Konga Yakata Black Friday Sales 2019

Last Updated on October 20, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

Konga Black Friday 2022 Deals is ON!

Konga Yakata Black Friday Sales is ON!

This year the biggest shopping in Nigeria will run from November 11 to December 12, 2019.

Enjoy Lowest Prices from Top Brands in the Konga Yakata Black Friday 2022 Deals.

This year much-awaited Konga Yakata Black Friday Sales will bring massive discounts to online shoppers in Nigeria.

You can enjoy up to 60% off across the following categories:

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And much more.

All from top brands such as

  • Apple.
  • HP.
  • Polystar.
  • Scanfrost.
  • Gionee.
  • Tecno
  • Infinix
  • Binatone.
  • Hisense.

It is going to be the Biggest Konga Black Friday Yakata Sales Ever!

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Enjoy the following amazing discounts:

  • Up to 20% off Computers and Accessories from Intel.
  • Get up to 40% off Kitchen Appliances from Binatone and 22% off HP Laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks.
  • You also get to enjoy up to 25% off Century Home and Kitchen Appliances.
  • You also get mind-blowing discounts off Smartphones & Accessories, Large Appliances, Sports and Fitness Equipment, Washers and Dryers, Power Solutions, Home Furnishing and much more.

August 2016 will ever remain etched on the minds of Nigerians as it was officially announced that the economy had slipped into recession. According to the BBC, the growth figures showed a contraction of the economy by 2.06% from April to June of the corresponding year.

The government tried propping up the naira to no avail. In the heat of it all, millions lost their jobs.

However, one occurrence that went against the grain was how Nigerians responded to Konga black Friday sales.

A report has it that the e-commerce company topped their 2015 sales, despite the recession.

What is it about Konga Black Friday that Nigerians find irresistible?

What is Konga Yakata Black Friday 2022?

Konga Black Friday
Andrew-Art / Pixabay

Konga Black Friday is a time when prices of items are slashed to encourage buyers. It typically runs in the last quarter of each year, which is a pleasant thing for buyers who shop early enough for Christmas.

For 2019, Konga tagged the Black Friday “Fall Yakata Sales.” Yakata is just a Pidgin English word that connotes the total fall of something. With Black Friday sales, it is the total fall of prices.

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For example, Konga black Friday for 2017 saw prices of some electronic gadgets fall by 20%.

Prices of items such as generators and women fashion wear fell by up to 35%.

The biggest was on Beauty and Personal products. There was a discount of 85% on some of those products.

Get ready for the Konga Black Friday 2022 Yakata Discount Sales

To get the best out of Black Friday sales, you need to start by making up a list of items you want to buy. As much as discount sales are inviting, it is unwise to spend on things you don’t want. Furthermore, maintaining a list narrows your search and gives you more time to research for better discounts before checking out.

Apart from the discount sales, you can make some extra buck by using Konga Pay.

Konga Pay was built by Konga and according to them, it is a way to pay for items on Konga AND get paid, too. You heard me right. You get rewarded for using Konga Pay with your account. When you use Konga pay, there is an extra #2000 (two thousand naira) discounted from the total sum you are to pay. Good news, I guess. Yeah!

Once you include items into your cart, select Konga Pay to begin the magic. To employ the tool, you have to register for it and link it with your bank debit card, i.e. MasterCard or Visa card. A small deduction of #50 – #300 will be made to verify you are the owner of the card.

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While you wait for the verification process to complete its circle, you will be limited to purchases of no more than #20, 000 (twenty thousand Naira only).

Apart from individual consumers, Konga black Friday can benefit businesses, too.

Take for instance in 2017 when there was up to 40% discount on some mobile phones and tablets. In fact, a few Tecno phones had about 80% discount.

Now, imagine if you purchased those items only to sell them afterwards? Remember, not all Nigerians participate on Black Friday sales. And some who do don’t know how to search for best discount rates. Another thing is black Fridays don’t extend into December period when people descend into full swing frenzied spending. When it comes to selling mobile phones, you have nothing to fear.

The statistics are there for all to see. Smartphones penetration into the Nigerian market has been on a steady rise.

Statista has a bar chart of smartphone users and year.

Konga Black Friday Smartphone and laptop deals
Pexels / Pixabay

It shows 11 million users in 2014, 13.2 million for 2015, and 23.3 million users projected for 2019.

So if you choose to buy phones at such a discounted rate and resell around December period, rest assured of a profitable return on investment.

Last but not least, watch out for flash sales during Black Fridays. Unlike normal discounts on items, flash sales come and get rushed very fast due to ridiculous price discounts.

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For 2018, Konga promised up to 99% discount for most demanded products. As if that isn’t enough, they also give free delivery of items bought during black Fridays.

Whether you use an android phone or an iPhone, you can download the Konga app for a more satisfactory experience. With the app, you don’t need to refresh your browser to keep abreast of “Yakata sales” on Kong black Fridays.

Refreshing your browser consumes more data, which means you spend more. The Konga app is recognized by Google as one of the most efficient apps in the world.

It is built in such a way that from the initial download of the app to the completion of your first transaction, you save up to 92% of data. For Android phone users, head to Google play store while the iTunes store houses the version for iPhones.

When did Konga Black Friday start?

Konga launched black Friday in Nigeria in the year 2013 before Jumia joined. They’ve kept at it, hitherto.

In Nigeria, prices naturally go up during festive periods, but Black Friday sales are a game-changer.

What an opportunity it presents. A few years ago parents went through much pressure getting clothes and shoes for their kids for Christmas, as they had to pay through their nose.

Those days might presently be gone forever as the Internet and e-commerce are here to stay. You are good to go so far you want to spend on the things you need or things you want to resell.

If you must engage on black Friday sales, beware of impulse buying. In addition, ensure the products you paid for are the ones delivered to you. Check on the quality, too. Konga doesn’t own all the products sold on their platform. There are registered vendors who own those items.

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Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban takes advantage of discount sales. In essence, it is not the lack of money that steers people to purchase goods during discount sales. On the contrary, it is the presence of wisdom and financial prudence that makes people close in on opportunities like Konga black Friday sales.

Are you ready for Konga Yakata Black Friday 2022?

Follow these tips and you will never lose a deal during Konga Yakata Black Friday 2022.

1. Do Your Research – Scour the konga.com for all Deals!
2. Set a Budget – The most important step you can do for yourself and your wallet!
3. Bring a Friend – If you are worried about overspending!
4. Get a reliable internet connection. Complete transactions without hassles!
5. Charge your device. Better still get a power bank. Just in case.
6. 40% Rule – Any clothing less than 40% off retail price is not a bargain
8. Be Aware – Store policies: warranties, returns, refunds etc…
9. Keep it Cool! – Remember to have fun! Online Shopping is not meant to be stressful…

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