GetResponse Affiliate Program Review

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate Program Review (2023 Update)

Would you like to know if the Getresponse affiliate program is worth having for your website? I will uncover everything you need to know about this program in this Getresponse Affiliate Program Review.

There are many affiliate programs out there with mouthwatering offers, but you need to know if they worth it. Too many programs have tremendous benefits, but they won’t sell for you. That is because they might not be too good on your website or maybe they have too many upsells. 

Whether your affiliate marketing will be an extra revenue stream or your primary income source, you must pick the right programs. Other than that, you need to be sure if that program fits within your niche, their program competitors, and the kind of upsells to expect. 

There is also a problem of quality. You must check out the exact condition of that affiliate product.

If your affiliate product is not really worth it, your audience might lose trust in you, which will hurt your affiliate marketing income.  

In this guide, I will discuss everything you need to know about the GetResponse affiliate program, so you can decide if it is really worth much. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase an item, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Please see my Affiliate disclosure page for details.

What is GetResponse?

 Getresponse began in 1997 as an autoresponder and mailing list management platform. Today, they have become an ‘all-in-one- email marketing platform’ catering all kinds of solutions, including landing page creation, webinar hosting, email automation, email analytics, and some CRM functionalities.  

They also allow 3rd party integrations with tools like Stripe, Square, BlueSnap, PayU, PayPal, and many more. They currently have over 350,000 individuals and businesses using their email marketing solutions across 183 countries in the world.  

Their email marketing software is available in 24 languages, and they own offices across Russia, Malaysia, Canada, and the United States.

They also have an IOS and Android app, which keeps you, connected to your email marketing campaign from anywhere. Besides, they have over 99% email deliverability rate but this changes with location.

Getresponse Features, Plans And Pricing 

GetResponse also provides free courses on list building, email marketing, and CRM for small businesses.

Features Marketing Software for Small Businesses by GetResponse

However, if you need certificates and deeper learning, you will have to pay $199 per course for their digital marketing certification.

GetResponse Pricing

New subscribers on the platform will enjoy a 30-day free trial, after which they can pick from the following plans;

  • Basic: $15 per month
  • Plus: $49 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: $1,199 per month

GetResponse Pricing options email marketing


The Basic plan comes with email marketing basics, autoresponders, automated templates, exist pop-ads, Facebook Ads, forms and surveys as well as some third-party integrations.

The Plus plan gives everything in the basic alongside 100 attendees webinars, eCommerce tools, simple CRM, sales funnels, list building funnels, and unlimited landing pages. 

The Professional plan adds the following to the pile; automation builder, contact scoring and tagging, paid webinars, and webinar funnels.

The Enterprise plan includes transactional emails, dedicated IP address, deliverability consulting, Single Sign-on (SSO), and email consulting.

Concerning the number of email sends, you can customize any of the plans to your benefit. The basic plan at $15 is for unlimited email sends to 1,000 subscribers.

However, when I decided to use a list size of 7,500, my fees increased. 

GetResponse Pricing options for 7500 email marketing list

So 2 factors affect the amount you pay when using GetResponse:

  1. The number of your list. The more the number, the higher you pay. The standard for all email marketing platforms.
  2. The frequency of payment. The monthly payment option is really high. You can get an 18% discount if you choose to pay 12 months at once or 30% discount for 24 months.

How Does The Affiliate Program By GetResponse Work?

The Affiliate Program by GetResponse is a single-tier affiliate program. This means that they have only one product rather than specific affiliate programs that provide access to a variety of products.

 But, unlike many other affiliate programs, you have two different packages to choose from:

  1. The Getresponse affiliate bounty program.
  2. The GetResponse affiliate recurring program.

You can also use both if you want but not on the same referrals. 

GetResponse Affiliate Programs have 2 affiliate programs to choose from

Bear in mind that the affiliate program by GetResponse runs on a Cost Per Sale program. Therefore, if there is no sale via your referrals, you won’t receive any payment. 

Since GetResponse offers a 30-day trial period to all new subscribers, you must wait until your referrals have exhausted their free period and paid for the email marketing software, before you will get paid. 

The GetResponse Affiliate Bounty Program

GetResponse Affiliate Bounty Program

The Affiliate bounty program gets you a one-off payment of $100 when you refer an account. However, that commission depends on the payment plan they choose after their free trial. This means that your fees may not be up to $100. This program is also available via CJ Affiliate where it earns you up to $135.

With the Affiliate bounty program, your money might also take up to 60 days before you can see it in your account. This is to make sure your referred account complied with their payment rules. 

Payouts will come at the 15th of the month after the verification. They do this to make sure that the client does not ask for a refund after they have paid you. All payments are made via Paypal, US Bank Check, or direct deposit.

The GetResponse Affiliate Recurring Program

GetResponse Affiliate Recurring Program

For the Affiliate Recurring program, you will receive 33% of monthly earnings from your referrals, and this will go on forever. This program is self-hosted and available via their website.

If your referrals ever decide to upgrade their plans, your earnings will increase as well. Therefore, you can earn anywhere from $15 to $1,200 per month. This program is more popular due to its long-term income potential. 

For the Affiliate Recurring program, you will receive your payouts on the 20th of the following month after referral because they verify referrals within 30 days of application. This gives them enough time to exhaust the 30-day free trial period and receive actual payment from your referrals. 

Join the GetResponse Affiliate Recurring Program

Side Attraction – Affiliate Marketing Promotional Tools

To make sure that you make money from their affiliate program, they have a wide array of promotional tools, which you can use to promote the platform. This includes banners, webinars, links, videos, text graphics, infographics, logos, Email Ads, signatures. 

You will also receive 90-days free access to a comprehensive email-marketing course in the GetResponse University. 

However, if you need something better than the basics, you will need to enrol in their Digital Marketing Certification course, which will cost you lots of money. You will also receive real-time referrals tracking, which you can access even from your phone to check up on your referrals

Getresponse Referral Cookie Policy

GetResponse adds a cookie to track banners or text-links embedded with your account. If your referrals do not buy immediately, there is no need to worry. 

GetResponse provides a 120-day cookie policy. This means that they will track those referrals for over 120 days. If your referrals activate their account within those 120 days, you will receive commissions. However, bear in mind that the cookie duration via CJ Affiliate is 30 days.

Using the GetResponse Referral system

If you are already a customer with GetResponse, I mean a paying customer; you can participate in their Referral program. In this program, you can invite three of your friends and earn $30 credit for your future payments. 

You can use this credit in cutting down the price of their digital marketing certification course. This is not an affiliate program for a simple reward system for paying customers. 

How To Join The GetResponse Affiliate Program

You can easily signup via GetResponse self-hosted page for the Affiliate Bounty program or the Affiliate recurring program. Visit the links and fill in your details, the rest is so easy. 

Signing up takes less than 3 minutes.

After filling out the registration form, you are sent to this welcome page:

Signup for GetResponse Affiliate recurring welcome

Once you receive this message, go to your email and click the link to activate your affiliate account. You can now log into your affiliate member area where you can create links, monitor your campaigns.

Before you can start earning money, you need to fill out your tax form and complete your payout information.

However, they also run an affiliate program on the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate network but this is only available for the Affiliate Bounty program.

This means, that you cannot earn recurring fees under the CJ umbrella but you can affiliate for many other related using CJ.

CJ is a top-rated affiliate network with uncomplicated signup and approval. However, CJ runs a very tight ship, so you must have a beautifully constructed website and a professional email address to get accepted on the affiliate network. 

Benefits Of Using GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is a highly reputable company that has been available for more than 15 years. Since their tracking tools are exceptional, you will receive your payments at the right time. However, you can only withdraw following CJ’s rules.

 So, you can only withdraw your money when your account balance exceeds $50. However, if that is your first payment with them, it might take another 90 days before they will allow withdrawals to make sure that you are not carrying out fraudulent activities with your affiliate program.

Program Drawbacks

GetResponse might have an awe-inspiring affiliate program, but your ability to make money depends on their email marketing products.

As at the time of this review, this affiliate program is above average in terms of rating.

When compared to the likes of MailChimp, Mailerlite, and SendinBlue, GetResponse falls behind in terms of the fact that there is no free plan.

Also, their data capture forms and drag and drop interface needs many improvements.

The platform’s best functionality, marketing automation is only available on costly plans. 

However, they have plenty of unique features, including live webinars and landing page creators that provides accessible avenues to connect and engage contacts. 

The CRM product still needs some work, but those may improve soon… They also have an impeccable email and live chat support, but no phone support. 

You may have a hard time convincing new clients about the program, although their basic plan is a little above the free plan offered by their competitors in terms of features. 

However, a serious-minded email marketer who wants to use premium features like automation beginning from the lowest plan will enjoy the GetResponse email marketing software. 

Also, you may need additional training elsewhere, if you are a beginner to affiliate marketing. Their free email-marketing course is not comprehensive and better used by someone with a good foundation of the whole thing. 

Can You Really Make $1000s With The GetResponse Affiliate Program?

It depends! Clients today want to use a free tool for 2,000 subscribers and upgrade when they exceed that number. That is why tools like MailChimp, MailerLite, and many others are pulling in a lot of clients.

It will be a bit difficult selling the 30-day trial period, which ends with for instance $15 for 1,000 email subscribers. You must look out for clients who want to use an automated tool from the go. 

Therefore, your ideal clients are not beginner bloggers or since they have a more extensive list and may not want to use a paid plan from the set go.

Look out for people in health and beauty, creative agencies, real estate, online coaching, automotive, restaurants, legal services, and many more. Identify clients who are willing to use their bigger packages, because those plans are actually good. 

For instance, their Email analytics is genuinely fabulous. Email marketers can monitor bounce and clickthrough rates with ease since they track open, complain, unsubscribe, and click on links in your emails.

You can join the GetResponse affiliate program because there are client’s out there who will still love this tool.

Also, I recommend selecting the GetResponse Affiliate Recurring Program, which allows you to earn more money from the referrals for a very long time.

Nonetheless, if only GetResponse will improve their user experience, then your income potentials will double. 

Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program

Concluding Thoughts

The Affiliate Program by GetResponse is truly unique and allows you to make good money on your efforts. 

GetResponse provides videos, infographics, banners, and many more tools to make your promotions easy. You can promote their products on your website, social media accounts, and even emails. It’s a great idea to join this email marketing affiliate program because there are a lot of income potentials.

However, you need to be very sure about the demographics of your audience to convert your efforts into rewards.

If you use the right strategies, your efforts will pay soon, and you have fantastic chances to earn forever!