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Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

12 Best Sports Affiliate Programs for 2023

Would you consider promoting the best sports affiliate programs?

We have about 12 of the most profitable to build your affiliate website.

The world today has come to realize how terrific sports are. There’s no doubt taking part in sports has a lot of tremendous benefits for everyone of all ages and sizes.

Thousands today are dedicated to diverse sporting activities, either by participating or spectating.  It’s no wonder, the Sports Industry was estimated at over $614 billion, so there’s a vast number of products you can promote, and they are guaranteed to bring in profit.

Although sports participants are always ready to buy new products, their fans are also happy to spend money once you show them the right products or services

Therefore, you can either promote sporting activities or sports-related products on your affiliate marketing website. Regardless of how you go about it, there’s a huge market for you.

Nevertheless, we have about 12 best sports affiliate programs to get you started on the right foot. 

Sports Memorabilia Affiliate Program

Sports Memorabilia is dedicated to producing sports merchandise and collectibles. They have more than half a million authentic products from 11 types of sports. Their products are of excellent quality, 100% genuine, and possess a lifetime authenticity guarantee.

They have an average order value of $300 US, so there’s a lot of income guaranteed for you. You will receive banners, text links, and promotional tools to boost your promotions. They also have constant sales and advertising and provide vanity codes to select partners. 

AI’s Sporting Goods Sports Affiliate Program

AI’s Sports is a renowned company in the world of sports. They also have high-quality products from top brands like The North Face, Nike, Patagonia, Yeti, and others. 

Because of their hub of outstanding products, there’s a lot more affiliate income guaranteed for you. Even more, they can ship orders above $75 for all sports products which your customers would absolutely love.  

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn good commissions, and they have 5 months of cookie life, which is also attractive. You will also receive specific discounts and a dedicated affiliate program support and management to boost your promotions. 

Fanatics Sports Affiliate Program

Fanatics is one of the biggest global online retail shops, known for their sports-related products for MLS, NFL, NBA, UDC, NASCAR, NHL, and many more. They have over 400,000 sporting merchandise, so there’s something for your audience.

As an affiliate, you will receive special offers and rewards, which would attract your customers. There are also dedicated affiliate marketing tools to boost your promotions. 

Fitbit Sports Affiliate Program

Fitbit is famous for their connected health and fitness community. Most of their products are lifechanging and innovative. For instance, the Fitbit tracker is excellent for tracking heart rate, and fitness goals, and is personalized to your fitness level and budget. 

As an affiliate, you will enjoy access to a dedicated affiliate management team from CJ. They don’t really have specialized banners and text links, but Fitbit is so popular in the industry that you are sure to have loads of conversions. 

Under Armour Sports Affiliate Program

Under Armour is a famous brand known for its fitness and sports-related accessories, including shoes, athlete recovery sleepwear, apparel, connected fitness gear, accessories, and other items. 

If your audience is a mix of fitness and sports fanatics, then this is your go-to option. As an affiliate marketer, they’ve got comprehensive data feeds, text creatives, and banners for you. 

Soccer Garage Sports Affiliate Program

Soccer Garage is known for its speciality soccer apparel and equipment. In truth, Soccer Garage has the largest selection in the United States. For orders above $100, they ship for free, which is one way to attract your audience. 

Soccer Garage provides banners and links, but, this time, it is specialized for your fan base. This means that the kind of audience you have will determine the products available for your affiliate promotions. This is an advantage off course because it increases the number of conversions you can enjoy.

Leftlane Sports Affiliate Program

Leftlane caters to a members-only online audience. However, their membership is free, but it means you can access brands and products directly and get as much as 70% off products from top brands.

As an affiliate with Leftlane, you will never lack access to affiliate marketing materials to boost your promotions. On occasion, you will also receive performance incentives to encourage your affiliate promotions. They also have dedicated affiliate managers to guide you. 

Gainful Sports Affiliate Program

Gainful is well known for its protein powder blends, which are personalized to individual needs. There’s no doubt their product is a winner because protein powders should be customized correctly to help customers meet their fitness goals. 

As an affiliate, Gainful will provide access to their quiz, which helps customers determine the right protein blend for them. You will also receive marketing materials to boost your promotions.

Total Gym Sports Affiliate Program

Total Gym is all about giving to customers, everything to lose weight or get in shape within one machine. For the past 15 years, Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have endorsed their brand, so their reputation is solid. 

They also offer 30 days risk-free trials and interest-free payment plans to their customers, which is a suitable advantage to boot your earnings. However, your commissions vary according to the product time, such as DVBs: 3%, Full Units: 7.5%, Attachments: 3%, and Trainer: 5%. Nevertheless, their affiliate program is on CJ, so you will receive guidance from a dedicated affiliate team. 

Baseball Rampage Sports Affiliate Program

Baseball Rampage has been selling baseball equipment since 1996, and its headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio. Their baseball merchandise comes from prominent manufacturers such as Franklin, Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Nokona, Under Armour, and many more. 

As an affiliate, you will make lots of conversions because their products are decently priced, and they provide exceptional customer service. You will also receive special offers and marketing materials tailored to your audience occasionally to boost your conversions. 

Jump Sport Affiliate Program

Jump Sport is a family-owned business with a special focus on trampolines.

They offer all kinds of trampolines from individual trampolines for gyms to large family-sized trampolines. Their fleet is made with safety as the priority, which has earned them an excellent reputation for the last 20 years.

Trampolines are, of course, a great way to make money. Many of Jump Sport’s orders average $250 to $600, so there’s a lot of income here for you. Nevertheless, their commissions are different for everyone. If you have a general website, you will earn 4% while fitness professionals earn about 8%.

Eastern Mountain Sports Affiliate Programs

Eastern Mountain Sports is a large sports retail outfit with clients from top brands such as The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, GoPro, Patagonia, and others. As an affiliate, you will receive loads of discounts which your customers would enjoy.

Their system also encourages customers to try out innovative products with a full refund if they are dissatisfied. Because they offer only premium quality goods, this full refund would be an attractive way to acquire more commissions. 

Eastern Mountain Sports pays 7% to newbie affiliates and 9% to members with bigger traffic. You can join their affiliate program through LinkShare, ShareASale, and Avantlink.

Concluding Thoughts

Before getting started, make sure you select the affiliate program that can fulfil the needs of your audience. For example, if your website is niche specific such as golf, tennis, or fishing, then you must select an affiliate program catering to your niche. 

Pay attention to your niche’s budget as well because it will also affect how much conversions you make. Lastly, strive to create an authority website filled with credible and relevant information, because that is the gateway to making more conversions in your industry.

Now, you have the best sports affiliate program, you can begin promoting. Once you’ve crossed all the t’s on your affiliate marketing website, you will no doubt start reaping the rewards in no time.