Business ideas with low capital and high returns

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This post explores  20 business ideas with low investments and high profits.

These business ideas require only a little investment on your part while assuring you of tons of profits.

Small business ideas are fantastic; you can fit them with full-time jobs and make lots of profit.

However, in this post, I will explore business ideas which require only a little investment on your part, while assuring you of tons of profits.

If you are a lady, you can check out these business ideas for women.

There are a lot of small businesses you may build today.

Some businesses only require almost no money from you to develop them; others require only a basic set of skills.

Some can fit right alongside a day-time job; others need that you completely turn your life around.

Even better are businesses that can guarantee high profits without a lot of investments from you.

These business ideas do not need a lot of skills, some of them do not even need a college education, but they are guaranteed to give you three times more money than whatever you invest into it.

Building a business has tons of benefits.

You can pursue your dreams effectively, have extra funds to pay off your bills, develop a real sense of purpose and leave a fulfilled live.   

Creating a small business can help you eliminate the barrier of becoming self-sufficient.

Why own a business that requires little investment?

When you open a business that requires only a little financial commitment from you, there are many benefits you can derive apart from the possibilities of high profits.

Firstly, there are a lot of tax benefits to be derived; however, you should beware of paying tax at your own expense.

Secondly, you can choose your own working hours and pay no extra overhead costs.

Lastly, this kind of business ideas gives you opportunities to quickly rise and try another business idea when it fails because you will not lose a lot of money.

Starting your own business is a lot more satisfying and fulfilling than working for someone. If you want to become your boss with a little investment on your part, I am sure there is an idea for you on my list of business ideas below.

Best Business ideas with low investments and high profits

  1.   B2B freelance outfits
  2.   Mobile Businesses
  3.   Online Education Services
  4.   Care oriented businesses

    A. B2B freelance outfits

Today, enterprises outsource critical aspects of their enterprise becomes it’s cost-effective and allows them to focus on their core business processes.

For a lot of these businesses, having to avoid paying salaries and making long term commitment is a pleasant concept.

If you have the services these business owners need, you can make tons of profits by seizing this golden opportunity.

It’s no wonder, B2B services have been listed as the 4th most profitable industries by Entrepreneur.

1. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Many small businesses find it challenging in dealing with their day-to-day financial records. It becomes more dangerous when trying to pay their appropriate taxes.  

If you can help this business with their tax preparation, daily bookkeeping, payroll services, and other special accounting needs, then you can build a profitable empire.

You may need a license to help these business owners file taxes and other accounting documents. But with an eye for numbers, you can just offer the essential bookkeeping services.

Whether you are a QuickBooks wizard or a licensed CPA, you can make high profits by helping other entrepreneurs manage their personal and small business finances.

2. Consulting

If you have been in the business world for a long time, you can step out of it and create a lovely full or part-time business helping new business owners grow their business.

There is always a demand for an independent consultant. You can be paid to give workshops to employees, serve as a board member, run risk analysis and management for failing business and so on.

Whatever your expertise or set of skills, you can help a lot of enterprises build great growth strategies on a contractual basis.

3. Writing

The cliché “content is king” has taken a new dimension in today’s world.

You can build a profitable writing business from anywhere in the world, writing for yourself or others.

You can be a copywriter, proofreader, translator or even a ghostwriter.

You can also create books and sell them for a profit. There are endless opportunities in this field, take advantage of it.

4. Virtual Assistant Services

Many businesses owners struggle with trying to manage their workload, meet schedules and interact seamlessly with their clients.

Even as the economy has taken a downward turn globally, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers understand that they cannot maintain efficiency without having an assistant, whether on a full time or part-time basis.

You can offer your services as a virtual assistant, working at your comfort while helping these business owners in other areas of the world, enhance their productivity.

All you need is a laptop and internet connection, and you are all set.

5. Graphic Design

Companies, both small and large are all vying for the attention of consumers. Therefore, the need for a polished and interactive image is now a critical part of their marketing campaigns.

If you have a healthy, creative mind and can find your way around photoshop, illustrator, or some other design app, all you need is a few more design classes to get started.

You can charge hourly rates to these businesses and help them achieve fantastic marketing copies.

6. Social media marketing

If you love, were born and raised on social media, why not make a living out of it.

Businesses today, require an impressive social media presence and you can help them achieve this.

You don’t have to be a guru on all social media platforms to make impressive profits. You can carve out a niche by offering yourself as an Instagram Marketing expert and help brands manage their Instagram platforms.

If you have an impressive number of followers on your personal social media account, you can become an influencer for different brands, transforming your page into a money-making account.

B. Mobile Businesses Ideas

By mobile businesses, we certainly do not mean transportation services or mobile app development.

We are talking about setting up a fantastic company that would literally mean almost living in your car and travelling to your customers.

The flexibility of having a mobile shop is incredible, and you can sell all kinds of products or services within it.

Also, you can say goodbye to commitments, and the cost of owning a physical shop.

Talk about a business on the go.

7. Niche Food Trucks

The food truck craze began in 2016, and the trend has not died down. There are all kinds of unique venues and recipes you can offer.

All you need do is hit the road and park yourself at any part of town you like, where you might likely draw the right crowd.

Keep in mind you must offer a unique service and adhere to the particular set of ordinances in the areas where you might probably park your truck.

However, this lovely business ideal requires only a little overhead cost but can make you tons of money.

8. Electronics Repair

You can turn your tech addiction into a lucrative business especially if you are tech-savvy yourself.

It’s even more attractive because you do not need a physical location and clients would be more willing that you travel to their location. This saves you a lot of overhead costs and requires only your skills to pull off.  

If you have the solution to a broken screen, WIFI Card, laptop battery and can offer IT support when the manufacturers seem “unsupportive,” you can make lots of profits.

9. Personal Trainers

You can also turn your passion for fitness into a full-blown career without opening or working for a big gym.

All you need is a few weights, yoga mats and a lot of enthusiasm to get started. You can offer one-on-one sessions with clients or schedule group classes at the local community centre or pack.

By making fitness more available to customers, you can both achieve your goals seamlessly.

10. Mobile Car Wash Services

Excellent customer service is critical to success these days.

What’s not to love about having your car washed while you are working at the office or hanging out with friends.

Clients would love you if you can travel to their location and wash their cars. When you offer a mobile car wash and auto detailing service, you avoid significant costs of having a physical location.

11. Cleaning Services

The cleaning service is an excellent mobile business that is equally lucrative.

Without a lot of skills and capital, you can make lots of profits. There are many kinds of cleaning businesses you can develop, of which the residential cleaning is a popular option.

However, you can also offer specialized cleaning services such as construction cleanup or green cleaning.

C. Online Education Services

The Internet today is a hub of business activities. There are a lot of businesses you can create online.

However, online learning has become quite popular, so if you have excellent knowledge in any field. You can create online courses, videos, articles or even start a blog about anything you wish to share and make tons of profit from it.

A single unit of learning resources can be downloaded or viewed many times. They are excellent ways to make a passive and long-term sustainable income.

12. Online courses

Whether you are an industry expert or have a little knowledge, you want to share with the world. You can make big bucks working independent or via platforms like Udemy.

Developing your own line of online courses do not require a lot. All you need is a platform and content. Once you know your salt, you will surely have an audience.

You can teach any subject or help people prepare for professional tests. It may take a bit of time to develop your courses. Once completed, there will be no additional costs per unit sold, and there is no limit to the number of participants.

So, its tons and tons of profits for you.

13. Coaching Services

You can prepare courses specifically meant for teaching people about the skills you are passionate about.

These classes can be made in the form of videos, articles or workshops, or you can even offer one-on-one lessons to your clients, helping them build their businesses into successful ventures.

The idea behind this service is building a community around the helpful knowledge you are offering which will build trust between you and your members.

14. Languages

Communication is vital in every society and as it improves, so do the boundaries around the world blur.

There is always someone out there looking to learn a new language.

Therefore, if you are an expert in a language, you can offer your services in exchange for payment.

This business might not yield a lot of profits at once, but it can create a stable source of income for you.

15. Business/ Marketing

The business world has evolved rapidly due to the emergence of the Internet. Even without the internet, it is not easy to build a business, especially when you possess only a college degree.

Without the right marketable skills, it would be a challenge to become successful as an entrepreneur.

If you are quite successful as an entrepreneur, you can share your expertise with your fellow entrepreneurs by developing a B2B oriented course.

For instance, you can teach business owners, excellent decision-making skills or even the right way to carry out their accounting needs.

Whatever your expertise, there is someone out there in need of them, who will be willing to pay you for that knowledge.

16. Personal Wellness

Education is not all about having a successful business. There is a lot more to life beyond that, and a lot of us seek knowledge on how to live a fulfilled life.

We wish to address our weaknesses and become better individuals.

If you are a counsellor, therapist, yoga- instructor, life coach or even a mediator, you can help a lot of people find the right direction in their lives, and build a fulfilling career for yourself!

D. Sharing Economy outfits

Sharing Economy oriented business ideas make excellent side income outfits.

You need close to nothing but your personal space or accessories to get started.

In no time, you will be making a massive amount of profits by merely sharing a little of what you own.

Also, you don’t need to create a vast business enterprise; you can make huge bucks by sharing on a small scale.

This lovely idea can help provide not just economic benefits but social and environmental perks as well.

17. Vacation Rentals

Have you heard about platforms like VRBO or Airbnb? These platforms help you make profits by sharing your vacant properties or even an extra room in your home.

This is a lovely business idea especially when you live in a tourist destination. There are no overhead costs or marketing needs whatsoever.

You can quickly sign up on one of these platforms to get started and make lots of money by renting a space in your home to travellers.

18. Home improvement tools

Do you have handy tools around the house? You can rent this to your neighbours in exchange for some extra bucks.

This lovely business idea requires no investments or startup costs, whatsoever. Besides, it can help build a stronger and interactive neighbourhood, while pulling in some little funds on the side.

19. Revolutionized second-hand market

If you have tons of clothes in your wardrobe, you can’t remember the last time you used them, then its time to consider giving them away. But you don’t have to let them go for free.

You can create a lovely business by renting your clothes for a fraction of their purchased prices.  When you have an eye for fashion and tons of clothes to show for it, make a lot of extra funds on the side by renting or even selling them to your friends and neighbours.

20. Share a ride or parking space

Two more loving sharing economy outfits that can make some pretty income for you do not require your personal belongings, but rather stuffs you can easily share without worrying about damages.  

You can either offer rides to others on your way to work without becoming a full-time chauffeur or share your garage at home for some extra income. Who says you can’t share and earn at the same time!

Concluding thoughts

Owning your own business has a lot of remarkable benefits. However even as this business idea comes at significantly reduced costs, they require some sacrifices from you. Here are some factors you should consider if you want to turn your newfound business idea into a thriving establishment:

  1. Commit to your business: You must be ready to give up some of your personal time because these business ideas may require a lot of dedication and sacrifice from you.
  2. Choose only what’s best for you: You should probably go back and recheck the list, it’s never lovely trying to float a business you dislike, it’s not worth the emotional stress.
  3. Create a unique strategy: There are a million ways to begin any of the businesses on this list; however, you can only attract customers by developing a unique selling proposition. Many entrepreneurs fail because; they do not have a definite strategy about their business.
  4. Your finances are critical: Even as these business ideas require low investments on your part, only by effectively managing your personal expenses and the profits you will receive daily can you become successful.

The business ideas on this list might require a little startup capital but making them work means a lot of hard work and good luck. It is crucial you make the right decisions from the start and limit the mishaps you might meet along the way.

Pick a business idea from this list and build it into a successful enterprise you can be proud of. It may sound like a dream, but it is possible!

Did I miss any business ideas?

Please let me know in the comments below.