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These online business courses will help you become a more effective online entrepreneur. Learn how to think and solve problems and get results at all levels.

10 Best Small Business Management Courses for the First Time Online Entrepreneurs 

The first step to creating a successful business begins with formulating the idea of it. However, making that idea into the business of your dreams can be overwhelming.

To effectively manage your business idea and nurture it into reality, you must gain a wide range of skills.   

These skills will come in handy as you monitor day-to-day operations, assess your competition, meet your customers, make expenses, device better ways to market your business and learn the various ways to manage your income.   

Why you need management skills for you to succeed in your Online Business.

As a small online business owner, you may likely be the manager of your business. Therefore, you should understand that the successes or failures of your business lie on your hands.

When you have learned how to manage challenges, seek out opportunities and effectively manage your business, it can be highly rewarding. 

However, you cannot amass all these skills by merely delving into your new business.

As an online small business owner, you must be prepared to get lessons about operating a business in the digital world.

For instance, many tools such as the Facebook Ads and Google Ads can be utilized to draw customers to you, but without the proper understanding of these platforms and how you can maximally use them, all the funds used in procuring such services might be a colossal waste.  

In another light, without gaining insights into how to manage your time when running your own online business effectively, you may spend a lot of time on your website without reaping results. 

According to Chris Ducker, a lot of online businesses fail due to their inabilities to manage their online business properly.

These inabilities originate from the fact that they do not have a background in business.  

Therefore, as an online entrepreneur, the key to succeeding in your business is gaining a good understanding of the business management requirements for operating that business. 

How can studying Business Management benefit your Online Small Business? 

There are some benefits you gain for studying business management before delving any further with your online business. Let’s look at some of these benefits. 

  1. Gaining skills: By studying, you amass the basic business practices that are required for success. You understand the business market within your product niche and will be able to develop strategies that accomplish and meet your business goals. 
  2. Finding yourself: By understanding how to manage your business effectively, the chances of becoming overwhelmed is slim. You will be able to make futuristic goals as well as present ones in a seamless manner. 
  3. Enhanced credibility: With a well-developed sense of business, you will further advance your career by boosting the credibility of your new found business. This is especially important if you wish to open an online consulting outfit or coaching services.  

Taking advantage of online business management courses 

Many online business management courses prepare you for the world of business using simple step-by-step instructions.

This short courses might not be as thorough as a college degree in business management, but a good number of them can ensure that you are efficiently prepared to face your business. Managing your business involves a lot more than merely collating revenues.  

Take advantage of the numerous online business management courses and learn how to manage factors such as demand, timing, and publicity that would have otherwise been out of your control.

When you position yourself for success, using the right skills and knowledge, you increase the chances of building a strong and successful online business.

And therefore, here below are some of the best Udemy Small business management courses, you should consider taking as a first time online entrepreneur. 

10 Best Udemy Small Business management courses for the first time online entrepreneurs 

1.Online Reputation Management for Personal Brand or Business

This course will provide insights into how to build an impeccable reputation online. It includes instructions on the right color scheme for your brand, how to design your social media pages (including YouTube and LinkedIn) and impress people. There are also instructions available to help you integrate Google SEO techniques to make an impression on the search engine. There are also amazing bonuses available such as downloadable worksheets, exercises, and a personal invitation to the Facebook community owned by the Instructor. Also, the best student of the month may have his or her business featured as a way of appreciation.  


Ratings: 4.9 (54) ratings 

No of Hours: 1 hour 

16 Lectures 

1 article 

1 hour of Video 

Cost: $74.99 

No of students enrolled: 2,944  

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2. Business Card marketing and networking for leads and sales. 

As a startup entrepreneur, you will need to set up excellent marketing platforms to channel your efforts and reach out to potential clients.  This course is, however, for all kinds of startup businesses ( online or not). In this course, you will learn how to channel your networking skills and generate strong business leads and referrals. You will also learn better ways to connect with your clients with natural conversations. You will also learn how to sell and create useful business cards.  


Ratings: 4.5 (15) ratings 

No of Hours: 1.5  hours 

20 Lectures 

1.20 hours of Video 

1 article 

Cost: $74.99 

No of students enrolled: 1,518. 


English language skills are essential because there are no subtitles. 

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3. Practical Business Management: Strategy Business Game 

This course will provide insights on how you analyze your competition and prepare a strategic plan that takes maximizes the weaknesses found in the competitors market. You will also learn how to confront marketing challenges and design plans that utilize your little budget to maximize profits.  This course is however exhibited in the form of a multiplayer game and consists of 2 additional practice sessions.  


Ratings: 4.8 (11) ratings 

No of Hours: 1 hour 

87 Lectures 

1 hour of Video 

Cost: $199.99 

No of students enrolled: 36 

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4. Home Business Masterclass: Build a Profitable Home Business 

This business management course will help you build a successful home business. You will learn how to create profitable online courses, create power eBooks, set up online coaching businesses and many other freelance lucrative businesses. If you want to go into online consulting services, this course will be essential. This course is a bit comprehensive consisting of a lot of strategies, business concepts and step by step guides.  


Ratings: 4.1 (37) ratings 

No of Hours: 1 hour 

41 Lectures 

4.5 hours of Video 

Cost: $199.99 

No of students enrolled: 1,933  

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5. Business Goal-Setting Masterclass: The Complete Course 

As a new business owner, you will be plagued with managing your time and accomplishing goals and objectives. With this course, you will learn how to make SMART(specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented, time-bound) goals, build strategies and effectively manage your time.   


Ratings: 4.4 (37) ratings 

No of Hours: 1 hour 

27 Lectures 

2 hours of Video 

Cost: $199.99 

No of students enrolled: 3,627  

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6. Entrepreneurship: How to start a business from business idea 

This course will share insights on how to turn a business idea into an accomplished business.

It includes a step by step instructions beginning from the idea creation to registering your business, formulating a business plan, raising the necessary funds to successful kickoff.

You will also learn how to generate revenue models and devise marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your business.  


Ratings: 4.3 (434) ratings 

No of Hours: 1 hour 

27 Lectures 

2 hours of Video 

Cost: $199.99 

No of students enrolled: 23,505  

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7. Local Business Marketing: Local SEO, Social Media, and More 

In this course, you will learn how to make use of Local SEO to promote your business effectively. You will also receive instructions on how to leverage the use of YouTube social media and create a highly converting website that brings in tons of income.

The course includes a free 15 minute one on one coaching with the instructor at the end of the course and a personal invitation to the instructor’s Facebook community.

It is an excellent course for a small business owner who wishes to market his/her business within her locality.  


Ratings: 4.4 (97) ratings 

No of Hours: 1 hour 

80 Lectures 

4.5 hours of Video 

1 article 

Cost: $174.99 

No of students enrolled: 1,414  

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8. Business Development Masterclass: learn to build businesses 

This is a comprehensive business management course does not only teach you the features of creating, developing and managing a business to success but explains every feature in details.

In this course, you will learn how to transform small-scale businesses to international entities; you will be taught how to sell any product, do in-depth customer research, develop excellent social media marketing and develop long-term strategies that would continually bring about success in your business.

You would also learn how to build and operate squeeze pages that contain lots of e-mail contacts, scale Facebook pages up to 5000 plus followers instantly.   

Also included in this course, is a 258-page course business book which will serve not only as a reference guide but as resource material, you should print out and keep handy around you.  


Ratings: 4.3 (239) ratings 

No of Hours:  2 hours 

23 Lectures 

2.04 hours of Video 

6 articles 

Cost: $199.99 

No of students enrolled: 3,476  

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9. Practical MBA for Entrepreneur 

This lovely course can be used by any startup entrepreneur, online or anywhere else. It will outline the business practices of the real world using case studies to break down business theories into practical scenarios.

You will learn about everything from formulating winning strategies to marketing and how to manage the day to day operations of your business.

It also includes a free book which can serve as your resource guide at any time. This course is also excellent for the University Student who wishes to learn more about the real business world before leaving school.  


Ratings: 4.6 (14) ratings 

No of Hours: 14 hours 

125 Lectures 

2 hours of Video 

Cost: $94.99 

No of students enrolled: 2,059  

10. Financial Modelling for startups and small businesses 

As a startup or small business owner, you will be plagued with finding the right way to manage your meager funds. This course will help you develop the best procedures for forecasting your finances and creating budgets that would help your business grow successfully. You will also discover the best practices for making expenses in your business.   


Ratings: 4.3 (762) ratings 

No of Hours: 12 hours 

80 Lectures 

11.5 hours of Video 

2 articles 

Cost: $194.99 

No of students enrolled: 32,543 


You must have Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer  

Prior knowledge of using Excel and its basic functions 

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Concluding thoughts.

The quality of your business output depends greatly on the kind of efforts and skills you put into it. Therefore, when you fully understand how to run your online business efficiently, it will make your life easier.

There are a lot of sensitive decisions to take which will determine the success of your business.  Typically, these decisions can be challenging, but with the right knowledge, you become prepared to face them squarely.

Becoming an entrepreneur online has its fair share of challenges, but also plenty of benefits as well. With the right tools, you can develop a formidable business.

Take advantage of these courses and use them to develop the right strategies that would fulfill every tenet of your business vision.