Best Job posting sites in Nigeria

Last Updated on October 20, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

Employers may find it a hard time to seek valuable talents. With this list of the best job posting sites for employers in Nigeria, your work is half done.

Job Posting Sites For Employers-The Best Picks in Nigeria 2023

A thorough look at the feedback from employees of Facebook and Google for the “2018 Best Places To Work” survey supports the axiom: Success is impossible without exceptional talents.

Facebook and Google came first and fifth respectively on the survey run by glassdoor.com. Both companies are known for significant levels of productivity, performance, and global impact thanks to a collection of top-notch talents.

According to Africa Business Venture, there is a shortage of available skills in Nigeria despite an increment in the number of higher institutions ladened with the responsibility of filling the job market with talents.

The effect has been an intense competition among recruiters for job seekers with the right amount of skills.

When it comes to scouting for good fits for possible recruitments, you can bank on the Internet for broader coverage.

There are online job boards that allow employers to search for their CV database for qualified persons. They also provide means of posting job adverts, which will be visible to all their subscribers even on social media.

Some of these sites provide those services for free while some require you to pay for them. In fact, you can outsource the whole recruitment process to some paid job boards that guarantee a positive response within 24 hours.

We are going to look at some of the popular paid and free sites where you can make job postings and search for good hands to recruit.

Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

  1. https://www.hotnigerianjobs.com/free-job-post.php
  2. https://recruiter.careers24.com.ng/
  3. https://www.jobzilla.ng/free-job-post
  4. https://www.myjobmag.com/employers/
  5. https://www.jobgurus.com.ng/employers

The job sites listed above will let you post openings in your organization without any charges.

All you need do is register as an employer/recruiter, fill the job posting form, and send to them. They will only make it go live after a review is done.

However, for jobzilla.ng, they don’t provide a form on their site at this time. You will have to disclose details of the opening by email. Like others, your job advert will be posted on their site after it passes their verification process.

Once posted, your job advert is going to be seen by no fewer than 164,000 potential applicants if you chose to go with all the websites. Okay, allow me to break it down for you.

Hotnigerianjobs.com has about 12,000 twitter follows and 64 Facebook followers. The figures for careers24 are 14,000 and 47,000. Those for myjobmag.com are 9,000 and 21,000, while for jobzilla.ng are 3,000 and 58,000.

The 164K doesn’t include the number of visitors to their website nor the number of registered users.

You can opt for a featured post with myjobmag.com. Featured posts appear on the homepage of their website. In addition, you can hide your email and company name.

Use jobgurus.com.ng if you are willing to provide them with the certificate of your company as a means of verification. And for the records, searching their CV database is a paid service.

Paid Job Posting sites for Employers

  1. https://www.ngcareers.com/employers
  2. https://www.jobberman.com/advertisers/product-page/post-a-job
  3. https://www.nigeriajob.com/
  4. https://shortlistnigeria.com/employer/register


Ngcareers.com has about 22,000 twitter followers and 65,000 Facebook followers.

For ngcareers.com, you have to choose between three plans:

  1. Single Job Plan,
  2. Basic Annual,
  3. Quick Shortlist plans.

The single plan entitles you to post one job opening, which will be featured on their homepage as well as the dashboard of each subscriber on their site. However, this will last for only 60 days.

For the annual, you get 10 job postings for one year.

Unlike other plans, Quick Shortlist comes with a guarantee of getting qualified candidates within 5-7 days. Do well to check out the specifics for each plan before making your choice.


Jobberman.com commands a combined sum of about 361,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. They have just two plans: Basic and Quick Recruit. Interestingly, they are guaranteeing at least 80% interview attendance if you go with Quick Recruit plan. Admirably, I don’t fathom how they implement that.


Nigeriajob.com is run by another site africawork.com.

In terms of operation, they are considerably diverse from ngcareers.com and jobberman.com. While you can search their CV database for free, you will need to buy CV credits to access the names and contacts of those that appeal to you. Two vital services you will find most appealing are:

  1. Ability to create CV alerts: This service allows recruiters to get notified whenever a recent candidate with matching CV signs up with nigeriajob.com.
  2. Creation of CV folders: This can assist you to save CVs in anticipation of anticipated openings in your company. Create a folder named after the skill you want, search CVs on their site, and save befitting ones in the folder for future use.

Africawork.com, the parent site for nigeriajob.com, maintain similar sites for other African countries. You can reach out to them if you want to recruit locals from other African countries.


ShortlistNigeria.com.Talk of quality patronage; over 100 companies in Nigeria patronize Shortlistnigeria.com.

Some of those companies are Keystone Bank, The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, American University of Nigeria and Samsung.

The exclusive nature with which they operate is an indication of the quality they bring into what they do.

For example, to register as an employer, you must provide them with your company website and company email address. They don’t accept free email address providers like Gmail and Yahoo.

You can completely outsource the recruitment process to them. Some added features to Shortlistnigeria.com are:

  1. Ability to screen thousands of résumés in seconds.
  2. Group messaging
  3. Job posting
  4. Online tests

Shortlistnigeria.com is owned and run by Phillips Consulting, a well-established recruitment firm. Job seekers pay a certain amount to have their CV in their database.

With that, it is logical to consider these guys who would rather pay than post their CV elsewhere for free are indeed genuine talents who appreciate their worth.

All the best as you search for the right candidates.