digital file to create lovely online stores and sell their products. 

You can only join the Sellfy affiliate program if you are already a seller using Sellfy directly without 3rd party integrations. 

When you promote the software, you will earn commissions for every referral until the end of the first year. You don’t need to add links to your articles; their software will take care of it. 

Your commissions are  25% from sales plus 2-5% from sales transactions. You will also receive promotional materials and a full-fledged reporting dashboard. 


  • 45 days cookie duration
  • Marketing materials available
  • 25% recurring commissions for one year
  • Real-time statistics
  • PayPal and Stripe payment options


  • SendOwl 

SendOwl is another platform that allows creators of digital products and build a storefront to sell their goods from the social media, blog, or anywhere you can paste a link. 

SendOwl’s full spectrum includes on-site checkouts, memberships, one-click upsells, drip campaigns and subscriptions.

People who sell physical products can also use the platform, although if your product line is too big, it won’t be worth it. 

Anyone can affiliate for SendOwl. When you promote their software, you will receive a 20% commission from every referral forever. You will also receive promotional banners, text links, and other contents.


  • 20% lifetime commission
  • 90 days cookie window
  • PayPal payment options
  • Real-time tracking and statistics
  • Monthly payments

#4. Best Recurring Affiliate Program for Landing Pages

  • LeadPages

LeadPages allows you to create intuitive landing pages to collect information and optimize your conversion rates. It’s excellent for making all kinds of lead pages, including one-page blog posts. 

There are over 130 mobile responsible templates on the platform. You can also enjoy conversion features such as Leadmagnets ( digit asset delivery) and Lead boxes ( popups for collecting emails).

When you signup for the LeadPages affiliate program, you will get 30% recurring commission per referrals for a lifetime. 

However, you have to be a LeadPage customer to join the affiliate program — prices for the tool range from $25 to $200 per month. If you pay yearly, you will get a 40% discount. 

There are special offers for affiliates sometimes. You will also receive affiliate promotional tools like sidebar images, social media-friendly links, and banners.


  • 30-day cookie life
  • 30% lifetime commission
  • PayPal, Payoneer, ACH and Check payout options
  • Promotional materials
  • Dedicated customer service


  • Instapage

Instapage offers a comprehensive, customizable landing page platform. There are over 200 templates on the platform for boosting your marketing plans and converting leads to buyers. 

Instapage also includes an exclusive feature for post-click optimization. In addition, Instapage can integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, as well as 20 other platforms. 

Instapage pays 50% revenue on the first payment from every referral. After this, you will earn 30% recurring commission for each referred customer. You can equally boost your campaigns with their innovative marketing materials.  


  • 120 days cookie duration
  • 30% recurring commission
  • $11.70 minimum payout via PayPal
  • Innovative promotional materials
  • You can track clicks, shares and enrolments.


  • Landingi

Landingi provides a platform for creating personalized landing pages to convert traffic from your campaigns. 

There are over 100 ready-made templates on this platform. Plans begin from $29 for unlimited basic landing pages and 150 templates. 

When you refer on the Landigi affiliate program, you will earn 30% recurring commission which you can share in three ways. You can decide to give your customers the entire 30% as a discount. 

You can also choose to share your commissions into two; 15% for you and 15% for your customers. 

Lastly, you can take the entire 30% commission for yourself. Whichever you choose, you can’t change your commission plan once you have signed up. 


  • 30% lifetime commission
  • 365 cookie window
  • $35 minimum payout
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ability to share commissions with customers


  • ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is a software for business owners, entrepreneurs, eCommerce owners and bloggers. This software can help users generate leads, build mailing lists, host webinars, track conversions and make sales. 

The entire focus of the platform is to build a sale funnel, which is a process beginning from attracting a lead until you transform them into a buying client. All new customers will receive 14 days of free trial. After which, they can pick from their paid plans which range from $97 to $297.

Joining the Clickfunnels affiliate program will make you 40% lifetime commissions per referrals. You will also receive marketing resources to boost your promotions.


  • 45 days to process commissions
  • 40% lifetime commission
  • 5% lifetime affiliate commissions
  • PayPal, check, direct deposit and ACH
  • 100-day cookie life


  • Unbounce

Unbounce provides a platform for creating high-converting landing pages and pop-ups for your digital marketing needs. Unbounce is bug-free and intuitive. You can create landing pages through its drag and drop landing page building interface. 

Unbounce also integrates with popular email marketing tools, automation suites as well as any CRM of your choice. Plans begin $79 for 75 landing pages, 8 sticky bars and popups. However, new customers can enjoy their 30-day free trial before making their choice.

Unbounce also works with WordPress for lead notifications, parallax scrolling, URL redirects and a wide range of things. 

When you affiliate for Unbounce, you will earn 20% lifetime commissions for every referral signup. You will also receive discounts for customers up to 20% and a dedicated account manager 


  • 20% lifetime commission
  • 90 days cookie duration
  • Exclusive 20% discount for customers
  • A dedicated affiliate coach
  • Real-time tracking and reporting


  • Wishpond

Wishpond provides a secure platform for marketers to create newsletters, contents, landing pages, popups & forms, and marketing automation. Over 200,000 in over 100 countries are currently using Wishpond.

You can create landing pages that are fully responsible alongside A/B Split testing to maximize your landing page conversions. 

Wishpond also integrates with Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive etc. You can either use the Wishpond self-service landing page or pay to access their marketing experts. 

As an affiliate; you will receive a 30% lifetime commission per purchase. You will also receive banners, infographics, and all kinds of promotional materials to boost your conversions. 


  • 30-day cookie life
  • 30% recurring commission
  • Access to a wide range of promotional bars
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Excellent tracking tool
  • PayPal payout 

#5. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting Solutions

  • Kinsta

Kinsta is a product of some veteran WordPress developers in 2013. They are one of the best WordPress hosting platforms and currently offer super-fast, reliable, and secure hosting. 

Kinsta’s hosting platform includes premium DNS management, multi-website support, and daily uptime checks, among other sleek features. 

Plans begin from $30 per months, which provides access to 1 WordPress Installations, 5GB disk space, free SSL and CDN alongside 20,000 daily visits. 

You will earn up to $500 on initial signup from referral according to the plans your clients pick. After the first signup, you will make 10% recurring commission.


  • Up to $500 first signups plus 10% recurring commissions
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • Promotional creative
  • PayPal payout options
  • Real-time reporting and statistics


  • Lighting Base 

Lighting Base is another hosting solution designed for WordPress. They have a top security system with free site transfers, a global CDN, and backups. 

Lighting Base offers hosting solutions are stable, supported and maintained just for you. Their servers are built with modern Xeon processors, setup with Varnish, a fast webserver stack and SSD storage.

Their hosting plans begin from as low as $9. 

Affiliating for Lighting Base will make 20% recurring commission per signups for you. However, commissions will be held until your account gets to $100 before it will be transferred to your account. You will also receive promotional materials to boost sales and conversion. 


  • 90 days cookie duration
  • 20% recurring commission
  • $100 minimum payout via PayPal
  • Promotional creatives


  • RoseHosting

RoseHosting is an expertly managed Webhosting solutions that provide web hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and cloud dedicated services. 

RoseHosting also features 99.99% uptime guarantee, firewall protection, SSD storage, data migration as well as full weekly backups. 

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a $5 signup bonus. Then, after referrals get signed up, Rose Hosting will pay 50% commissions for the first month followed by 10% recurring commission. 

After your first 20 accounts referrals, your first signup fees may rise to 100% and to 150% after 40 accounts. You will also receive affiliate banners for your campaigns.


  • 10% recurring commission
  • Net30 payment basis
  • PayPal payment option
  • Real-time reporting system
  • 24/7 customer service

#6. Best Recurring Affiliate Program for SEO Solutions

  • SEMRush

SEMRush is a SaaS, all-in-one marketing solution. They specialize in digital marketing, competitive analysis, and SEO tools. Some of their most popular tools include keyword research, SEO, Paid Ads, content PR, among others.

BeRush is SEMrush’s affiliate program. This separated platform can earn you 40% lifetime commissions alongside keywords and promotional materials to boost your campaign. 

You will also receive a generous 10-year cookie duration plus the BeRush function. This BeRush function allows earning on a referral, even if referrals cancel and sign up again within the ten years cookie life SEMRush will also provide affiliate promotional materials in five languages. 


  • 10-year cookie life
  • 40% lifetime commission
  • PayPal/ Wire transfer payout methods
  • Promotional materials and SEO tools
  • Dedicated account manager


  • Mangools

Mangools offers SEO tools for rank tracking, backlinks, website analysis, keyword research, and Google SERP. 

Tools you can use on Mangools include KWFinder, SERP Watcher, SERP Checker, Link Miner and Site profiler. 

Plans begin from $29 per month to carry out 100 keyword lookups, see 200 keyword suggestions, 25 competitor keywords, 200 tracked keywords, 2,000 backlinks and 100 SERP lookups. Users can save 40% on annual plans as well as a 10-day free trial. 

Affiliating will make 30% lifetime commissions per signups.  You will receive promotional materials and user-friendly free tools to boost your website.  


  • 30% lifetime commission
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • Access to promotional materials
  • $150 minimum payout
  • Payments are made via PayPal


  • Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro provides a platform for finding less competitive keywords for any niche. Long Tail Pro is focused on SEO rather than Google Adwords PPC, although there are individuals who use this tool for both. 

Users can access search volume, rank value, keyword competitiveness, advertiser bids, rank value, among many others. You can carry out keyword suggestions in bulk, track accurately or use for multiple projects. Plans begin from $45 per month. 

As an affiliate with Long Tail Pro, you will earn 30% recurring commission. You will also receive a free webinar training on scaling niche websites and promotional materials to channel your affiliate marketing.  


  • 30% recurring commission
  • Banners, links  and contents for promotions
  • 30 days of cookie life
  • PayPal minimum payout
  • $100 minimum payout


  • Serpstat

Serpstat offers an all-in-one SEO platform complete with site audits, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, keyword research, SERP crawling and ranking tools. 

Serpstat is well known for its compelling keyword research and detailed SERP analysis. You can equally carry out an organic or paid search, enhance your contents and track competitors.

As an affiliate, you will earn 5% as the first commission. Once you refer 3 payments, your commissions will increase to 10%. After covering up to 20 payments, your commissions will be increased to 30%.  


  • Up to 30% recurring commission
  • Promotional creative
  • Dedicated support
  • Payments will be made via PayPal
  • $50 minimum payout

#7. Best Recurring Affiliate Program for WordPress Themes and Plugins

  • Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes offers premium WordPress plugins and tools including products like Bloom, an opt-in form plugin and a drag and drop builder, Divi. 

Elegant Themes also comes with options for colour and layout settings, integration, SEO optimization, customization and many other configurations. 

Joining the Elegant Theme Affiliate program gives you access to the StudioPress affiliate program as well. 

You can earn 50% commissions on the first time purchases and 25% recurring commission. StudioPress will also 35% commissions on every theme sold as well as $75 on any website sales. 


  • 25% lifetime commission
  • 6 months cookie duration
  • Promotion materials
  • Real-time reporting and statistics


  • Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder best known for its feature-rich drag and drop content builder.  You can build custom posts, pages with its drag and drop feature. 

You don’t need coding experience or support to use the Beaver Builder. It also works with your current WordPress theme. 

However, the Beaver Builder is a bit expensive. Plans begin from $99 per year. Over 175,000 websites currently use Beaver Builder theme.

You can earn 25% lifetime commissions alongside 24/7 support for your effort. You will also receive promotional creative and textual links. 


  • 25% lifetime commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Promotional creative
  • Customer support
  • $100 minimum payout
  • Payments are made via PayPal


  • Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes also offer premium themes and plugins well known for their speed and reliability. However, many products on this platform are focused on conversions and lead generations. 

Plans for WordPress themes start from $49, and specific themes plugins cost $39. Users can choose to buy unique products or pay for membership.

As an affiliate, you will earn 50% commission on the first purchase and 25% recurring on that same referral. 

You will also receive creative and banners for promotions. If you are a new affiliate, you can embrace their affiliate tutorials. Nevertheless, you can’t affiliate for them without a website.


  • 25% lifetime commission 
  • 30 days of cookie life
  • PayPal payment method
  • Affiliate tutorials
  • Product tutorials
  • $20 minimum payout


  • MemberMouse

MemberMouse offers WordPress membership plugins. They are a boutique membership solution catering to high volume website owners who want to run a members-only section on their website. 

You can use their plugins to sell your products, subscriptions and membership services online. Plans start at $129. 

MemberMouse offers 25% recurring commission for 1 year. You will also receive real-time statistics, reporting and banners for your promotions. 


  • 25% recurring commission for 1 year
  • Promotional banners
  • Payments are made via PayPal
  • 90 days cookie window
  • Real-time reporting and statistics
  • $50 minimum payout


  • MemberPress 

MemberPress also helps with adding a membership site to your WordPress website. You can simply add the plugin to your website and begin charging for access to particular tools. MemberPress also includes a lot of add-ons for extra functionalities.

 They also integrate with payment processing platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net to make your payments easy.  

You can 25% recurring commissions when you join the MemberPress affiliate program. Everyone can join the MemberPress affiliate program 


  • 60 days cookie window
  • 25% recurring commission
  • Creative emails, banners and text links
  • Monthly payments via PayPal


  • Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a plugin that makes it easy for you to track, organize, cloak, and share short links using your brand and domain name. 

Pretty Links is a potent comprehensive WordPress Link management plugin. Users can easily create simple URLs from your affiliate links, organize your links and shorten the links of your posts. 

It’s excellent for affiliate marketers, so they don’t have to add optimal affiliate links to every post, widget, or page.  

When you affiliate for Pretty Links, you will earn 25% recurring commissions and promotional materials to boost your conversions. 


  • 25% recurring commission
  • 60 days cookie window
  • Monthly payments via PayPal
  • The Affiliate Royale plugin for tracking commissions
  • Promotional materials


  • SEOPressor 

SEOPressor is one of the best alternatives to Yoast. It is a software cum WordPress SEO plugin. Some unique features you can enjoy when using the SEOPressor include crawler control, link management, semantic builder, SEO intelligence and On-Page analysis. 

SEOPressor will also intelligently and automatically decorate keyword fonts as well as add ALT texts to images. 

You can optimize your content for up to 3 keywords; receive on-page-suggestions and improve machine readability. 

Plans begin from $4 per month. Affiliates receive banners to boost your promotions. You can join their affiliate program via FlexOffers, Vigilnk or Clickbank.


  • 30 days cookie duration
  • 50% recurring commission
  • Email swipes, JV media logos and banners for promotions
  • Dedicated customer support.

#8. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Online Courses Platforms

  • Kajabi

Kajabi offers a comprehensive solution which allows users to create online courses, design landing pages, build websites, and develop marketing campaigns.  

You will receive over 10 well-designed themes and customization for your course player, community engagement tools, assessment tools, pipeline builder as well as inbuilt email marketing and CRM solutions.  

However, you can only join their affiliate program if you are already using the software.  Plans start from $199 per month. 

You can decide to earn 30% of your commissions or split as a discount for your referrals. There will be exclusive rewards for you as you bring in more referrals.


  • 30% recurring commission
  • Access to real-time tracking and reporting tools
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Coupons for customers


  • Coursera

Coursera has over 1,000 specializations and courses complete with pre-recorded videos, assignments and puzzles. 

Currently, Coursera works with over 150 university partners from over 29 countries. Their courses range from Personal Development to Digital Marketing and Applied Data Science. Programs cost between $29 and $99. As new customers will receive 7-day free trials

You can join Coursera’s affiliate program through Linkshare. Joining the program will earn 20% to 45% recurring commission. 

You will receive banners, newsletters, affiliate links, curated content recommendations, and bonuses for reliable performance. You can choose the courses you want to promote. 


  • 20% to 45% recurring commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Access to promotional tools
  • Can track your affiliate links
  • One monthly affiliate newsletter with fresh advertising creatives


  • Teachable

Teachable allows users to create and sell online courses. They have well over 186 thousand active courses and over 18 million students. 

You can host your content, create sales pages, and allow students to register automatically in your course.

Courses range from $29 to $499 per month. They are also heavily endorsed by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive income. 

Affiliates on Teachable can choose courses they want to promote. Each course has its separate cookie length although the average is 90 days. 


  • 30% Recurring commission
  •  90 days cookie window
  • Basic analytics
  • Payouts via PayPal
  • Creatives to boost conversions

#9. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Social Media Scheduling

  • Post Planner

Post Planner is an affordable social media marketing app efficient for planning content and streamlining your publications on social media. 

You can find the right materials already making waves, plan accordingly and make your publications at the right time.  Over 276 000 professionals are currently using the tool. Plans begin from $3

Post Planner will pay recurring commissions up to 12 months if you sell one of their popular programs. 

However, your first commission will be 100% of the first sale followed by 3o% recurring commission for 12 months. 


  • 30% recurring commission for a year
  • 30 days cookie window
  • $50 minimum payouts
  • Payouts are done every 60 days


  • PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a SaaS platform which allows freelancers, small businesses, agencies, and marketers, plan and publish content for the social media. 

This is one of my best social media schedulers I have been using for years no. Really love this tool.

You can create compelling ads, monitor top contents on social media and post at the right time. You can choose between using their Self Service channel ($9 to $49 per month) or work with their experts to transform your social media accounts.

To use their full-service solution, you may receive a custom pricing. However, plans begin from $199. 

You can earn up to 30% recurring for a year when you join their affiliate program. You will receive high converting customizable landing pages, logos, banners and a dashboard to track your earnings. 


  • 30% recurring commission for 1 year
  • Dedicated affiliate partner
  • High converting customizable creative
  • Payments are made monthly via PayPal


  • Socialoomph

Socialoomph allows you to plan your social posting and those of your clients with ease. This includes blog posts for WordPress, Shopify, and tumbril blogs as well as all social media posts. 

Some unique features on the Sociaoomph include keyword filtering, post scheduling, content management, contact management, automated publishing and analytics. 

However, Socialoomph is best known for its ability to generate content streams from RSS feeds automatically. This single-function has earned Socialoomph’s the name ‘underdog of Twitter”.

Socialoomph offers a free tool which provides access to manage one social profile, basic posting features, unlimited scheduled posts and maximum of three posts per hour. Paid plans begin from $15 per month. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 40% lifetime commissions per each signup.  You will also receive discount coupons for your customers and promotional resources.  


  • 30 days cookie length
  • 40% lifetime commission
  • Discount coupons
  • Ability to track sales
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • Payments are made every 35 days via PayPal
  • $100 minimum payout.


  • SocialPilot

SocialPilot is another social scheduling tool like Socialoomph. You can manage your social profiles, boost your traffic and engagement level with this tool. 

Some unique features offered by SocialPilot includes Social Media Analytics, bulk scheduling, browser extensions, image, GIF and video uploads, RSS Feeds Automation, Content curation etc. All new customers are entitled to a 14-day free trial. 

Plans begin from $10 per month. Promoting SocialPilot will make you 30% lifetime commission per signups. You will also receive promo banners and text links for your website and social media accounts. 


  • 60 days of cookie life
  • 30% lifetime commission
  • Monthly payments
  • PayPal payout method
  • $50 minimum payout


  • TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that connects primarily with YouTube, allowing you to run your channel with ease. It is packed with unlimited features to help you get more views and subscribers. 

You can simply use its free plan, which gets you some helpful features. Some features in TubeBuddy include A/B Testing, description promotion, GIF Generator, Tag Explorer and competitors scorecard. 

The browser extension also works across most modern browsers, including FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc. Monthly plans begin from $9.

When you join their affiliate program, you will earn 30% on the first 50 referrals, which will increase to 50% lifetime commissions when you refer up to 250 accounts. 


  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Up to 50% lifetime commission
  • $10 minimum payout
  • Real-time tracking tool
  • VidiQ

VidiQ is a robust platform that will help you transform your video marketing, especially on YouTube. They offer a browser extension, MCN solutions, agency solutions, and solutions for brands. 

It is considered as one of the best optimization tools used by YouTube creators. It is an end-to-end solution that assists with uploads, view monitoring, engagement analytics, YouTube SEO, comment moderation, Facebook Fan Page syndication and bulk description editing.

There are three affiliate levels to which you earn 15% at the onset. You will also gain free access to their VidiQ boost package and boost your views two times more than before with access to track 20 of your competitors.  


  • 15 to 25% recurring commission
  • Dedicated vidiQ custom URL
  • Collaborations with vidiQ YouTube Team
  • Beta access to new VidiQ features
  • Access to guest post on VidiQ’s blog

#10. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Online Retailing

  • Target

Target also works like Amazon and eBay, although it doesn’t have an extensive product selection like its competitors. It’s generally geo-specific, and they have same-day shipping offers for some products to people living around their departmental stores. 

Target offers 1 to 8% recurring commissions on sales through your website. However, their affiliate program is based on a volume commission remittal. 

This means that your commissions only increase if the number of purchases increases. Sadly, you only get 1% commission for health and beauty products even if there are lots of purchases through your website. 

Also, bear in mind that most people prefer to buy Target products in-person rather than online. 


  • 7 days cookie duration
  • 1 -8% recurring commission
  • Over 150 banner options available
  • Real-time tracking
  • Multiple purchase conversions
  • Dedicated affiliate account manager


  • Boatbookings

Boatbookings is all about luxury boat rental, yacht chattering, sailing, and motorboat vacations. They have been around since 2005 and caters to all kinds of customers across the globe. 

They are not limited to a geographical location but can go across major destinations in North America, Northern Europe, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean, Oceania and many more. Boatbookings has over 12,000 boats of all types and sizes alongside fantastic customer support.

 If you have an affluent audience, you can make lots of money from their affiliate program. It’s not entirely recurring, but affiliates can earn 20% as the flat rate, which can accelerate if you refer lots of clients.  And if those clients return a second time, you will receive a 10% commissions for that purchase. 


  • 20% plus 10% on return commissions
  • 30 days cookie window
  • Dedicated affiliate dashboard

#11. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Graphics and Image Tools

  • Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a powerful platform for making professional-looking proposals quickly and tracking the resulting sales process. You can create projects swiftly, forward and download proposals instantly.

 Some other tools users will enjoy include calendar management, automatic formatting, content repository, revision management, electronic signature, document management, templates, task management and version control. All users will also receive 14-day free trial, after which plans start from $19 per month. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 20% lifetime commissions alongside ideas for contents. Depending on your success rates, you will gain access to quest video appearances by the CEO. You will also receive custom made banners, logos, and many more. 


  • 20% recurring commission
  • Assigned affiliate manager
  • Branded landing page for promotions
  • CEO quest video interviews, podcasts on your Facebook page
  • $20 minimum payout


  • Canva 

Canva is a powerful graphic design platform. You can gain access to graphics, fonts, photographs, video, books and many more. It’s easy to use in creating just about any content with a drag-and-drop format. 

Over 15 million users currently use Canva. You can design anywhere, mobile, desktop and iPad. Canva is so easy to use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy this software 

Affiliates only earn commissions when referrals sign up for Canva Pro. However, you can only join the Canva affiliate program if you are a design influencer, design educator or your website is related to design 

When you sign up, they will assess your website and let you know their commissions for you. 


  • Timely monthly payments via PayPal
  • Dedicated customer report
  • 30 days cookie window
  • Realtime tracking and statistics


  • Snappa

Snappa helps you create graphics for blogs, ads, social media, and many more without the need for graphic designers or Photoshop. You can create visuals for emails, blogs, social media ads, and infographics. 

You can also enjoy social media scheduling, premade templates and graphics editor. Snappa is mainly known for its resizing features and access to professional templates. 

Snappa offers a free plan for limited HD photos, five downloads per month, and 5,000 templates. Plans begin from $10. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 30% commissions on sales for life. You will also receive access to their affiliate tracking software to access your earnings in realtime


  • 30% recurring commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Monthly PayPal payments
  • Access to their affiliate tracking software


  • Stencil

Stencil provides image creation tool which can be used by bloggers, social media marketers, and small businesses. With Stencil, you can gain access to over 2 million royalty-free photos of super high resolution. 

These photos are provided by Pexel and Pixabay and are entirely free to use from Stencil. 

There are over 37 popular presets so you can instantly prepare images for blogs, ads,  and social posts. But, you can also create your own custom sizes which boost the image creation power of this software.

As an affiliate, you will receive 30% recurring commissions forever. You will also access photos, content, banners, logos, contents, as well as a dedicated manager. 


  • 30 days cookie window
  • 30% lifetime commission
  • No  minimum payout
  • PayPal payment options
  • Customer support


  • Visme

Visme is a robust platform that lets you create infographics, presentations, animations, and all kinds of visual content. As a data presentation and visualization tool, you can make your contents from appealing. 

You can equally collaborate with your teams in ongoing projects and automate certain areas of your presentation. 

Some unique features, you can enjoy on Visme include Customer activity reports, graphics and charts, offline usability, data visualization, lead generation, streaming and video support, among many others. The free plan allows you to carry out up to 5 projects alongside some templates and 100MB storage. But paid plans start from $19 per month. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 30% lifetime commissions. You will receive promo emails, banners, and all kinds of contents to boost your affiliate earnings. 


  • 30% recurring commission
  • 30 days cookie duration 
  • Payments are via PayPal
  • No minimum payouts
  • Dedicated customer support

#12. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Leads, Cloud Storage and Website Analytics

  •  Clicky 

Clicky is a platform for easy integrations on your website. You can monitor, track, react, and analyze your website’s traffic. In truth, Clicky gives you more than a basic understanding of who visits your website. 

You can watch your visitors in a live view which can boost your marketing actions. Clicky also offers APIs, custom tracking, media analytics, apps, and plugins. If you have less than 3,000 page views daily, you can enjoy Clicky’s free plan. 

Pro plans are available for more websites with over 10,000 daily page views. Clicky also integrates with a large number of software packages including Magento, Joomla, Squarespace, Tumbril, Vanilla Forums and many more. 

For joining up on the Clicky affiliate program, you will earn 20% which can arise up to 25% if the accounts you referred get others to sign up.  


  • 60 days of cookie life
  • $10 minimum payout via PayPal
  • 20% recurring commission
  • No promotional materials
  • Ability to track referrals


  • Demio

Demio is a webinar platform designed for helping you generate leads and customers through conversations. You will receive unique webinar features, including webinar replays, automated webinars, registration pages, etc. 

You can also enjoy a vast number of integrations with email marketing solutions such as Drip, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp and many more. New customers can select a plan or use the 14-day free trial to get a grasp of the tool. Plans begin from $34 per month. 

Joining the Demio affiliate program will earn 30% lifetime commission for every signup. You will also receive email support, an affiliate manager and real-time tracking tools


  • 30% recurring commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • 24/7 email supports
  • 30 days payment scheme
  • Dedicated affiliate manager


  • GetSiteControl 

GetSiteControl helps boost conversions using widgets for social media buttons, popups, live chats, and lead forms. You can connect with your audience, prevent abandonment, drive leads and grow your ROI with this tool. 

You can also generate forms seamlessly, for questions, callback requests, online orders, and collecting feedback. You can carry out website surveys, promote deals and boost calls to actions with innovative widgets. 

Plans begin from $9 per month to which you can get two months free when you sign up for a year’s plan. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 30% of all payments your referrals make within one year. This equally includes promotional materials to boost your affiliate marketing and hasten your conversions.  


  • 30% recurring commission
  • Real-time reporting and statistics
  • 30days payment period via PayPal
  • Promotional materials


  • Hiveage 

Hiveage is a powerful online software designed for billing and invoicing. Freelancers, small businesses and independent professionals all over the world love the platform. Currently, there are over 50,000 customers from 140 countries using this powerful tool. 

With Hiveage, you can automate your invoicing, payment schedules, recurring billing, project estimates and many others. 

Hiveage has a free trial for 14 days. After which plans begin from $15 for 1GB of Storage, 2 Staff and 250 Recurring profiles. Every plan allows you to add unlimited clients, taxes, discounts, shipping and multiple currency support. 

As an affiliate, you will receive a 30% lifetime commission which you can either share 10% as a discount to your customers or take it all. 


  • 30% recurring commission
  • Payment is made every 30 days via PayPal
  • Impeccable customer support
  • Discounts for your referrals


  • Hubstaff 

Hubstaff is a unique solution for employee monitoring, scheduling, payroll, invoicing, and time tracking. 

With Hubstaff, you can have adequate control of both on-site and remote employees. This powerful software will ensure that employees don’t engage in prohibited or threatening behaviours during working hours. It will boost their productivity and help manage projects efficiently. 

Hubstaff has a free plan for time tracking, random screen captures and real-life tracking based on mouse and keyboard activity. The basic plan unlimited screen captures, among many other tools at $15 per user per month. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 30% lifetime commissions. You will also receive banners, pre-made LinkedIn shares, Facebook posts, and tweets. You will also receive an affiliate integration manager, plug-and-play email templates, and a free 73-page brandable book.


  • 30% recurring commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • 3 Tier system
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal
  • Dedicated affiliate account manager


  • pCloud 

pCloud is a cloud storage platform for individuals and businesses. Users can save photo files, music, documents, and all kinds of media files in the cloud. 

You can join the free plan, which gives you access to 10GB space for storing all types of data. 

For more space, you can pay for the basic plan at $3.99 per month, which gives access to 500GB of storage. The premium plan gives you access to $7.99 per month for 1TB of space. 

As an affiliate, you will earn $100 of the first sign up. After this, you will earn 20% recurring commission, which is up to $70 per month. You will also receive targeted landing pages and other marketing materials to boost your conversions. 


  • 100% first sign up, 20% recurring commission
  • 45 cookie duration
  • Payments are made via PayPal
  • $10 minimum payout
  • Detailed sales statistics


  • Pipedrive 

Pipedrive is a sales management platform specially curated for small businesses to shorten the length of sales processes and follow lost interactions and all kinds of repetitive sales tasks. 

It is available in over 170 countries, 16 languages and supports multiple currencies. Customers can receive customized monthly or annual plans. The cheapest Is $12.50 and can climb as far as $99 per month.

As an affiliate, you will receive 33% commissions for the first year. You will also gain access to a partner portal, where you can ask questions and receive actionable steps to boost sales. There are also avenues for campaign assistance. 


  • 33% recurring commission for the first year
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Promotional banners and creative.
  • $15 minimum payout
  • Payments are via PayPal


  • Powr.io 

Powr.io offers a fully customizable, cloud-based, and responsive platform for agnostic plugins. With these plugins, you can create engagement solutions, social feeds, slideshows, contact form, countdowns, and so much more.  

Powr.io integrates with a wide range of sites and CMS platforms including WordPress, 3dCard, HTML sites, Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, Joomla, Jimdo, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. Over 400,000 individuals are currently using this fantastic tool. As an affiliate, you will earn 30% recurring commissions. But the big disappointment is that you will have to wait till you cross $1,000 to receive your payments.


  • 30 days cookie duration
  • 30% recurring commission
  • Access to promotional materials
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Payments via PayPal
  • $1,000 minimum payout


  • Weglot

Weglot can help you transform your website into multiple languages. Since the world is more global with each passing day, you can boost the reach of your website with this tool. 

Over 50,000 websites are currently using Weglot to reach a more significant awareness. It is available for BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and other non-CMS languages. 

You can rely on Weglot solely for translations or collaborate with a team of trusted translators to personalize your effects. Your translated pages will be indexed following Google’s SEO best practices to boost your authority. Plans start from € 99.00/year. 

As an affiliate, you will earn 20% recurring commission. Weglot also provides promotional banners, text links and infographics to boost your adverts.


  • 20% lifetime commission
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • Access to promotional materials
  • Real-time reporting and tracking

Concluding thoughts

All of the recurring programs on this list are reputable, but you should bear in mind your affiliate marketing niche when choosing. This is important because you want to make sure that your referrals stick with the programs they choose. 

That’s the only way you will earn recurring commissions on every referral through your website or social media account. If your referrals leave the program at any time or downgrade their paid plan, you may stop earning for that referral or your income may reduce.

You may also want to consider whether they are self-hosted programs or link to other affiliate networks like FlexOffers, or CJ Affiliate. Most plans through these bigger affiliate networks may have limits on their recurring programs. But in most cases, you can join both the self-hosted programs and more extensive networks. 

When you build trust, relevance, and authority with your website, your ideal recurring programs will make profits for you forever.