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Legitimate work from home jobs in Nigeria are really hard to find. With these 10 online work from home business ideas, you can start earning extra income.

In 2016 Linda Ikeji inspired millions of Nigerians when she spent over a million dollars in acquiring a home in Banana Island, Lagos.

She became neighbours with the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote, and a few other persons of no lean pocket.

While most residents of the Island are owners of companies; Linda is just a lady doing legitimate businesses online armed with a computer connected to the Internet.

With a dollar hitting over #300 (three hundred naira) , this is the best time to start making legit money online.

Please find below 10 viable jobs you can do from home and make legitimate money.

Use Google AdSense Program on your blog.

Google Adsense
Simon / Pixabay

Google made about $110 billion in 2017 with a large chunk of that amount coming from their advertising business.

In simple terms, this is how the program works:

  1. Bloggers and site owners subscribe or apply to the program, which is free.
  2. If your blog or site is approved, Google then places relevant third-party ads on your site or blog.
  3. When I reader comes to your site and clicks on any of the ads, you make money.

Follow these steps to start making money with Google AdSense:

  1. Sign up for a Google account if you don’t have any.
  2. Register for an AdSense account: Ensure you provide them with the postal address and telephone number associated with your bank account. Google needs that information to send your cheque after you place a withdrawal. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $100.

Gone are the days Google served ads immediately after registering for an account.

They now have specialists who review the entire site of applicants before an approval or disapproval email is sent to you.

To make money from AdSense, you need:

  1. A website or blog.
  2. Provide rich contents coupled with effective engagement with your readers.
  3. Get a lot of traffic to your site.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs-Become a Vlogger

Youtube-Legitimate work from home jobs
geralt / Pixabay

A Vlogger is someone who makes YouTube videos for online consumption.

For example, Mark Angel Comedy on YouTube. While making their viewers laugh uncontrollably, they are subtly smiling to the bank.

There are several ways to draw money from this well. The prevalent ways are:

  1. Placing ads before each video: Google will pay a particular amount per 1,000 viewers. It is called cost per thousand (CPM). You now know why people would rather make a video of you drowning than lend a helping hand. LOL!
  2. Selling products/services: Check out some videos of popular Vloggers in Nigeria. They skillfully add a product promotion to their comedy skit. It has to blend well with the video, though. Better still, partnering with companies is a good idea on this. You promote their products to your viewers for a fee.

Get creative on this one but try not to litter the video with ads.

Merch by Amazon

Legitimate work from Home Jobs-Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a program floated to give individuals the power to make wealth using their platform. It is specifically for those who want to sell T-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves.

Once you apply for it, they will contact you to set up an account if your application gets the nod.

You will need a Payoneer account from https://www.payoner.com since they are yet to accept Nigerian bank accounts as of the time of writing. Payoneer will provide you with a checking account to complete your registration.

Do well to read the design rules for the program, so they don’t cut you off for violation. Once you design a shirt it goes live on their site after submission and verification. Amazon takes responsibility for making and shipping the shirts to buyers. You get a royalty payment for each sale.

The more sales you make the more your submissions per day. There are people with over 1000 designs on Amazon. They make money while asleep.

You deserve it, don’t you? Take the dive it is worth it.

Selling blogs or websites

Legitimate work from Home Jobs-Sell Blogs on Flippa

Over $200 million dollars have exchanged hands so far on Flippa.

Flippa is where you can sell your blog or app to interested buyers.

How do you go about selling blogs or apps?


Follow these three simple steps:

Build one: This could be a blog, app or YouTube channel. Whatever it is, build one now!

A blog, which teaches people how to make vegan recipes, was sold for $39,100. Another blog sold for $25,000 taught people how to quit alcohol. Blogs about pets, babies, gaming, fitness, and website design do have high demands but low supplies.

Do your research first before you start so you start on the right footing.

Build a community: Float different social media groups around your blog. Ensure people are well served. A business attracting 10 persons can’t be sold for the same price as another attracting 100, 000 persons.

Build cash: Your site MUST be making money for it to be sold handsomely. The higher you make from the site the higher the price.

As much as building a community is important, it is of no essence if it doesn’t convert into cash. Use Google AdSense or sell a product or products.

Flippa has a blog you would definitely find resourceful. Read, work hard, and have patience on this one.

Once you start seeing some profits and feel the time is right, list it for sale on their site and call me for celebrations after closing the deal.


Legitimate work from Home Jobs-Fiverr

There are two kinds of people on fiverr.com: buyers and sellers. Buyers seek sellers who provide services they need. Almost any legitimate service is rendered on Fiverr. When they started, every service cost a flat rate of $5. However, they’ve expanded to accommodate more professionals. You can now put your price for each service you render. There are still gigs that go for $5 but now some go for $1,000. You should have one or two skills that are in demand. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get signed up and start making money. Importantly, ensure you have a sample of what you do since you are new. Once you get a buyer satisfied, he/she will keep coming back. Strive hard to maintain a 100% positive feedback from buyers, so you become a top seller.


Legitimate work from Home-E-commerce
Tumisu / Pixabay

Jumia and Konga have made it easy for anyone to make money selling legitimate goods on their platforms.

Household items, makeups, shoes, clothes, electrical and mobile gadgets, books, homes, and many more are sold on their site.

Just like Amazon.com, they don’t own all the things they sell.

Some third-party vendors use the platform to sell their items- this is where you come in.

It takes just three simple steps to start selling with any of them.

Even if you are not an e-commerce expert, Jumia has a short training session to kick you forward. Here is the link for new Jumia vendors.

Sign up for Konga here.

Konga has an academy for people like you to learn the ropes. Sign up, learn and set up your store for free in a jiffy.

While Konga and Jumia are free to use, Shopify isn’t.

Legitimate work from Home Jobs-Ecommerce

Admirably, they do have a two-week trial period. With Shopify, you can sell on channels like Pinterest and Amazon. They provide you with over 100 international gateways, which enable hassle-free global sales.

With 24/7 customer support, SEO optimized themes, and automate the process with third-party shipping apps, Shopify ticks all the boxes.

They indeed support you with suitable products you can start with. With few bucks to throw in, Shopify is your ideal bet.

However, it isn’t a terrible idea to take the free combo along.

Sign up for Shopify here.

Self-publish on Amazon CreateSpace

Legitimate work from Home Jobs-Self Publish on Amazon Createspace

What Amazon Merch is to shirt designers is what Amazon CreateSpace is to book writers.

Amazon will print and ship your book to buyers and you get royalty payments for each sale.

You can self-publish CDs and DVDs, too.

Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon floated a device called Amazon Kindle in 2007, which serves as a personal e-library for users. Authors make money from this program by publishing books for Kindle.

I understand if you think you don’t have a flair for writing. Relax! We are in the Internet age where you can piggyback on the work of others. Simply publish books in the public domain.

A book is said to be in public domain once the intellectual property right doesn’t apply, or has expired, or has been forfeited or waived off. In as much as they allow you to publish such books, it is not a copy-and-paste kind of stuff. There are rules and you have to follow them. This is the link to the rules.

To make money research the book niche that has a very good number of readers. It is important because someone must have to buy for you to earn.

Affiliate Marketing

Unlike middlemen who make a profit for each item they sell, affiliates get a commission for each sale they make. Commission Junction is one of those sites where affiliates and publishers meet for mutual benefits.

Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, and a host of other bigwigs do have affiliate programs. They do call them associates so don’t get confused.

Some will screen you before onboarding. For each product you are willing to sell for them, they provide you with a unique link in some cases. You can post the link on your blog or social media.


Upwork.com, freelancer.com, and peopleperhour.com are some of the notable job boards where you can sign up and start making money.

Unlike fiverr. com, you list your skills and your charge per hour. People in need of freelancers post jobs on those sites and each interested freelancer must place a bid to stand a chance. There are thousands of jobs on each site at any given time.

After your registration, simply run a search on the site for jobs within your area of expertise then place a bid. Register on all to increase your chances of landing a job.

Upwork.com will suspend your account if you don’t get a job after series of bidding. Don’t behave like Nigerian tailors and artisans who take more jobs than they can handle, only to make promises of timely execution they know they can’t keep. Remember, your clients will drop a feedback that would impact on your rating and the chances of getting more clients. Think about it!

Having multiple streams of income is no longer an option. It is Hobson’s choice. No company retains staff if they aren’t making money. Don’t put your eggs into a basket you aren’t the one carrying. Start online businesses today. With the ones mentioned, you can start right away without capital. Lastly, show grit and patience as you build.

It will take a lot from you as you begin. After a while, it will run on autopilot ensuring you make money while asleep.