Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Chimezie Chidi

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing-Your Essential Guide to Making Money Online With Pinterest in 2023

Pinterest rocks way better and stronger than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Today I’m going to show you how to use that power to boost your affiliate commissions in this Pinterest Affiliate Marketing guide.  

When we think of Social media affiliate marketing, it natural to think only of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

But, with over 250 million users on Pinterest, 100 more impressions than a tweet, Three times more effective, 80 times more viral, Pinterest is a powerful platform for affiliate marketing you should not overlook for any reason! 

By looking at the number of leads and traffic it pulls, Pinterest is crushing everything-from driving sales to generating organic to your website.

Do you want to smash your boundaries with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

I’m going to share everything you need to become successful on Pinterest.

Ready to get Started! Let’s dig into it!

Chapter 1: What is Pinterest?

Like every other social media platform, you can share, explore, like, and save visual content.

But Pinterest is much more. 

It’s the largest image-based search engine in the world.

There’s no one I know who doesn’t look to Pinterest for helpful, entertaining, and inspiring content. 

It works like a social bookmarking site – where you can add, pin, or select contents to boards. 

But first, you have to figure out how it works. To get started, let’s look at a few terminologies you will use on Pinterest. 

  • Pins

 Pins can be images or videos you save to Pinterest. The pins you create will link back to its source, which for your affiliate marketing business is probably your website.   So, you can use pins to boost your referral traffic. 

  • Boards

Over 100 billion pins have been saved to date, and that’s because Pinterest users ( aka Pinners) save lots of incredible things. But to keep things in order, they use boards. These boards look like your generic whiteboards, where you pin thoughts on. 

You can use these boards to organize pins into infographics, trends, best practices, whitelists, storyboards, case studies, and so many things.  Pinterest users can follow your account or simply follow the boards that interest them. 

  • Feed

When users follow your account or board specifics, they will see your updates on their feed. This is just like any other social network, so it’s possible to use SEO to boost your appearance on the feeds of potential followers.  

Why use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest has become a hot platform, especially within the last few years after Facebook purchased Instagram. 

Over 500,000 businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, currently make 27% of Pinterest accounts.

Also, you have over 125 million users from the United States right there for you.

Apart from these interesting facts, there’s so much more you can get on the platform.

Here are a few benefits you can gain;

  • Valuable and Diverse Demographics

I have heard a lot of misconceptions that only women use Pinterest or that food, wedding, and travel are the only contents that work on Pinterest.

In fact, all kinds of people from across different countries and age groups use Pinterest.  

The average Pinterest user is 40, and yet millennials post twice as much than the older users.

There are about 20% of men on the network.

And that number is increasing.

Millennials are using Pinterest in the same way and drive as they use Instagram.

So, no matter the kind of products you have, there are always paying customers for you on the network. 

  • New tools coming soon

Besides the demographics, Pinterest has a lot of amazing tools, and more are in the works.

Tools like Pin It Button, Widget Builder, and Promoted Pins can turn your affiliate business around and boost brand awareness. 

However, some of these tools are not yet out. (stay updated by joining the Pinterest newsletter here. )

Right now, you can use hashtags, descriptions, and titles that can make your pins and updates more visible on the platform. 

  • Drives quality traffic

It would interest you to know that over 40% of Pinners earn over $100,000!

That’s a whopping amount to expect. And yet over 2 million users save their shopping pins to boards, so, they can come back later and complete the purchase. 

Therefore, your affiliate pins saved for the later won’t be in vain. 

To date, more than 87% of Pinners have finished a purchase because of Pinterest. There’s almost nothing you sell here, that won’t convert for you. 

  • Ridiculously high user engagement

Contents are more likely to go viral on Pinterest than Twitter.

That’s because Pinterest users enjoy finding things to share right there on the platform or across other social media networks. 

Users can not only share but even link back to your website.

This means that you can get lots of shares of your contents not only on the platform but across other networks.

Also, pinners will save lots of things from you on their own boards, which can be viewed and reshared tomorrow.  So it’s a powerful cross-platform posting. 

  • Easy to know what your users want

You don’t need complicated analytics to tell you what’s working on Pinterest. If your affiliate pins are getting clicks, you will easily find them. 

You can see what attracts what kind of users – the pins that are shared, boards followed, and accounts trending will show up instantly. 

Through this, you will have a first-person look into the minds of your visitors.

With Pinterest, you can optimize your affiliate marketing according to what you see. You don’t have to wait weeks to analyze what’s working and what’s not.  

  • More Inbound links

You can never get enough of links back to your websites and across other social media accounts from Pinterest. 

Every pin, (images, videos, text and everything else) links back to a website. 

Users can also repin what they like from you onto their own boards. So,  even if you want to share only images, you can bring lots of people back to your website at no cost. 

  • Your very own affiliate vehicle

And Yes.

You can indeed paste affiliate links directly on Pinterest and create an explosive marketing channel right there. 

However, we are not after a few quick sales, but how you can use them to build a long term business. 

Pro Tip: Never Spread Affiliate Links on Pinterest 

Although you can place affiliate links from a million affiliate programs on your pins, it is vital to be strategic about it. Using Pinterest as an affiliate marketing vehicle requires the support of a website. That’s the most fabulous way to become successful on the platform,

Chapter 2: Set up your Pinterest Business Account

By now, you must have realized just how terrific Pinterest is for your affiliate marketing business.  

So, let’s get you a Pinterest account.

For starters, you can’t use a personal Pinterest account to run a successful Pinterest affiliate business. 

It is possible, but personal accounts have lots of limitations. 

To gain the advantage, you need a Pinterest business account.

Or you can convert your personal account into a business account.

A business account provides specific features like Pinterest analytics, widgets, and tags. 

You can also promote your pins with ads, but this requires money just like Facebook or every other social media network.

(To get a Pinterest Business account, click here or click here to convert to a Pinterest business account )

However, creating your Pinterest Business account is free, and you won’t lose your contents. But ensure that you get right the following areas;

  • Pick the right Categories

Without the right categories, users won’t understand what your business is. To make your pins and boards more searchable, make sure the groups you pick are similar to your affiliate business. 

For instance, you can’t pick the renovation category if you want to stick to affiliating health products. 

You can also affiliate for diverse categories but be careful that it’s not too far apart. You want to draw a stable demographics that will always buy from you.  

The most popular categories include beauty, wellness, health, renovation projects, women’s style, and food.

  • Different terms of Services

Next, read your terms of service, pin etiquette policy, and acceptable use policy. Bear in mind that Pinterest does not allow all kinds of affiliate products. And that they have a different set of rules for each affiliate program. In general, be attentive to these guidelines:

  1. Never spam or ask people repeatedly to comment
  2. Don’t run too many promotions, sweepstakes or content
  3. Don’t make suggestions about endorsing your business to 
  4. Don’t run promotions or sweepstakes with each pin, repin or make your pins look like entries.
  5. You are not allowed to make pinners vote with a repin. 
  • Different Settings

While using the Pinterest Business account, you can set your business name. Make sure it is the same name you are using on all other platforms. Bear in mind that there’s no automatic link to your Facebook account like you see on Instagram Business.  So, it’s essential you add a Facebook Tab to your Pinterest home page manually. 

Don’t forget to use strategic buttons on your homepage. These buttons will help people to pin contents easily.  

You can use hover buttons which appear only when users hover their mouse over images or clickable Pinterest Save buttons which will appear on every image on your website. 

  • Images and videos

Unlike blog posts and other social media platforms, Pinterest requires images that represent your brand on your home page.

According to Pinterest, unique images cause more than 30 per cent clickthrough as well as 170 per cent higher checkout rates. Make sure to add as much information about your brand on those images, so it’s a lot more effective.

  • Audience and post types

You are free to use all kinds of posts on Pinterest, but you must have a strategy. Therefore, you need to identify your ideal buyer’s persona. 

This persona will illustrate their age, posts they like, things they can share, their interests, and freebies they want as well. 

Your affiliate business will have more than one buyer persona. So, you have to sit down and draw out those specific details. 

When you have the perfect description, you can decide on what works. For instance, if you want to major on women’s things, then things like stunning vibrant images, Animated GIFs, storyboards, videos might work well because women are more interested in those. 

However, storyboards won’t work great with men, but driven case studies might do better with them. 

  • Educational Resources

Pinterest has a hub of information you can use in maximizing the effect of your affiliate business marketing. There are resources and access to webinars they throw from time to time. 

You can also attend interactive workshops called Pinstitute, which is where pinners connect and learn more. 

To stay updated on when they have these workshops, webinars or release new resources, signup for notifications from the Pinterest Blog.

Chapter 3: Strategies for Successful Affiliate Marketing

Now, we have gotten a beautiful Pinterest business account set up and ready to launch.

What’s next?

What can you do to make the difference on Pinterest?

You already know, it’s all about visual contents but what right way can you bring in your affiliate links without spamming anyone. 

How can you make your affiliate links work for you whenever you log in on the network? 

We have so far covered the basics of working with Pinterest. Now, we will uncover what really works on the network. 

Identifying strategies 

First and foremost, you must understand that Pinterest is for people who want to have fun. They’ve got the money to spend on goods, but they also want to have fun. 

You must realize that Pinterest does not work like other social networks. You can’t share affiliate links all the time. You can’t also afford to go offline for weeks before coming back into the game. You can’t use stock photos except you have found a way to use them only as backgrounds with richer contents on them. 

Before now, Pinterest blocked all kinds of affiliate links from the platform. And that was because a lot of affiliate marketers were spamming the social network with their affiliate links. You must master the right ways to make your promotions. 

Focus on using Pinterest to drive traffic back to your website. Help your customers recognize that you won’t try selling things to them all the time. Make your promotions as little as possible. 

You have to get them engaged to the point where they only want to subscribe to your blog or that they only want to do subscribe to your Pinterest account or board or pin and repin images from you. 

Sure they want you to promote your affiliate links directly on the platform, but they also want you to do it correctly. 

You must realize that back when Pinterest banned users from placing direct affiliate links on their Pinterest accounts; people were still making money affiliating on Pinterest.

What they did was drive traffic to their websites and do all the affiliate stuff there. Now, you have the chance to affiliate directly on your Pinterest business account, which should be an added advantage. So do it strategically. 

 Here’s what happens when you pin affiliate links strategically on Pinterest

  • You will make quick sales instantly but still recapture clients for future sales.
  • Your reputation will increase
  • Your website traffic will explode
  • Pinners will want you because engage them with stunning content
  • Your website will climb up to the top pages on Google
  • Your inbound links work like magic
  • Your SEO begins to yield profits grow like crazy

And of course, you can sell to this same people over and over again because you’ve gotten them to check not only your pins but website. Ultimately, you now have their emails (on landing pages in your websites) and can retarget them for more promotional, while your pins keep going viral and your Pinterest account keeps going up and up. 

You must learn to use Pinterest only for….

  • Generating traffic to your boards
  • Adding affiliate links only when necessary
  • Or driving clients to your website where you can drag in the affiliate links as you like

Think about getting viewers on Pinterest for the long run. Sure they will buy from you immediately but think about all the good it will do if you make the quick sales and still have them for the long run. 

To effectively run your affiliate marketing on the network, here are some tips that can help:

Tip 1:  Use Images That Work Wonders

As said earlier, images on Pinterest are entirely different. You can’t use free stock photos like you would have done on your website. On this platform, you must tap into the powers of photography.  Even if you are not so good with photos, you can draw by hand. 

There are many ways to get pictures that will boost your affiliate business. Research and find out what will work very well for you.

 However, on a general note, here’s what you should do;

  • Try using more images without faces – they get 23% more repins on the platform than any other.
  • Use videos that promote your affiliate products. You can make videos on how to use the things you sell or make repairs or insights on the perks of using those things. According to 75% of Pinterest users, they enjoy watching these branded videos on topics that interest them
  • From time to time, use Pinterest’s promoted video feature to boost your views. This requires some funds on your part. 
  • Avoid having excessive blank or white spaces on your images – those work on Instagram, but they don’t work here. Let your pictures also have less than 30% empty space.
  • Make videos that are 30 -90 seconds long. They have got the most views and performance on the platform. 
  • Use high-resolution images with lighter effects. They have 20 times more repins than dark photos.
  • Use simple, crisp photos that highlight your overall message.
  • Use infographics especially when you want to share how-tos or DIYs
  • Create specific boards where you will focus on sharing other details about your personality. People want to buy from someone they can relate with. So, they would absolutely love seeing pictures of your personality from time to time.

Pro Tip: Make Sure Your Pins Are Of The Right Size

Your Pins shouldn’t be too big or too small. Make them consistent in width. 736 X 1102 is the ideal for most pins.

Tip 2: Create Pre-Sale Content

Before you begin selling affiliate stuff to clients or adding affiliate links directly on pins, talk to them about other things. Do indirect reviews like Top 10” reviews. They work all the time. If you are selling books, talk about top books. 

Show your viewers why this book is better than the next. After those top tens, you can have links in those contents to in-depth reviews on each specific product. 

However, these top ten stuff should be created on your website, and your pins will only contain the information from your website in a condensed version.

Remember, to be savvy about the descriptions on your pins so that they will drive more clicks and traffic to your website.  

Bear in mind that every Pin is meant to be a door to your website, so use them to your advantage. 

Don’t be so quick to add your affiliate links on every Pin. Some pins should draw them back to your website, where you can sell whatever you want to sell to them. 

I recommend looking at every post as though you want to create a unique community around it. There are lots of buyers on Pinterest, but they want to make informed decisions. They don’t want to squander money, so serve them everything they need, and they will always come back to you. 

When making pre-sale content, here’s what you should do;

  • Go in-depth with references and statistics backing your every word. People don’t only want to hear from you; they need verified information
  • Use authority links centred on what you are writing about in your industry. This links will lead to more prominent websites in your industry who have some information about the subject of your post
  • Don’t forget to add lots of pictures in your contents. Pictures sell everywhere, and your pre-sale content is as crucial as your pins.
  • Share your experience with the products. Make sure you’ve got a personal touch to add. 
  • Please tell your customers the bad sides of those products. Help them understand what they are buying
  • Share relevant how-to information. Don’t stop at reviewing products. Show them how to use those products.
  • Don’t forget to mix up your contents. Be very diverse but keep everything within your industry. You can take a cue from Nike Women Pinterest. 
  • Come back and update your contents from time to time. 

Tip 3: Stall the affiliate links until after the Presale content

If you can, it’s even better to stall your affiliate links for a little while, offering them more free information after the presale content. This means, keeping your pre-sale content free of affiliate links except for necessary ones and then giving them some free stuff at the end of the pre-sale content.

Free things can include checklists, worksheets, eBooks, or even a condensed pdf on your pre-sale content. You can now exchange their emails for these free contents. You can use the emails for retargeting them and confidently making your sales. 

According to Neil Patel, Miles Buckler, HubSpot, and my humble self, this free information will work wonders for you. Creating Pins with affiliate links is good, but let most of your pins on Pinterest link back to articles that help solve their problem. You can talk extensively about using particular things while placing discrete affiliate links from time to time. 

Make sure that on all your boards, the higher percentage of pins will be free of affiliate links. That way, you can create a loyal community of believers who understand that you want to make money but not in exchange for crap products. 

Think about long term success. Trust me; you will ultimately make more money when your viewers trust your words and products. 

Tip 4: Create Rich Pins

According to Neil Patel, rich pins gain over 82% jump in repin/pin ratio. Rich Pins are Pins not only loaded with a lot of visual info but information as well. 

Use Rich Pins for boosting your pre-sale contents, and you will gain more viewers over and over again. 

There are five kinds of Rich Pins you can make – recipe, movie, article, place, or products. Once you have decided what you want to create with your pins, do this:

  • Go to the Pinterest Rich Pin platform
  • Pick the kind of Rich Pin you want
  • Make sure you read the documentation for your choice
  • Add meta tags to your site
  • Verify your Rich Pins and get them approved

However, remember that not all information can be used as Rich Pins. Some can be made to reign specifically on Pinterest, even if they link back to entirely different information or even your home page. 

This kind of information can include quotes related to your business, motivational quotes, inspirations, and many more. 

No matter what, always remember to keep your posts seasonal and relevant. Pinners want fresh ideas all the time, and when you’ve got something to share related to what they need at that instant, they will always stick by you. 

Tip 5: Optimize your Pins

It’s one thing to create fantastic content and an awesome pin; it’s another to make sure potential customers see them. So, you have to optimize effectively. By optimizing, I mean using the relevant SEO ideas that work for Pinterest. So, to boost views on your pins here’s what you should do:

  • Get your timing right: According to SocialFresh, Pinterest posts work best at 8 PM – 1 AM EST and 2 PM – 4 PM EST. Then in terms of days, HubSpot says that the best time to post is Saturday morning. 
  • Add keywords: Place keywords in pin titles, pin descriptions, image file names, board descriptions, titles, and bio. However, for no reason should you add three keywords to your pins. 
  • Add Call to Action: Use Call to action words in your pins. Call-to-pins can get over 80 per cent more engagement on each pin. 
  • Add hashtags to your contents: Hashtags on Pinterest work in the same way as Instagram or other social media platforms. So, identify hashtags related to your business and add them in your pins to help users identify what they need.

Tip 6: Engage, follow and reply

According to the University of Minnesota’s Pinterest study, you need to follow more accounts and build as many boards as necessary. 

 Try sharing up to 30 pins every day to create consistency with your business. And make sure you don’t pill 30 pins within 5 minutes.

You can build a secret board where you can load pins every morning and publish pins from them from time to time throughout the day.  

Also, reply to the questions and comments made on your posts. You can go the extra mile in addressing their problems. This will increase your customer’s trusts in your services. 

I recommend the following popular brands as well. You can learn a lot from them and even steal some of their audience. The more engaging your comments, pins, contents, and boards, the higher the name of your business. 

And when you have more visibility, viewers will enjoy coming to your pins and ultimately your website, where you can sell things efficiently. 

Don’t forget to also share your pins in your email newsletters. That will send viewers directly to Pinterest from your emails. 

Pro Tip: Disclose all affiliate links

This must be done at the top of your affiliate pins. This is mandatory, and you must add hashtags like “#affiliatelink,” “#sponsored,” or #ad at the end of your descriptions.

Chapter 4: Leverage Pinterest for Successful Affiliate Marketing

You’ve got a website.

Your Pinterest business account is up and running

You are currently driving traffic (trust and reputation)

Now, you need to figure out what products and how you want to sell them on Pinterest. 

You need two things – a valuable product and a terrific affiliate program.

Pinterest is so amazing that you can share anything on the platform. No matter the kind of goods you want to affiliate for, there are a million ways to do it. But you have to know what will work for you from the onset. This will help you create the right boards and reach the right demographics. 

Ready to identify your unique product and affiliate programs, here goes…..

Best Products To Promote With Pinterest

A valuable product will instantly boost your reputation on Pinterest and drive traffic to your website. You can refer to all kinds of products, but the same niche websites pull more traffic is precisely the way Pinterest works, although with a little more diversity.

  • Travel

Using Pinterest to market your travel affiliate websites is very profitable. There are two more travellers on Pinterest for everyone elsewhere. Right now, here are some of the trends and keywords for your travel agency;

  1. Bus travels
  2. Hot springs
  3. Abandoned castle destinations
  4. Less travelled islands.
  5. Surprise destinations
  6. Small Town tourist attractions
  7. Zero Waste travel
  8. Autumn Sceneries
  9. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil still rocks.

Health and Wellness

People want to reconnect with themselves on every platform. Pinterest also has lots of those kinds of people as well with up to 140% searches every year. You can affiliate in this direction trend. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Recipes for the elderly ( Recipes with anti-inflammatory and healthy effects)
  2. Alternative organic skincare products like Bakuchiol
  3. Superfood powders
  4. Optimizing sleep
  5. Nutrition plans and all kinds of healthy habits
  6. Indoor exercises
  7. Earth-friendly products like beeswax wraps
  8. Soothing oils like ginger oil

Hobbies and Interests

When I first came aboard Pinterest, all I saw was the fantastic array of craft ideas. There are so many ways to affiliate with craft ideas and all kinds of side hustles. 

  • Side Hustles
  • Drip & Pour acrylic painting
  • Saving planners
  • Chalk art
  • Sketchbooks
  • Boatbuilding


You can easily affiliate for wedding agencies or other affiliate programs with these products. Trending ideas you can turn your affiliate into include;

  • Godparents proposals
  • Backyard weddings
  • Doughnut decors
  • Mini getaways
  • Cakes
  • Wedding accessories
  • Garland ho


Food is fundamental. And yet, it brings us together everywhere in the world. You can affiliate within specific niches like:

  • Digestive and Inflammatory food products
  • Nutrient-packed drinks
  • Organics
  • Vegan products
  • Pegan products
  • Foil pack dinner recipes
  • Unusual cuisines
  • Homemade jam recipes


We all love the cushy feel of homey pictures on Pinterest. You can build an affiliate program in that area especially in;

  • Remodelling
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening tools
  • DIY momentos
  • Textile arts
  • Vertical arrangements
  • Wallpapers
  • Natural swimming pools

Men’s Style

There are so many amazing things you can affiliate when your target audience are all masculine. We already have 80 per cent of the platform covered by women, but the men’s area has doubled recently. According to Neil Patel, it is one of Pinterest fastest growing demographic. Here are some you can check out;

  • Mismatched prints
  • Vintage watches
  • Denim
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Neck Scarves etc

Women’s Style

77% of people on Pinterest are women, so there’s a unique market right there. All kinds of Women related products sell here, but you can also add these ideas; 

  • Bamboo bags
  • African prints
  • Statement Sneakers
  • Robe Silhouettes
  • Snake prints
  • Sunglasses
  • Earrings
  • Sustainable fashion.


Beauty products are entirely stable from one generation to the next. Men and Women from all cultures with different skin tones want ideas on what to try. 

  • Exfoliators
  • Cropped bangs
  • Witch Hazel
  • Nails
  • Lash lifts
  • Glossy makeup
  • Hair products
  • Skin Care Products
  • Perfumes

Kids and Parenting

Parenting is one of the essential concepts that’s literally challenging. Parents want to learn more and are willing to spend on products likes;

  • Toy share subscriptions
  • Geometric decors
  • Audio storytellers
  • Nursery ideas
  • Kiddies furniture
  • Pregnancy supplies

Apart from this top ten trends, you can use in boosting your affiliate business, Pinterest also allows many more products yet. Some include website themes, project management tools, accounting subscriptions, and many more. You can also run affiliate marketing courses for people on Pinterest who want to make money.  

Pro Tip: Be Diverse but Driven In One Direction

You can affiliate about a lot of things if you make sure that the demographics are the same or even if different, share a common goal. And don’t forget to add a board about you. 

Best Affiliate Programs and Networks to Promote on Pinterest

All kinds of products work on Pinterest. But not all affiliate programs are allowed on the Platform. Pinterest is still very sceptical about allowing direct links on their platform. But they are slowly allowing new affiliate programs every year.

 So the list here includes the affiliate programs that you can directly link on your pins on Pinterest. You can also check the Pinterest Business’ terms and conditions to be clear on this. 

And so, here goes some of the best affiliate programs you can run on Pinterest:

Tailwind is one of the best Pinterest Scheduler. You can quickly grab a 30 days Tailwind free trial and schedule up to 400 pins. For the affiliate program, you will gain $0.50 for each person who signs up for the free trial. After they upgrade their plan, you earn 15% affiliate commission. 

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting solution for bloggers and small business owners. Joining their affiliate program will gain you $5 per each signup. This money will be released to you once, users signup for their free trials. 

You can create pins from Theme Forests collection of WordPress themes and make high sales. For each referral to their website and signup, you will earn 30% affiliate commission. 

SiteGround is well known for its website builders, premium plugins, and management. For each signup on their platform,  you will be between $50 to $100 depending on what your viewers buy from them. 

ShareASale is a massive affiliate program through which you can gain access to an unlimited array of products. They pay using PPL, PPS, and PPC. Depending on the product you affiliate, you may be paid 35% commission. 

Bluehost has a vast affiliate market. As a well-known web hosting platform, there are millions of customers for you. Also, you can earn up to $65 per sale, so it’s enormous.

Recently, Pinterest began allowing pinners to add Amazon affiliate links directly on pins. You can gain 0% to 10% commission fee for affiliate sales.

However, bounty events and special programs earn 0.50 -25$ while a special program fee makes 4%. 

AWIN affiliate links are also accepted on Pinterest. You can earn up to $30 per referral. 

You can also promote Skimlinks directly on your Pinterest boards. Once people sign up on SkimLinks, you can earn 35% per what they make from a publisher for a full year. 

CJ Affiliate program is one of the largest and most established in the world. If you can get into the network, you will earn up to $10,000 per month because their programs are mainly for Fortune 500 companies. 

IvoryMix is all about stock photos and growth strategies for bloggers. For every shop purchase, you will earn 25%.

FlexOffers is also an award-winning affiliate program. There are lots of products to affiliate on the network. For each referral, you can make as much as $450.

Concluding Thoughts

What have you done so far with your Pinterest affiliate marketing business?

Whatever you implement from this list, make sure you track your success and strategies. Pinterest Analytics will be helpful on Pinterest, but you also need to track what happens on your website as well as other social platforms. All of them together will help you refine your strategies. 

Make sure you find out what people like saving from your pins, and boards people they love. Also take note of their gender, location, and other interests they have.  

As an affiliate marketer, you need to know their interests and so understand the products that are more profitable than most. It’s not good affiliating for companies that aren’t useful to your viewers. So, by tracking, you can only use what works for your network.

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool that can help you make the most sales and create long-lasting relationships for the future.

Use the information in this guide, and build an impressive 6-figure business in a matter of months. 

Hit me up with information on what’s working for you on Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you.