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Freelancers love sites like Upwork because they offer more access to clients.

Employers equally use these marketplaces to avoid scams.

In this article, I’m going to talk to you about some of the top Upwork alternatives or competitors in 2023.

“One of the oldest reputable freelance companies in the world”

Upwork was formed as a result of the merger between Elance and ODesk in 2015. Before this merger, both competitors had been in existence as far back as 1999.

So, we can rightly say that Upwork has established itself as one of the oldest reputable freelance companies in the world. It’s legit to use Upwork as an employer or freelancer.

But there are many things about Upwork that does not suit all classes of freelancers.

These Upwork alternatives might be able to fulfil those needs, but first, let’s talk about the things that make Upwork unique.  

The 10 smashing sites like Upwork, in no particular order, are:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Toptal
  3. Outsourcely
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. Freelancer
  6. Guru
  7. Jungle Market
  8. Task Rabbit
  9. FlexJobs
  10. Codeable

How Upwork works?

Freelance projects are available in a wide range of categories including customer services, freelance writing, virtual assistance, customer services, accounting & consulting, translation, legal, Admin support, Graphic design, sales, marketing, web, and mobile development.

Freelancers can set hourly or fixed rates on their services. Upwork also provides different modes of payment, including direct deposit, wire transfer, and PayPal payment services.

However, because there are roughly two different groups of people that can use Upwork, then we can say that it does not work in the same vein for everyone.

For the freelancer

You can quickly create an account with Upwork right on the homepage. With your primary account, you will receive 30 connects monthly, which can be used in applying for jobs. Once you have exhausted the connects, you can opt to wait until the following month to apply for new jobs, or you can purchase new connects from Upwork.

Upwork also takes up to 20 per cent of your freelance earning after each completed task.

For the Employer

Upwork provides three distinct accounts for buyers, namely: Upwork, Upwork Pro, and Upwork enterprise. The traditional Upwork account gives access to regular freelancers while Upwork Pro narrows the list to pre-vetted freelancers. Upwork enterprise, on the other hand, gives you access to unlimited features as well as the best freelancers on Upwork.  

When you need an Upwork Alternative?

Upwork is an excellent platform, but there are a lot of jobs you may not find on the marketplace.

For instance, if you want someone to run some errands for you, then you can’t use the platform. Upwork only caters to remote freelancers, so you may not find Independent workers who want to work fully for your company.

When you post jobs on Upwork, you will have to spend hours weeding through proposals. There’s also the problem of vetting freelancers. Therefore, it’s often difficult to know when you have got an excellent person for your project.

On the side of the freelancer, it’s so hard getting clients on Upwork, especially if you are new and have no previous work to showcase. There’s also the fear of scam clients. One thing you should bear in mind is that you shouldn’t agree to work outside the platform because most people use such means to lure unsuspecting freelancers and scam them.

There are many more personal reasons you may not consider Upwork good for you whether you are a buyer or freelancer.

Therefore, it’s essential you get a feel of another freelance marketplace before deciding what to use for your project or freelancing career. To help you make the right choice, here are some top Upwork competitors in the world.


Fiverr is Upwork’s biggest competitor. They are also one of the most visited freelance marketplaces. When you want a job done fast and cheap, Fiverr is the right platform for you. You can get all kinds of freelancers on this platform, beginning from writing to celebrity impersonators.

How it works

Employers can search through the platform for freelancers, but it’s usually best to post your job and receive proposals.

All services sell for $5 as the base fee and can run up to thousands of dollars.

However, if you want to work with the most prominent professionals used by the biggest brands, then you should up for Fiverr Pro.

How is Fiverr different from Upwork?

  • Fiverr will keep a fixed 20 per cent of every revenue
  • Freelancers get paid after completing each order
  • Employers do not pay only to Fiverr before kickstarting the project
  • No subscription plans for clients
  • Freelancers can also offer specific gigs, making it easy for buyers to find exactly what they need.


No subscription or fixed payment structure. Fees differ by project or schedule.

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TopTal is a fantastic marketplace exclusively for software developers.

Unlike Upwork, TopTal ensures that you get only the best professionals. The platform attracts experts, high achievers, founders, professors, and people with reputable records.

TopTal uses a rigorous screening process. Only 3 per cent of its applicants is always accepted.

However, you should equally expect that you will pay a lot of money to hire the experts on these platforms. Hence, it’s not for small businesses.

How it works

TopTal will send an application where you have to explain what you need. Next, they will find and match you to the perfect developer. If you are not satisfied with the developer, you were paired with. They can’t pay you back, but they will restart the circle and get you a new developer.

How is TopTal different from Upwork?

  • Upfront fee of $500 deposit, which can be refunded if you do not go along with it.
  • Guaranteed English speaking experts to ensure that language differences are never the problem
  • Employers can hire freelancers into their company permanently
  • After the upfront fee, clients can select whatever rate that works for them.


Plans differ according to job description and schedule. Developers have the lowest fee structure at $60 -$95+ per hour, $1,000 to $1,600+ per week for part-time or $2,000 to $3,200+ per week for full time.

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Outsourcely can be found in over 132 countries, so there’s no shortage of remote workers on the platform. It was equally created out of the limitations you find on Upwork.

Hence, it’s one of the best sites to find reliable freelancers and better payment processing fees. Also, if you want to build long term sustainable relationship, this is a platform for you.

How it works

Clients can search for workers by skill or simply post job boards. Connections with freelancers occur through the real-time private chat, emailing, voice, and & video call.

How is Outsourcely different from Upwork?

  • You can interview and hire freelancers directly without any involvement from Outsourcely.
  • Excellent for searching for long-term remote work opportunities
  • Employers do not pay any extra charge
  • Employers can manage their team using the Outsourcely team workplace platform, which also gives them the ability to invite their existing staff into that one big workspace.
  • Oursourcely also gives employers the ability to create a free job post to understand the platform
  • They also offer a 30-day month back guarantee to employers


Plans begin from $19 per month for employers.

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Peopleperhour is a UK based freelance outfit. However, freelancers come from over 89 countries in the world.

They provide a more reliable way to employ freelancers because they are very strict about their screening process.

You can find freelancers for all kinds of works beginning from writing, translation, audio, business support, mobile app development, etc.

How it works

Just like Upwork, Employers can post jobs to which freelancers will check and send in their bids. Employers can also browse through the profile of freelancers to select who best fits their job.

How is Peopleperhour different from Upwork?

  • Unlike Upwork, Employers can create accounts and post jobs for free
  • Peopleperhour also screens all freelancers so employers can rely on the fact that they will be getting the best
  • Posting a job might be free, but employers have to pay some fees to get featured.
  • Freelancers do not pay any fees to get started
  • Peopleperhour also offers employers time tracking, communicating, and fund management tools via its “WorkStream” feature.


There are no plans. Payments are made per task of which Buyers may receive a 3.5% commission fee if they put all their jobs through the platform.

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Freelancer is a vast freelancer marketplace like Upwork. It currently has well over 17 million users, 30 million professionals, and 9 million projects completed. With these numbers, it is the largest and fasted growing platform.

How it works

Employers can also search through the platform for freelancers, but it is easier to post jobs and the rate you will want to pay. Freelancers will respond with proposals and the kind of pricing they prefer. Connections between clients and freelancers take place through live chat. The platform also boasts of time tracking feature.

How is Freelancer different from Upwork?

  • Besides job posting, employers can equally host contests
  • Hourly or fixed price job features are available.
  • Freelancer also provides a time tracking tool which is not found on Upwork.
  • Freelancer also has a preferred program which features the best talents.


Freelancer will retract 10 to 20 per cent on revenues earned. Also, freelancers must pick a membership plan whose pricing range is $0.99 to $89.95 per month.

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Guru has well over 3 million active freelancers on the platform. Since creation, they have completed over 250 million jobs.

If you need a long-term project done, Guru makes it easy for you, especially with its time tracking and project management tools.

Featured posts are wide and varied and include everything on Upwork alongside architecture, legal, finance, sales, secretarial, engineering, and marketing.

How it works

Guru is very similar to Upwork. Clients can post jobs, assign a suggested rate, and will receive proposals from freelancers. Jobs can be scheduled by the hour, task, milestone, or in terms of recurring payments.

How is Guru different from Upwork?

  • Excellent for long term projects
  • To create a featured job, employers must pay $29.95
  • Guru also provides an intuitive project management workspace.


Guru collects 4.95 to 8.95 from freelancers for each task completed. Guru also offers five membership plans to its freelancers. Plans range from $8.95 to $39.95 per month.

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#7.Jungle Market

Jungle Market or otherwise known as Jungle Scout market is brought to you by Amazon.

If you are a merchant on Amazon, then you don’t need to go elsewhere to search for freelancers. These freelancers strictly offer the specific services you need to grow your Amazon business.

For instance, they can help you optimize your listings or do product research for you. Other services include sales/marketing, video, translation, photography, and graphic design.  

How it works

Because the freelancers on these platforms are so small, it’s easy to browse and find the services you need.

It’s equally free for freelancers to join the marketplace, but you must join the platform before you can buy and sell services. Clients can similarly use filters and the search bar to narrow down their search.

How is Jungle Market different from Upwork?

  • Specifically made for Amazon Merchant
  • Employers cannot create a job post but must seek freelancers directly
  • Employers can be sure of the best because the platform screens freelancers.


It is free to use Jungle Scout as an employer or freelancer. However, Jungle Scout market collects 20 per cent per each task completed.

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TaskRabbit is equally a great alternative to Upwork, especially if you are looking for someone to do some dirty jobs for you.

Freelance workers on this platform can help with your daily tasks such as repairs, handyman work, cleaning, laundry, and even errands.

Recent research by Upwork revealed that over 40 million Americans use this platform. And as expected, the platform works only for the United States and the United Kingdom

How it works

TaskRabbit is an app-based service, so you don’t need a laptop to gain access, your phone will do. Employers can post tasks they need done and will receive quotations from freelancers within the hours. Many jobs are completed within the same day,

How is TaskRabbit different from Upwork?

  • If you want to get your everyday task done, TaskRabbit is for you.
  • TaskRabbit offers thoroughly screened freelance workers, so you don’t have to worry about letting a stranger into your home
  • Freelance workers on Upwork are more skilled for internet jobs while TaskRabbit is focused on giving you, handymen.
  • TaskRabbit is also focused on individual clients rather than big companies

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Flexjobs offers all kinds of job opportunities, including remote, freelance, and part-time jobs.

These jobs come from employment agencies and company websites. So, there are jobs from this website that would require the freelancer to go to an office every day.

However, there are more freelance opportunities than such office jobs on the platform. You can get all kinds of flexible jobs from all sectors, including media, teleworking, marketing, and IT.

How it works

Companies may have to pay to advertise their job vacancies on this platform. Once a job has been advertised, you will receive quotations for these jobs. On the flip side, you can simply use the filters to screen and select the Freelancer of choice. This particular method is free.

How is Flexjob different from Upwork?

  • Flexjobs organizes career coaching events for its members
  • They have a reliable customer service
  • They carefully screen both employers and freelancers for scams
  • Flexjobs also offers coupons and promos to sweeten the deal with its clients
  • Flexjobs does not deduct fees from your freelancing earnings.


Flexjobs offers a subscription-based service ranging from $4.17 to $14.95 per month. But promos can get this feels as low as $3.94. There are a lot of jobs on this platform so you won’t have to worry about the fees.

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Codeable is primarily meant for employers who want to design or upgrade their WordPress websites.

They have the most extensive array of the best WordPress developers onsite due to their strict screening methods.

According to some estimates, only 2 per cent of applicants is always received. So you have to be the best at your job before you can gain entry.

How it works

Codeable has one of the best customer services so that they can help you with your search. However, you can post a job or browse through the website until you find the freelancer for you.

How is Codeable different from Upwork?

  • Codeable is strictly for WordPress developers
  • They can take all kinds of WordPress job not minding the size or scope
  • You can rely on them for the best customer service
  • Only 2 per cent of applicants get into the network so that you can be sure of the best talent at all times.


Codeable places fixed rates on an hourly basis of about $60 to $120. To every completed task, Codeable will collect a fee of 17.5 per cent of the total amount.

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Concluding thoughts

Do you love using freelance marketplaces, or would you rather build your website?

Most freelancers, I now use both of them. But you will equally find freelancers that swear on how bad all of these freelance marketplaces seem to bring their reputations and prices to almost nothing.

But many other freelancers prefer using these vetted platforms because they want to avoid scam clients.

I would love to know what works for you. And remember to take time in finding out the hidden terms and conditions on these sites in my lift.

Be sure their principles and laws work for you, so you cut out mistakes and grow your business.

I’m pretty sure I have missed out some of your favourite Upwork competitors. Please share those with us, as well as the reasons why you love, those freelance marketplaces. We want to hear from you.