Jumia Black Friday 2018

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Jumia Black Friday 2018 starts November 2 2018.Enjoy Lowest Prices and massive discounts from Top Brands in the Jumia Black Friday 2018.

Jumia Black Friday 2018-Awoof plenty!

In the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Arkad was given the task to teach a class of 100 men for seven nights the curse of having a lean pocket. The first solution he proffered was for those men to start saving money. To that end, the men were to save a tenth of their income in a bid to fatten the weight of their purse. Until today, such a solution still holds true.

Mathew Spengler, the founder, and Chief Executive officer of Blueprint, a financial planning firm domiciled in North Carolina, U.S.A, provided a similar practice found among the wealthy. According to him, most of the wealthy folks we see today started saving small amounts of money over time even during harsh times. The truth is people don’t become wealthy by spending the whole of their income. Consequently, there is need to save and that is where Black Friday sales by Jumia come handy.

In 2014, Africa Internet Group (AIG) launched Jumia Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco.

With over 15 monthly visitors, Jumia Nigeria is the E-commerce website to beat. Items such as clothes, phones, laptops, home appliances, and many more are sold on a daily basis.

They have also delved into other aspects of business such as Jumia travels for booking flights and getting bargain hotel accommodations all around the world.

What is Jumia Black Friday 2018?

In a bid to acquire the most profitable deals for its numerous patrons, Jumia Nigeria in 2014 floated Black Friday sales. It is a time when buyers can get bargain prices on goods they love to have. According to Jumia, it is possible to get up to 90% discount on certain products.

Jumia Black Friday customarily holds in November. For 2017, it started on November 13th all through December 13th. There were up to one million deals every day with up to 80% discount. They had support from Intels, Infinix, MTN, Airfrance, and Hewlett Packard. Now, since Jumia don’t own all the items on sale on their website, how do they pull off such discounted sales?

To get mouth-watering discounted goods on their website for Black Fridays, Jumia calls on sellers to submit their best deals within a particular period. These products could be home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, laptops, and fashion items. When it is time to kick-start black Friday sales, those items go live with the amount of discount visible.

Get ready for Jumia Black Friday 2018 massive deals.

Jumia Black Friday Online Shopping
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Now, although that is how it runs, there are certain things you need to note to ensure you make the most out of the program.

  1. Take time to research: Most times we are moved by the impulse to spend on the first deal we see. It could be a 20% discount or a little bit more and you get so thrilled that you wholly want to check out. No! Don’t be in a hurry. Take a few more minutes to carry out your research. Remember, there are thousands of vendors participating on Black Fridays. There is no consensus price discount on any product. It is the sole responsibility of the seller to decide how much discount he/she is willing to throw into that item. You can place the item in your cart but take a few minutes to research for better deals before you checkout.
  2. Check out for Flash sales: Flash sales come with the most outrageous discounts. The challenge is how to know when they go active. Every so often, people keep refreshing their browsers for luck. This is where the Jumia app comes in. It is tip number 3.
  3. Get the Jumia app for your device: Now this would have been my first tip, but I don’t want you to hastily leave to download the app and never come back to follow the rest of the tips. Having mobile apps provide the best experience. With apps, you get push notifications on hot deals and things such as flash sales and flash sales coupon. Additionally, with Jumia apps you get things like vouchers. Jumia encourages buyers to get their app. If you use an android phone, you should find their app in Google Play Store. For iPhones, I guess it should be in the app store.
  4. Find products from trusted sellers: Money is not easy to make. And if you make some, you need to spend wisely. Not all the bargains on Black Friday end up as bargains in the hands of buyers. You need to be sure of what you are buying and whom you are buying from. Not all sellers retain integrity at heart. There might be people who leverage on Black Friday sales to dispose of substandard items. For example, on April 03, 2018, Sun News did an article about the wave of substandard goods saturating the Nigerian market. The news had it that a video revealing adulterated margarine shared by some women went viral. Standard Organization of Nigeria are trying, but our borders are porous enough for anything to overcome them. Check reviews by other buyers of the item and take a look at the reviews of the seller, too. You need both to carry out the appropriate decision.

After the first Jumia Black Friday, which happened in 2014, the following edition saw over 2.2 million visitors to the site. Since then it has been on a steady upward rise. For example, over 14.4 million visitors came by for the 2017 edition.

Over 86, 000 phones were sold while the Jumia app was downloaded for 208, 214 times. In fact,  statistics has it that for 2017 there were 174% more items sold on Black Friday than the 2016 edition. The bottom line is people are coming back because of the level of satisfaction they get each year.

When will Jumia Black Friday 2018 start?

The 2018 edition starts on November 02 and will run till 30th of same month.

The 2018 edition starts on November 02 and will run till 30th of same month.

If you have a need to purchase some items and you don’t desire them urgently, a little patience until Black Friday will surely pay off.

The best deals in the Jumia Black Friday 2018 Discount Sales.

Online shoppers in Nigeria will enjoy massive discounts across various categories. Watch out for these deals:

1.Home Appliances: Buy large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and more at best prices. Also, find small appliances like pressing irons, juicers, blenders, and more for you.

2. Electronics: Enjoy mouthwatering prices off all kinds of electronics for your home and office. Get electronics like televisions including LED televisions, smart TVs and curved TVs. Home theatre systems, speakers, and all kinds of lighting accessories are also available at low prices.

3. Mobile Phones: Find a large collection of the latest smartphones from popular and trusted brands like Samsung, Apple, Tecno, Infinix, LG, Huawei and more.

4. Laptops: Check out our range of laptops from top brands like HP, Dell, Apple, Toshiba and a whole lot more. You could even get up to 50% off your favorite smartphone during the Black Friday Festival.

5. Fashion items: Discover the best of shoes, clothes and fashion accessories for men, women, and kids. Shopping on Jumia now means that you can get much more at much lower prices. Enjoy!

Like Arkad advised the 100 men, Jumia Black Friday might just be another avenue to save up and fatten your purse.