how to earn money from Google at home

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How to Earn Money from Google at Home

With high dominance over the internet, it is no wonder that there are many ways to make money online with Google.

Google came into existence in 1998 as Google Inc. and has since then built a network that leads the internet through its services and products in online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software and large physical products.

The recent advancements in technology with the increased access to the internet has improved to possibilities to connect with websites, leverage their network and make lots of funds.

Therefore, right there in the comfort of your home, you can make money by building your business leveraging on Google to help you reach your potential customers and with each sale brings in profits. With all of this, you can have suitable consistent passive income for you and your home.

However, there are many more ways to make money with Google.

It is not difficult at all. It merely requires strategic thinking and a bit of hard work.

Google is one of the most reliable networks that have numerous services which can either be used to directly or indirectly to earn tons of money from home.

In this article, we will study the most direct ways on how to earn money from Google at home in 2019.

1. Google AdSense

Have you heard about AdSense, well this channel can mean a lot for your business.  

Using AdSense means you let anyone wishing to advertise their products and services to do so on your website in exchange for some sort of commission. In this sense, it is a Cost Per Click advertising campaign, so you will receive money for every click you get on these ads placed on your website.

However, these ads will not be made available to you directly from these individuals but run through your website with the sole discretion of Google. When you have a content-based business (blogging), this can be an excellent way to monetize your content.

The bottom line, you will be displaying Google ads and making a lot of money from it.

You should bear in mind that, if you own a free WordPress blog (WordPress.com), you may not be eligible for Google ads.

Want to get started with Google AdSense?

Then follow these steps:

  • Create a blog (this little step can be done in less than 30 minutes)
  • Start creating and publishing contents on your blog.
  • After achieving a substantial amount of posts, apply for Google AdSense
  • If your account is approved, you will be given access to AdSense ads which you can strategically place on your blog
  • You will begin earning for each ad set on your videos. when visitors click on these AdSense ads

2. YouTube

YouTube is the leading video sharing website in the world. However, apart from sharing your video content with the world, you can make money from them. A lot of people visit YouTube daily, seeking instructions and training, while others such as you, have decided to share our knowledge in videos to the rest of the world.  When you have a top-rated YouTube channel, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars from the ads in your videos.

This is quite easy and works using the Google AdSense platform, but in this case, viewers do not have to click on these ads but watch them alongside your video content. However, before you can begin making lots of funds with Google using YouTube, it is recommended that you develop your YouTube channel and achieve a steady team of loyal viewers who will watch your videos regularly. Ready to get started, here is how:

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Create unique and exciting videos using your smartphone
  • Upload your videos to your YouTube channel
  • Do a bit of marketing or just wait until you have a reliable amount of subscribers
  • Apply for the YouTube partner program
  • Once you are approved, you can begin earning.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Do you wish to make money from Google on a part-time basis without a lot of investments like the first two methods? Then you can use the Google Opinion Rewards. With this platform, you will be required to complete surveys about products and services. These surveys are quite short, and once you are done, you will earn Google Play credits which can be used later to pay for paid apps on your App store. Your survey will be based on all recent shopping experience as well as your location. The Google Opinions Rewards does not make your bank account richer directly but think about all the lovely apps you can indirectly pay for with your rewards.

  • Visit your Play store and install the Google Opinions app
  • Now launch the app and sign in
  • You will receive a pre-test survey to ensure you understand what would be required of you as well as your demographics
  • You will begin receiving surveys from Google based on your shopping experiences.

4. Google Search Engine Optimization

Websites are listed on Google according to a lot of factors including their authorities, relevance and the kinds of keywords used by a large number of people. To move a website to the front page of a search requires a lot of expertise. Do you understand how search engines work? If you have a thorough knowledge of the extensive list of factors used by Google to rank a website, you can make tons of money by helping website owners with their Google rankings.

5.  Blogger

Google has a lovely platform called Blogger, which works just like WordPress and Tumblr.

Blogger allows you to create free as well as paid blogs.

What is entirely different between a free WordPress.com blog and a free Blogger.com website is that you can make money through Google AdSense when using Google’s Blogger platform. Also, you can make money in many other ways such as the sales of your products, affiliate marketing, etc.

However, you will need to build a quality blog to do this. Once you have a large amount of traffic and loyal subscribers, you can make tons of funds on your blog.

6. Consulting

If you have extensive knowledge about the numerous features and services that Google provides, you can build a consulting firm which will help people either understand all of these features or handle it for them.  

With a lovely consulting business, you can equally help website owners manage their Search Engine Optimization or help them figure out how to use the Google Keyword Planner tool to boost their website rankings.

7. Google Keyword Planner.

With the Google Keyword Planner, you can also make tons of money. However, it is not as direct as another method.

One of the primary purposes of using the Google Keyword Planner is to find particular words or phrases for optimizing the kinds of questions asked by millions of people who use the Google search engine.

Therefore, as a freelance content writer, you can create beautiful articles that are Search Engine Optimization efficient.

A lot of website owners would love that you created contents that can boost their rankings on the search engine.

Therefore, with this tool, you can build your freelance content creation business and reap huge benefits over time.

9. Create Books about Google

As an expert on an extensive array of Google features, you can make tons of funds by sharing your expertise in forms of digital books.

A lot of people are always looking for guides they can take a peek from time to time without having to consult anyone for every bit of their challenges.

To build a successful book about Google, ensure it is not just extensive but that it focuses on current and future trends.

10. Google Jobs

From time to time, Google releases vacancies about offices in need of qualified persons. It can be a huge career move to become staff with Google.

However, this is not a work at home kind of job and may require that you live your location. Also, you must be expertly trained to work for one of the world’s biggest companies.

You should know that depending on the job you might want; you may not need a computer science degree to pass the test.  Also, you can apply for as many jobs as you wish, however, you will be accepted for only one of them.

Here are tips you should consider, when you wish to work for Google:

  • Google has a lot of robust hiring processes; however, it does not look too closely at your college scores and instead seeks to find, highly creative and talented individuals.
  • Google might still look at your GPA nevertheless, so ensure it is impeccable
  • When you require an internship with Google or have no previous knowledge, Google might consider your GPA as an essential measure.
  • Begin volunteering to partake in open source projects
  • Reach out to a Google recruiter and let them help you prepare towards your interviews.
  • Google is always looking for people who have “T-shaped personalities, this means they are skilled in a particular area but have equally extensive knowledge in other areas.

The bottom line, working for Google can be a cool move, but it advised to begin building your professional experience, coding skills and begin your applications through internships, campus recruiting and referrals.

11. Create Google apps

If you do know how to create applications, you can develop apps for the Google Android platform and make lots of funds in returns through sales of credit points or advertisements placed in your apps.

However, it is a competitive platform, so you should ensure that your apps are reliable. Interactive and unique to drive lots of people towards downloading and trying them out.

12. Google Shopping

Do you have lovely products on your website but find it hard getting the right people to buy them? You can make use of Google shopping to get your products to the right people.

However, you should research how it works, because there are products that should not be sold using Google shopping.

Can you make a lot of money from Google?

Yes, you can. However, there is no “get-rich” scheme with the Google platform.

For instance, if you decide to own a blog, you would need to spend time and effort creating your platform to the desires of the kind of readership you want. However, once you have done your homework, it would be so much easier to earn a lot of money access your just rewards.

There are also many more alternative ways to make money with Google, although many of them are not as direct as these methods listed here. But with extensive research on your part, you can find the right way to make money with Google that works for you. For instance, you can make money, by selling Google physical products.

Find the best method that works for you and begin working towards your desires.

With hard work, knowledge and patience, you can create a business on Google that would fetch you a consistent income for a long time.